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The Most BS Martial Artists Ever – Fake Kung Fu, Fake Chi, Fake Karate Breakdown

The Most BS Martial Artists Ever – Fake Kung Fu, Fake Chi, Fake Karate Breakdown

This is what happens when you bring an animal style of Kung Fu to Russia and it has vodka Look at these stiff animal-like moves. He’s like a combination of snake and mantis (hits bag) All right. Oh, look at that: Now it’s tiger I assume! Vodka tiger! (Laughing) WTF is that!? Okay, another demonstration of this move (Hits bag) What are you using? Your forearm?? (laughing) Alright so sticking with the Russian theme we have a Russian guy here. He’s getting warmed up. What is he gonna teach? Let’s see! Oh, Russian dance fighting! Oh, Russian step dancing. Look at this: “I am going to be able to destroy people with these step dance moves!” Now it’s Russian drunken boxing! Again, the point in kung fu, in drunken boxing, for those of you who don’t know: You’re not actually drunk! You are faking the looseness of drunk people. But I think Russians took it literally and they’re actually drunk in this. You’re not supposed to actually drink vodka when you fight, ok? This…[laughing] Ok, people say I pick on Russians too much. So, look at this Chinese bullshit or Singaporean or Vietnamese bullshit. That’s some Asian bullshit He’s gonna transfer QI to the guy with glasses. Alright, let’s see if he can do it And Here we go! Yeah, look at that bullshit – right there! And now oh, wow, look at that bullshit! The guy on the right is cracking up. Like “oh, yeah, I know” “I mean, I’ve paid a lot of money.” Ooh!! Fly like little ragdoll Fly like a little ragdoll again… Look at him. He’s just cracking up. He’s like “Oh yeah. I’m a good actor right here!” And now our drunken Vodka guy is back! Look at him, showing off his snake mantis moves If I’m fighting a kid, I guess that would work Your arms Of course serve as nothing more than just distractions! You distract them with these flailing mantis arms While you use these low kicks. BAM! Look at that! I mean, I guess it’s effective Yeah, I’m pretty distracted by his arms. I’m not paying attention to how exposed he is So now this guy! He’s got some QI! Look at him! Obviously that’s fake concrete. (Moderator: “To be honest, I actually felt these bricks. These are real bricks. I mean, there’s no…oh…whoops..”) The reporter just accidentally revealed his secret!! Oh no!! (qi master: how’d you do that?) Oh, caught red-handed this fake Kung Fu “Master”! So these are black belts! I don’t know where they got their black belt that looks like Japanese in the back so Those were some Kamehameha moves. And now this is another kung fu, not kung fu, I don’t know what this is, but… I like, how, none of the students can do it together. And of course some of them have black belts, too. So… I guess this is the YMCA McDojo Because if you look in the background, it looks like a high school gym or something or the local YMCA or something? What does YMCA stand for, by the way? How did they all have black belts? That’s what I’ve always wondered about this clip and the clip before “Samantha is going to try, for her first time..” “ actually knock me out” “using just the sound and the energy projection.” Just listening to the sound of his voice and how tired he is from talking makes me want to just knock myself out. (she yells) (Jerry laughs) This is, this is just another level of bullshit! The previous types of bullshit at least they touched. This one, there was no touch even Of course, he has to pretend like he’s actually knocked out They have to resuscitate him. Hit him in the neck, huh? That’s how you resuscitate someone? What, uhm, what school of sports medicine is that? Oh yeah, there’s trouble getting up. Not because of any QI, but because he’s fat – I’m sorry guys. Oh, this is too much guys Master in Bullshido!!

100 thoughts on “The Most BS Martial Artists Ever – Fake Kung Fu, Fake Chi, Fake Karate Breakdown”

  1. Yeah its better do it in American Best Way,Take some guns and rifels and shout out have of school.You uneducated american fuck!!

  2. Wtf fat guy in a formal shirt like ready for a job interview is better than those who really pratice everyday because of chi whatever. Hahhahaha

  3. You cannot fight a person who is good at pretending to be knocked out because you never really know when its over… Almost like the urge to eat them chips in the kitchen at 2 a.m…..or this comment.

