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The NFL Cheerleaders calendar!

The NFL Cheerleaders calendar!

hey guys it’s Mika welcome to my channel minna-san konnichiwa Maupin every churidhar not Jeremy Cadiz so last time I makes a video in English and a lot of people like to my videos thank you so much so I would do it again why do I start at my English blog because last time I make the video how to learn English when I came here six years ago I didn’t speak any English and I wanted to communicate with my teammate so I started really really hard to learn English but after reading my team and I get married with my helfen who can speak English and Japanese perfectly so by the way he’s bilingual so I honestly don’t need to speak English and I didn’t learn it really hard so I still learning like I am reading up of every night in English and but my husband asked me like why don’t you start English blood and I said maybe after getting better I would do it and he asked me again like when are you gonna be a perfect that’s so true and I started English six years ago and I’m already over 30 so it’s not gonna be a perfect but yeah I have to try to learn it more and I have to improve it more my husband also said if you challenge more and your English is getting better until next year your subscribers so which is you guys cheering for you and yeah let’s give it a shot all teacher that’s something today that a Redskin cheerleader 2019 calendar yeah – Myka so one of my friends that is in the team right now she sent me a calendar do you guys want to see these anymore oh my gosh oh my gosh she’s nice t-cell gorger’s so she had toothpaste oh my gosh that’s so amazing and she also sent me a photo cards here so this occurred I also have so many cheerleaders calendars so I will show you guys a little bit my collections this is 2008 to 2009 red skins for occurs this is my oldest one which Noriko gave me she used to be a cheerleader in the Redskins and Raiders too so this is my first cheerleaders for the cards this is my calendars 2013 to 15 I got a cover 2015 this is my first year calendars other pictures are on my Instagram so if you guys wanted to see that please follow my Instagram account unfortunately 49ers doesn’t make cheerleaders calendar anymore but other teams still have calendars so let me show you some so here is my Denver Broncos calendars I will show you one of them you can remember I made a video with a cart so if you guys didn’t watch the video please check it out so those are Oklahoma 2014 Indian codes and you are insane and the Raiders so I am still collecting my calendars because cheerleaders are so gorgeous and those cards are like my motivation so last time I told you guys about my makeup after coming to the United States my inside and is kind of marching and I felt really comfortable and also my body when I was in Japan I didn’t have confidence because I’m short and not skinny like the models but after coming here and when I saw the cheerleader first time all the ladies were really like Chelsea and fit body and some girls are really like skinny but some girls are very healthy and not like super skinny like a model but they were so very like beautiful and confidently when I saw them first time I feel like oh my gosh this is like what I should be and I started walk out really hard and I become like this this is too strict and I am NOT like this anymore but I still like my body and I think I realized the most important thing is like to be a confident and like love yourself I think those two is more important for me and yeah so maybe next time I will make a video for you guys how to make my cheerleader body and how to keep my body like right now so if you guys want to see this video please don’t forget subscribe my channel if you like my video or if you like my English please give me a big like and hope to see you soon bye [Music]

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  1. Nice job Mika. Your doing Great and your.English was very Good. All natural. We are all cheering for yah.

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