The Most Popular Boys in School | MPGIS S1 | Episode 4

So then she was all like,”No you are.” And
then I was all like, “No you are. “And then she was all like,”I kind of am.” So long story
short she’s kinda my mouth date now. I. Am so good at football. Hey Tanner, we’re all pretty good at football. Yeah, that’s why this year we’re going to
State! State! State! State! State! Woof! State, huh? Heh, more like…um, gay. Godammit Jonathan who let you in here? Not much. What? Uh…I thought you were gonna say “what are
you lookin’ at?” And then I was gonna say, “Not much.” Are you… are you gonna say, “What are you
looking at?” No, Jonathan. Hey! The name’s not Jonathan! Oh my god are you gonna try to nickname yourself
again? The name is Than! The fuck kind of name is Than?! It’s like Jonathan, only shorter. Why wouldn’t you just go by Jon? ‘Cuz I don’t play by your rules, man! That’s dumber than that time in the third
grade when you tried to get everyone to call you “Uncle Jesse”! Hey that would’ve worked if you guys would’ve
agreed to call yourselves “The Rippers”! Stop trying to force your Full House references
on us. You’re the only person that gets those. Fuck you. Suck my dick. Ok. What?! Drop trou. I’ll suck your dick right now! Dude, that was an expression! Right? Am I
right? That’s an expression, right guys? Not an invitation. I’ll suck all your dicks right now. Go ahead,
push ’em together like a little sandwich. Om nom nom. I’m hungry for lunch. Ok, seriously, we told you last week if you’re
gonna watch us shower again, we’re going to tell the Principal Nubbins. Well then, in that case, why don’t you ahead
and pop off that towel and I’ll play with your butthole a little bit? Jonathan! You are not going to suck any of
our dicks today, and you’re not going to play with any of our buttholes either. Well I guess we see who the real man is here,
don’t we? I’m a real man! I’m not afraid! Are you trying to infer that because you’re
willing to do stuff to our butts, it proves that you’re more of a man than us? I’m not sayin anything… I’m just sayin. The only thing that you’re sayin’ is that
you’re gay. I’m not gay. You’re gay. Yeah, so. Wait what? I’m gay, dude. Yeah, he’s definitely gay. Yeah he’s gay. We had an assembly about it. He has been in a gay monogamous relationship
for a long time. We accept you, bro. Thank you, man. But…what…I thought… Are we done here, Jon? I’m going to shower. Hey! Would it be weird if I joined you guys…for
a shower? Oh well. I don’t know. Why don’t we take a
poll. I vote no. I vote no too. Fuck no. Well, I always believe in giving people the
benefit of the doubt so maybe we should- Damn it, Blaine, no! Ok, I vote no too. Ok and I’m a yes, so let’s see, that’s…
oh. We all just finished football practice, man.
And smell terrible. And you, on the other hand, have just been
hanging out in the boys’ locker room, not doing much of anything. The only other person that does that is Coach
Spitz. Ub, bub, uh. Carry on. One last question…how come Matthew Deringer
doesn’t have a penis or testicles? Oh god. Because I wasn’t born with any bro. Seriously offensive, Jonathan, you ask us
this every week. Well, yeah, but, why doesn’t he- It’s a congenital birth defect. Don’t be a dick, bro. Unbelievable. They leave for the showers as Than starts
crying. It’s reasons like this you don’t have any
friends, Jonathan. Reasons like this. Hey man. Huh? Don’t you dare look at our butts.

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