  4. Hay…that's all real.if that's the way they choose to go into a fight well….good luck.what you need to do is start with boxing,and muy Thai and ,take downs wrestling..all that kung fu b's don't really work.

  5. I saw nothing different here that mainstream karate doesnt do, minus the vodka. Im sorry, i have tossed more blackbelts out of my bar than i care to remember, almost all unwillingly. Hand movements are a waste of calories.

  6. my opinion… this people move in this video not fake… thats move can give some pain or damage on your body… BUT its just suitable for show up and if you want to use it just on weak people who dont ever know about martial and dont know how to throw punch… example real tiger kung fu… they having hard training on their hand can grab your neck very hard and its dangerous… sometime too much art make martial looking so useless… the real is kung fu very suitable for same class… example tiger vs tiger, drunk vs drunk… because they have same rule and move… boxing vs boxing its look so amazing… but what about when boxing use hand vs muay thai use 8 body weapon?? what about MMA figther barely hand vs Silat kerambit use small knife?? what about MMA figther use hand vs kung fu sword??


    what about kung fu sword vs kung fu sword??

    deadly weapon vs weapon?


    the competition situation in the arena where people watch is different from the situation of open fights without any rules

  7. Somewhere out there, is a McDojo Blackbelt, picking a fight with a wrestler, BJJ white belt, or boxer. Then waking up, in a hospital bed

  8. What is wrong with people these days… wow just total bs. I think they are all special and there must be alot of special people in this world to fall for that crap.

  9. Everyone knows that you should never be that close to someone when you do an "All you can"! Down right irresponsible. Ryu and Ken are somewhere cringing!

  10. Mental illness in the martial arts is as normal as it is globally with much of which is advertised and promoted to us commercially.
    B💩ll sh💩t really rules the
    w🌎rld. Hah👊 yah👋!

  11. That animal style fighting skinny Russian is advised not to fight with any 🥊 MMA fighter coz he would get a broken nose and blue eyes and a good knock down

  12. 4:43 – that fatso haven't seen his dick in about 25 years.
    Its mighty 3-inch stature is irretrievably lost somewhere in the many folds of his stomach lard.
    That tiny pickle wouldn't be able to navigate itself to the surface if you gave it a GPS system.
    What a sad lard-sack this fool is. I wish I could spar with him in front of an audience. I'd pummel this pretentious POS into a bloody pulp and deposit the greasy mass at a local landfill 😌

  13. 3.02
    Kata focused on breathing techniques and grabs seemingly.
    Perfectly valid martial arts style. Breathing and bodily control is a third of martial arts.

    Look, if you don't actually know how to sort out what is actually likely proper martial arts from what is fake you really need to learn more.

  14. This is complete garbage. Why are some people so contemptible.

    Especially the fat bastard getting K.Oed by an invisible Kamehameha. I mean the biggest thing on that asshole is his gut.

    Getting your carotid artery slammed helps to bring you out of unconsciousness. WTAF.

    Imagine what kind of person he must be in everyday life…

  15. This is my first video and this guy must be a world champion talking like that dude probably signed up for a free week at the karate center and hes not even funny which is the worst part

  16. The Russian guy kicking a wooden crate is training to fight small people. What I found very interesting is that someone from the island of Oahu made it on this video. It’s the guy breaking those brick. Now I don’t want to be known that I live on the the same island as that guy 🤦🏽‍♂️

  17. How can the parents not sit there and watch even without any real experience and just look and see that you know something just looks a little freaking weird here.

  18. Maybe in that Dojo everybody starts with a black belt because it teaches them some kind of valuable lesson in life. And the goal isn't to achieve the black belt but to return to the simplicity of the white belt and the innocence exemplifying the need to be peaceful and in harmony with all.

  19. Glad to see that bullshit "Nam Huynh Dao". It is from Vietnam, but please dont misunderstand we trust in that bullshit =))))
    Vietnam has a lot of cool and effective martial arts, but not that =))))


  21. But did you drunk in fighting that's kind of useful but they trying to change it they're not doing a good job at it but they good in training with it

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