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The Nerd Fell in Love With A Cheerleader

The Nerd Fell in Love With A Cheerleader

Chicken nuggets crazy hats and a thousand million cats These were the ingredients chosen to create BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM Hey guys it is Alex and welcome back to another– HEY! What are you doing? I’m Recording a video who are you know? This is my channel what you’re talking about. You’re in the wrong youtube channel! I’m inquisitor master, No I’m Inquisitor master! You’re Yungy plays roblox. No you’re Yungy. No I’m no-ay.. You’re inqui–You’re in the wrong channel! ~Pro Sound Effects~ This is my channel! Hey guys, it’s Alex and today it is my very first day in school, and I’m really excited But I gotta talk to the principal today, and I’m really nervous about that Welcome to Robloxain Highschool. Oh, I guess I’m all signed up now, and I should be headed over to class *Later* It’s my very first day school oh my god, excuse me nerd trying to get cheerleading Oh What I’m sorry about that I don’t care bye nerd Whoa? Who was that that? That cheerleader, maybe she could be my friend. You know I don’t have any friends in this school. I’m new She seemed like she was pretty nice Alright class don’t forget to take your notes so we have a test tomorrow Yes teacher, okay? Ah Now it’s time that I go to lunch. I’m really really hungry I’m wondering if maybe I could find that girl again, Maybe I could get her number. *Gasp* She’s right there Um oh oh man, um does my hair look okay? Hey Eww get away from me nerd. No hey, I’m new in this school And I was wondering if you wanted to be friends Oh No Why would I want to be friends with a nerd? That’s so embarrasing, It would ruin my reputation. She’s being so mean Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh You know what? maybe Maybe I can try being friends with someone else. I just want to make some friends. You know Class sit down. I’m sitting down take out your books Turn to page 47 Page 47 all right okay nerd I forgot my book. Give me yours What no I’m not gonna give you my book. It’s not my fault that you forgot yours give me your book No one hour later All right class did everybody finish their tests. Oh, I’m almost done. Uh yeah. Here you go I finished my test all right since I finished my test. I guess I can go talk to her now hey I was Wondering how you’re doing Hi, I’m good. But can you please back up like I need my personal space? What did you say your name was I think I just wanna know what your name is you know I’m new to the school and I was wondering if maybe we could be friends I don’t be friends with losers like you. I’m not oh Oh my gosh that guy is totally hitting on Lia Lia come here um. I think your friend is calling you hey Lia, Lia does she called you Lia. That’s your name. That’s such a pretty name Oh, my god. Let me just see what she wants. Oh, okay. I’ll be waiting here Okay, Loser, so oh. Yeah. What was that? Who is that guy? Huh? Just some loser oh He looks like he really wants to be friends with you though, but he’s a nerd and I don’t like nerds Hey, I remember that one time where you said that I could dare you do anything yeah, I remember why I Dare you to go on a date with that nerd no I’m not doing it you have to you promised me and plus you owe me money Whatever yeah, so go out on a date with the loser and tell me how it goes Whatever I wonder what they’re talking about why is she taking so long? Oh, hey welcome back hey, hi! Uhh, Do you wanna go camping? Wait really you wanna go camping?! Uh Yeah“With me? Yeah, oh hey, that’d be nice Oh by the way. I’m Billy nice to meet you, Lia. No how do you know my name? Um I heard your friend. Call you Creepy, but okay. Let’s go camping now. Okay, let’s go one hour later, so Lia, what’dya wanna do? What We can do anything you want um yeah, I’ve got marshmallow see I don’t know Guess you want to talk about maybe we should go homes quite late You just invited me over here Let’s just hang out come on wait. We can I know we can tell scary stories Yeah, you’d like that no Come on. Oh, okay, okay? I’ll show you all right. I know a few good Scary stories a long time ago. There was a guy. Just randomly reading the newspaper. He was shocked by the news He couldn’t believe what he just saw Whoa? Hello Hold on. I’m going to open the door. He opened the door and he saw a man that he couldn’t recognize huh Who called then he called the cops? He was hoping that they’d arrive on time. I need to get out of here freeze The cops arrived. They saw a body outside his door so they thought that he killed him this way Hey, take a look at this And he noticed something strange The guy was dead, and they never found his murder This next story was about a guy he went over to a graveyard to visit his lost friend What did you have to die Jane? You will be missed, but then something snuck up behind him and he didn’t notice it at first Get oh Who was that come on guys no time to play pranks The ghost then started playing around with the sky in the graveyard started scaring him you will feel my pain ah Who’s doing this put me down and the guy? Who was set on fire and he died our work here is done? Nobody ever knew what happened to mark or why that ghost did that to him? This next story Involved three cops they were in a crime scene There was a lady on the ground and did he know what happened to her How did this happen and then something strange happened till the cops also fell on the ground a? third officer Wasn’t actually an officer? He had killed all three of them Watch you in your sleep. Oh A lady noticed. What was going on out there? What’s what’s happening outside the cops showed up? Okay, so that last story it was pretty good, but this next one. It’s gonna scare you so much. Oh. Oh my god Can we just like stop I’m tired of listening to your thousand scary stories of horror stories No Why because I just don’t oh? Well, do you have any stories you want to tell me no. I want to go home What’s wrong? Your marshmallows on fire Oh God. Let me switch it. Okay there we go oh I’m sad. Why are you sad? What’s wrong? Well like three years ago. I used to have a dog that I loved and like He died what? Yes, I miss my dog. I’m a dog died I miss my dog gerbil the puppet I’m really sorry about your dog No, it’s very sad, I haven’t been the same ever since are you gonna be okay? I? don’t think so I Don’t know let’s let’s just go home come on Let’s go. It’s been a long day, and I’ve kept you up all night without my stories, and I apologize I I Didn’t mean it’s okay Let’s go tired Six months later guess what? Yeah, I have a surprise for you. Come here follow me. Oh this way. Okay. This way come on over here you Know what this place is one. It’s the adoption center Adoption is what? We’re gonna get you a puppy Are you thrilled yeah? Thank you, sorry about dribble the puppet it was okay I’ll get your new puppy Okay, thank you so much Well, what do you think of your new puppy? Oh my god? I love it. Yeah, so cute. Are you the name here? Terrible the puppet oh I like it Yay I’m so happy. Thank you so much. I have a great day. You made me so happy. Thank you for the puppy I’m glad you liked it. So what do you think? Should we be friends mom? Oh? Well you you oh? Okay, oh come on. Let’s let’s go okay To be late for school alright guys well that is all for today I hope you guys enjoy this video, and if you did make sure to hit that like button Don’t forget to get your so You can find in description Below here to get yourself a mystic Ross brush But anyways, I just don’t see you guys next time and until then God bless you, and I love you so so much bye guys

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  1. Lia:is called jurbo the puppet
    Alex:hahahahhaha jurbo the puppet haha
    Zach:hahahhahahaha jurbo the puppet lol

  2. i love your vits you are the best we love you alex inquisitormastr can you make more vits /not zae im trinity

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