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The NASA Engineer on a Feminist Voyage

The NASA Engineer on a Feminist Voyage

Any woman in the engineering field not just me it’s probably compounded by the fact that I am an immigrant and I am young and and and… Every woman that I’ve seen in engineering always has to be so much better I was born in Caracas, Venezuela Coming to Virginia an all-American town that was culture shock I love fast cars. There’s something that makes you feel just really bad-ass When you’re driving a fast car I Know how they work and I appreciate their design If I were to be a car, I would be a red Corvette I think in a lot of ways, I’m kind of an unusual engineer I’ve always loved, Nasa but I think like most people growing up I never really had an exposure to it and so it just kind of seemed like: “Man, those people, they must be so Smart and brilliant, and I’m not like that. I’m just normal” It’s 4 a.m. I’m on my way to Nasa’s Langley research center to meet Denise. She’s been here since 1:00 in the morning. I hope I can keep up with her. Well welcome to Nasa Langley research Center. We are Gonna Go to our mission control room right now. One of the reasons why I fell in love with Nasa was… we really are Civil service, we don’t get the most publicity we don’t get recognized But there’s not a single thing that you have touched even this day that we did not influence Every time that you fly you’re experiencing radiation RaD-X is a Nasa balloon project that we’re doing. We’re gonna collect data That’s gonna help finesse How much radiation exposure and help the predictive models. The better that we can predict radiation exposure the better that we can protect every human being on the planet RaD-X is one of the only flight projects where the chief engineer is a female. Our thermal engineer is a female, the integration test lead, and I’m a female which is fantastic It’s hard to see yourself progress in a field if there are no examples that are kind of paving the path for you Women who are already engineers play a really big role because there are girls who are smart, who are curious But don’t have the opportunity and are intimidated and belittled. To give them the opportunity to give them exposure and all of a sudden We’re just trying to build a generation that can fulfill their dreams, and that’s what it takes to get there I think it’s possible for any person in the world to have it all and it’s worth striving for it I was at NASA Goddard which is in Maryland, and he was in training in Connecticut And we kind of just looked at each other and said why don’t we get married tonight? Let’s go to Vegas I haven’t spoken to him or seen him in about a month or two Typically I get about 24 hours notice when they leave, 24 hours notice when they get back. That’s the life of a military especially in submarines By default you have to be spontaneous Do you think in some ways that the fact that he’s away for these long periods of time Allows you to sort of focus on yourself and even has allowed your career to get to the heights it’s gotten? Yeah So actually it’s exactly the opposite. The absence of him hurts more than anything cuz he’s always been my biggest cheerleader Every time that I had a moment of self-doubt He would look at me dead in the eyes and said: “Denise, you can do this, do it! I’ve worked so hard and sacrificed so much and I’m so passionate about what I’m doing at Nasa. I know that he’s worth waiting for and I fill my time with things that I love So I graduated at 17 and I just I just wanted to dance and I didn’t want to go to college Overtime I decided I wanted to go to school I started looking up all different types of careers and the one that resonated with me the most was mechanical engineering My friends were like: “Denise, but you don’t even know how a car works. How are you gonna be an engineer? Yeah, I didn’t know how a car works, I learned! I would like my legacy to be someone that Changed perception, that moved forward women in engineering and a trailblazer or a girl on fire with a fast red car

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  1. Inspiring! But if this was a interview about a male nasa engineer would the impact of his wife's work and how that effects you be a question?

  2. Why was the video about nasty juggalettes more than twice the length of this video? I would like to see more interviews with woman who are defying stereotypes in their respective fields, not trashy girls who couldn't find anything better to do with their time than take their clothes off.

  3. i like the feminist question on the separation of the military husband, "do you think in some ways because he's gone you could achieve more" then she sets the bitch straight. no bitch he inspires me. fuck you sexist reporter, we all knew what you wanted to hear.

