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The Queer Eye Fab Five Being EXTRA | Netflix

The Queer Eye Fab Five Being EXTRA | Netflix

– Have you ever had five
gay men in your house? – I’ve never had one gay man in my house. – [Karamo] Oh really? (laughs) – Oh Jonathan – What? – Yo, brace yourself – No, I hate it. I don’t
wanna mess up my shoes – [Tan] Very secret garden – I got moves you never seen. – Gonna give me a yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. (pop music) (dance pop music) (cheerleading noise) – That’s how drill team go. Drill team is like this – Yes, see! There you go, there you go There he goes, there you go! (snare drum) – Bobby’s my Jay-Z and
I’m giving him Beyonce. (snare drum) – That sounds like the beat of
a very gorgeous Karamo Brown if I ever knew. – He’s mayor of rhythm town. My other sister’s… – I was gunna follow her – Are not mayors of rhythm town. – Oh oh oh, oh. (animal noises) – All y’all goin get rabies
and I’m not gonna be the one. See, this is how the outbreak happens. The outbreak happens
and everybody catches it and then they looking at me like Why doesn’t Karamo have
it? Cause I didn’t touch any of these dirty ass animals. – Fully licked Bobby’s face
– Hey! – Bobby, stop letting him. Bobby! – Moooooo – Mmm hmm. – Wooooooo Woooooo Woooo – Are you guys ready to learn about who we’re helping tonight? – (squeals) – Erm – (stutters) – [Bobby] He has like a
literal, abstract peen. – I mean it’s literally balls to the wall. – [Karamo] Have you done
a French tuck this season? – Yes bitch. (laughing) – Looking slammin. Gorgeous, gorgeous,
gorgeous, gorgeous, bam! (pop music) – Woo – Careful Gracie – [Off Camera] Ready, Ready – Oh! – What do we need to say? – We gotta do better – You gotta do better – Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!
Oh my gosh I see it! Is that a Corgi? Oh my gosh! No-one told me that there
was gonna be a Corgi! Oh your paws smell so nice. A lot of cheesy slices.
Do you like cheesy slices? Oh, I just want scritchy
scratches. Scritchy scratches His little baby paws,
they smell like pupperoni. – Saunter on over Bruleen.
Come on, saunter on over. – I think he wants to show us – That is the best saunter
Brulee, you got it. – Grooming is an evolution honey. It’s gorgeous honey, it’s Darwin honey. You can just swim
through these evolutional changes of yourself. Ooooooooohhhhh Shhhh – I’m fluffy – You’re not fluffy.
– I’m fluffy – Don’t make me make you
take your shirt off and then hold me til the pain goes away. – I’m fluffy. Oh dude, I will work it. – Who doesn’t love a
rough, farmer, honestly. Caress my back with your
callousy hands. I love that. (drumming) – I feel like a little kid down here. – (laughing) – Her home is sad. It’s dark. (drilling) – Every time you’re laying
in bed you’re going to think about when you and I went wood shopping. – That’s right (laughing) (happy crying) – (crying) I don’t even know what to say. – Let’s turn catsuit guy
into the apple of her eye! (Awhing) – You never know when you
might need a quick workout before getting into your dress. – [Jonathan] That’s how I feel
– That’s how I feel. Let’s talk. Come talk to me about this. Can I take these from you? – But this, is a lot. This is mold. – Baggy jeans and baggy shirts
and cool block tee’s right. – Was that the 90s?
– Maybe – It was the 90s. Style’s moved on. I’m gonna continue to
throw things out. Thanks He’s got my name tattooed on his abs (laughter) (singing) ♪The stars come out when you’re moving ♪ – Wesley’s life is eating healthy. I’ve gotten a lot of attitude
for putting Greek yogurt in my guacamole. – [Woman Off Camera] It’s the best thing (laughter) – Ya heard it here, it is not crazy to put dairy in Guacamole. It’s creamy. – And keep it green all the time. – Boom. Mic drop. – Have you been paid to say that? (laughter) – If you’re not drinking, have a Mocktail. No-one will know the
difference. Right Johnny? – Absolutely. This is plenty for me. (Bell dings) (laughing) – Yes, yes yes yes yes yes. – Please enjoy a pumpkin cookie – (screams) When someone says to me pumpkin cookies, homemade, sirens go off, everything ceases to exist. Oh my god. Okay, it’s totally fine. Why am I crying? It’s totally fine. Sunshine. Cashola. Good
feelings. Healing honey. We are the gay weathermen
with the forecast you can trust. Yes.

98 thoughts on “The Queer Eye Fab Five Being EXTRA | Netflix”

  1. I love these guys, there beyond wonderful. It would be a total dream to meet them. What they can do for people is insane.

  2. There's a story about how during the audition process the first thing they saw of JVN was him running around the room screeching "Where is she? Where is she"?

    He was looking for his coffee.

  3. Any time I need to feel better I watch anything with these sweethearts, even a season for the 3rd time😘🤗😂 wish I could be all their mama!

  4. They really let Bobbers shine with his interactions with people. The "fluffy" veteran dad? The Chicana businesswoman? Those conversations were so needed.

  5. Any of the fab 5 except Jonathan: a
    Me: that bitch is so extra!
    Jonathan: aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  6. mainly a video of Jonathan being extra for 5 minutes lol and the "my other sisters, not mayors of rhythm town" had me LOL-ing hard in my living room. That's a nice way to put it

  7. OMG I FUCKING LOST IT !! When Antoni hears from a Mexican abuelita that dairy belongs in guacamole lmao . His reaction is amazing !!

  8. My fave Karamo part was when they drove up to the farm and everyone said ooh this is beautiful and he said this where the killer lives 🤣

  9. Bobby and Karamo crack me up they’re amazing🤣 Queen Johnatan honey omg i can’t even😍😂 honestly i just adore all of them antoni and tan are so sweet and pure. I just adore all of them

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