  4. a female becomes a mechanical engineer and they make a documentary about it. It is not that hard to become an engineer here if you have money but where i come from you have to take the test and compete with 20,000 people to just enter and only 2000 can enter every year….and less than 1% female

  5. People are going to belittle you and reject you, no matter what your genitals look like. Be inspired, find role models you identify with, and construct the Goal of who/where you want to be. …After living my years, I think it's awesome that girls have this supportive attention and awareness projects. Flat out, all – and I mean ALL – young people deserve this type of thoughtful consideration. You – reading this, notice how she says her husband told her "you can DO this!"… Share that energy with people, don't only bring up the challenges that you think they will face, don't only brainstorm how they will need to overcome obstacles, share that emotional support with a human who needs it. No matter what their genitals look like.

  6. what does her love of fast cars or her husband have to do with her work as a "top NASA engineer"? didn't event talk about what she does or why is supposed to be a top engineer.

  7. We already live in a world where people can follow their dreams, the lack of women in engineering is due to the fact that less women want to be engineers, just like the lack of male nurses is due to the fact that less men want to be nurses.

    Men and women are equal – that does not mean that their lives need to perfectly mirror each other

  8. She shows all the signs of an attention seeker.
    NASA engineer
    Red Corvette owner
    club dancer.
    brags endlessly about accomplishments

    I suspect she has daddy issues and seeks male attention by entering a traditionally male dominated field. I find her attention seeking very cringeworthy. She needs to build her self esteem, start loving herself, and stop seeking approval of others.

  9. this reporters attempt at bringing back epaulets is as bad as her reporting.

    When Denisse describes how her husband is away for long periods of time this completely biased feminist fleabag cant contain herself from exclaiming "OH THAT'S WHY YOUR SUCCESSFUL AND SMART YOU DON'T HAVE A MAN KEEPING YOU DOWN!" forcing her to explain that she, like all humans, values her significant other and that like any healthy relation ship (something this femnazi 'reporter' has never experienced) they influence each other positively and find encouragement and strength in their love.

    some girls haven't realized they are pretty enough to not have to be feminists ;/

  10. 3:36 So do you think you're better off without a man in your life?
    3:50 oh, you said yes….? Almost hides the disappointment in her face

  11. Nothing shows equality and deserved recognition or why women should be top engineers like only showing lifestyle and how they feel. And nothing of actual substance. What are they working on? What is her responsibility? Which problem does she need to tackle right now? What smart new solutions has she contributed?
    It's easy to say, she should be a top engineer and women need to be recognized in the STEM fields. But honestly she has said nothing or they showed nothing which elevates her to be anything more than all the other engineers. Just note here, I'm not saying she shouldn't be an engineer, but being a top engineer is a bold claim.
    Of course you could argue now, that this video is more for young girls to feel inspired to pursue careers in STEM and it's totally cool and they can (apparently every one of them) do it. So the video shows more of the stuff girls care about and what they look for in life, so the actual hard science behind everything can sort of fall behind. But that's kind of sexist to make an assumption like that.
    In that sense I will say, if you don't care about the actual technical aspects and even if math isn't really your thing. You don't belong in those field (and yes men who don't really care for math do neither)

  12. That was inspiring. I see that a lot of people are complaining about how this video is all about feminism and what not but it's actually much more. It inspires girls that they can do anything. Driving fast cars is not just for boys. Engineering or any STEM field is not just for men. When a girl makes a choice, it always depends on whether or not it's appropriate for them. Would people think i'm strange? Would people think i'm too masculine? People judge and girls will always have insecurities. Like I did. But this makes me want to be like her and it's not impossible. A role model. I mean look how cool she is. One day I wish I can become just like her and strive for even further. #inspired

  13. the pathetic Cliché " I had to be so much better than the Men" get the fuck out of here  ,Affirmative Action in action)(  they don't get why Feminist is so repulsive.   P.S. NASA is a Pussified shadow of its self, where the Perversity of Diversity trumps all.  it is  a repository for Hacks. She did make a remarkable transformation though to become an American Twat. The Liberal perverted dream maybe some day we will morph into unisex hermaphrodites and we can all go Fuck ourselves !!   but it still wont be enough , they will whine and complain.

    Its so shocking how far we have fallen when you look at what NASA was , like the Saturn V & Apollo.

  14. If I was a hiring manager at a firm, I would never hire someone like this. I guarantee she's the type who would make a huge stink if she felt that she was treated unfairly or passed over for promotion, regardless of the validity, and she would say it was purely because she's a woman, not because she was lacking in experience or managerial skills. People should be judged on the content of their hearts and the quality of their work, she comes off very insecure and overly compensating for that insecurity. If you don't want to be treated special, then don't emphasize that something you had no choice in like being born a woman. You chose to be an engineer, then be an engineer and nothing more, just be real.

  15. this video inspired me so much i decided to start my engineering scholarship application.
    let's hope another female gets in this field! and i don't know how a car works, but eager to learn.

  16. This fucking stupid bitch is saying it's soooooo much harder being a girl and trying to become an engineer ? Fucking lazy liar skank is all she is …sjw truth bending feminist bitch .

  17. Why are women always going on about having to be "inspired"and the need to have "role models"if you want to do something just go out and fucking do it,fuckin stupid cunts always banging on about having to be inspired and empowerment fuck off all you are doing is what men have been doing for years it's no big deal

  18. Gees, people in the comments just HATE to see or hear anything about women not being in the kitchen making sandwiches. This video is about an engineer who identifies as a woman; it's literally hurting NO ONE.

  19. There are so many comments here that show that some people still don't understand why representation of women in STEM is important. I just want to say that I, as a woman in STEM, am inspired by her and know that what she does matters and I just want to thank Denisse for being A BOSS ASS BITCH. GET. IT.

  20. Why don't make living for People easier, just bring Women in Engeeniering forward, because fuck Males and caring what Engeeniers really do.

  21. This is nauseating. Just because you see a women in an engineering role does not encourage you to become an engineer, and how are women intimidated in such fields. Also, women a twice as likely to be hired in STEM compared to an equally qualified male for the same job.

    If you want to go into this field because you enjoy it go ahead but don't do it for superficial reasons or so you could be like this lady or that one. This doesn't make you happy. Women, passion for your job is more important than this nonsense.

  22. you know you don't need to be better than a man to apply for a job in engineering? 🙂 I mean, seriously, if you're good you're good, if not, then you are not gonna get a job in that field. A big company/institution is not going to let money go just because of your gender.

  23. I don't understand this obsession some women have with their vaginas. Why would you be around more women at work? Feel lucky to be the only woman and surrounded by all these successfull men you can pretty much take your pick on with almost no competition. Are you stupid or what?
    If I was the only man in a women only office with so much choice, I would shit my pants. Last thing I want to see is another guy also that I might have to compete with.
    Damn girl, even when you have what most girls out there onlly can dream , it's still not enough and you find a way to complain; best dream job and not having to lower your standards in your pick on successfuul men that you are surrounded with and to the cherry on top, you have no competition.
    Damn you could take a girl on the moon in your own private luxiourious Jetspace shuttle, but still she is somewhat a victim (a victim of too much oportunities, a victim of too much wealth, a victime of two much choice of men, a victim of succssess, a victim of the world at her feet.

  24. I been looking around for a video of a female NASA engineering for a long time. I always want to be an astronautical engineer but never found an example to follow. I always wonder how they look like to fit in with the male counterparts. This video very helped me embrace being female. I love NASA. Dream Job <-!!!! Go girls!!! I feel society should be filled with more examples like this. As a teen, the only thing I see in television is girls who modify their appearance and are media stars. My little sister first wanted to be a civil engineering, however, now she wants to be an actress. This is sad and I can see how the social media world is shallowing her and other girls in my school. Mostly all the girls in my school are doing their hair like Kim K and wearing the same clothing as Kylie. I really want to follow a role model and see how she dresses and what she does in her freetime. Can someone please comment on where I can find them? As a child I been bullied because i loved sports and cared about my education. I was also a nerd and did sketches of flying cars in my "Capture My Ideas" notebook. I still do that and now I really don't care what people say. However, I sometime feel alone because my mom, deeply in side her, I feel she doesn't feel I can be a powerful independent women and that one day the society will use my invention. This reason is why I relay on these videos for hope and I think it is important for all girls to see. We are inventors of our own future. NASA and SpaceX, I am going to strive my best to work with you guys and be part of the time. You are my sole and air. I am going to be an astronautical engineer!!!! 😀 Thank you Broadly for raising my spirit even knowing I still have a ton of homework to do. Thank you.

  25. If she was honest, she'd say this—->
    "Hi, I work for NASA, so that makes me a con-artist charlatan. Because NASA never went to the Moon, let alone space, (it was a hoax!) and it's audaciously lying to the whole world about the nature of Earth. We're just lying to everyone and propagating bullshit about fake space to steal tax-payers' money for our own selfish purposes. We're psychopaths who think common poeple are too stupid and gullible to see through our constructed illusions, and that's why I'm also pushing this feminism propaganda at the urging of my (((bosses))), to better divide men and women, and to cause unneeded quarrels between them, but of course you're being trained to think feminism is positive for women.
     In reality, I'm an actress, and don't actually do anything worthwhile for humanity at NASA, because NASA is a fraudulent organization anyway; 'NASA' even translate to the word 'deceit' in Hebrew! So don't bother 'following your dreams' unless you're willing to turn into a complete sell-out deceiver like us NASA workers who pretend that NASA is anything but a hoax-machine cash-cow for the government run by corrupt, Luciferian Free-Masons and Zionists."

  26. I kind of cringe when people think of all American as white. My whole life, I've always thought that it was interesting that white people are immigrants just as much as black people. Well except that they came here by choice. And Native Americans are considered exotic. It really weird me out.

  27. Every Feminist should be given the chance of a lifetime to be put on a space shuttle to colonize Venus. By the time they reach their destination, there won't be very many of them left anyway. Mars on the other hand is sustainable for colonization, that is the fundamental difference between Mars and Venus.

  28. What the…all i want to hear is what did she do in nasa and the scientific discovery she made.

    But this BITCH only brag about her life.

    So much for feminism…

  29. "Women have to be so much better"……DISHEARTENING.
    Well, perhaps there is a reason Camilla Paglia said
    "There are no female Mozarts, because there are no female Jack-the-Rippers"
    And standing by for the counter-evidence……."sound of crickets"

  30. Tbh this does not really make sense, as although you may experience a small amount of radiation you are still far away from the van allen radiation belt. Honestly waste of tax dollars, a project that we really do not need.

  31. I always want to be an engineer someday but some of my friends would be like "are u serious? ur not even good at math"

  32. What kind of engineer is she again? And why do we never see her doing any, engineering? And being an engineer, why does she want her legacy to be "changing perception"? Like any other engineer, shouldn't her legacy be the wonderful things she built? When we think of Washington Roebling, is his legacy a "change in perception" or the Brooklyn Bridge?

  33. The only take away from this is some lady announcing she's female and a NASA engineer. If you're "empowered" because of this, you need to reevaluate your life.

  34. What absolute hypocrisy! I've been in engineering for thirty years. From grade school, through high school and college, and the entire the time I've worked professionally; I have seen nothing but special programs and treatment for women, and women being promoted for no other reason than they're female.

  35. Lolllzzzzzz yeah with special attention special seats and “diversity” driven quotas and seections , yrah
    “women have to be so much better”.
    What a load of crap.

  36. No they can't, because either they sit in the class with the smartest boy to pass the class or they diffuse time chatting with the professor. Women controversially are not build for this fields for a reason, so they could be house wifes and take care of the kids and have dinner ready. Of course, there are those femismist who challenge men even physically for equality till they resieve the first punch.

  37. 4:54 summarizes this video. Bunch of guys wearing full safety gear and hard hats, filthy, working together on an engineering project. Then you've this woman standing off in the side lines knee high boots, makeup, not as ounce of dirt on her. Pretty much summarizes women in "engineering".

  38. i don't know, when i was a kid, back in the 80s, at school, we watched the space shuttle thingy live on tv. it was the first time a woman was going into space. the shuttle blew up before it even got out of the earth atmosphere. that didn't happen in the 60s when we put a man on the moon. oh well, shit happens. maybe we should send all toxic women to the moon.

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