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The Rules of Beach Soccer – EXPLAINED!

The Rules of Beach Soccer – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains, the Rules of Beach Soccer
The object of the game is for your team to score more goals than the opposing team.
Beach Soccer, also known as Beach Football is a variation of Association Football, and
the general rules of the game apply here, but with some significant differences.
This variation is played with two teams of up to 12 players, with 5 players taking to
the sand at any one time. This includes one goalkeeper and four outfield players. The game is played on a sand pitch that measures
a maximum of 37m x 28m. Penalty areas are 9m in front of the goals,
and the goals themselves are a lot smaller too, 5.5 metres wide and 2.2 metres high. To score a goal, you must put the ball into
your opponent’s goal. For it to count, the whole of the ball must
completely cross the goal line. In Beach Soccer, you are allowed to touch
the ball with every part of your body except your arms.
The main ways to move the ball is to kick the ball to a team mate which, is known as
a pass. Or run with the ball whilst controlling it
with your feet, known as dribbling. Teams will usually orchestrate passes and
dribbles so that they can score. The defending team will try and stop you by
tackling. The can intercept passes, block shots or try
and kick the ball away from you and move the ball in the other direction so that they can
score themselves. A defender must be careful here, as if the
referee decides that they made contact with the player without touching the ball, or made
contact without trying to win ball, he can award a foul against them. Fouls, usually
lead to free kicks and sometimes worse. The game is played in three 12 minutes periods,
for a combined playing time of 36 minutes. Unlike normal football, the clock stops every
time there is a stoppage of play. Highest score at the end of time, wins.
There are no draws in this game, so a three minute overtime period will be played to determine
the winner. If scores are still tied after those three minutes, it goes to a penalty
shootout. Beach soccer is a really simple to understand,
but there’s a few other things you’ll need to know before playing or watching a
game. For example. Fouls.
As mentioned earlier, a referee can award fouls for players who break the rules.
Fouls usually lead to free kicks, but can also lead to a yellow card which is a warning
to the player. This player then has to leave the field for two minutes whilst their team
plays without them. You can also be shown a red card, where you
are ejected from the game completely. The offending team may replace you, but only after
two minutes. Substitution.
There are unlimited substitutions in this game, and they can happen at any time.
All substitutions must be made through the substitution areas on the side-lines.
Hand ball If you happen to touch the ball with an arm,
forearm, elbow or hand, the referee will call ‘hand-ball’ against you, and possession
of the ball is awarded to the other team. The goalkeeper is the only person allowed
to handle the ball so long as he is in his own penalty area.
Penalty Kick If a defender handles the ball in the penalty
area, or brings down an attacker in the penalty area, the referee will award a penalty kick
to the other team. The ball will be placed on the edge of the
penalty area and an attacking player can try and score with one kick, against the goalie.
Direct Free Kick Usually awarded after a team has a foul, a
player is allowed to strike the ball unopposed from the spot of the foul. This in effect
is pretty much a penalty kick, from almost anywhere on the sand.
Throw in & Kick in. If the ball leaves the area of play, the ball
is awarded to the team who did not touch it last.
Unlike normal football, you can elect to throw or kick the ball back into play.
Other differences. Footwear is not allowed. You must play barefoot.
There is no such thing as offside. and goalkeepers only have four seconds to
play the ball. I highly recommend watching my videos on how
to play football / soccer and my video on Futsal, which you can find here on my channel
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74 thoughts on “The Rules of Beach Soccer – EXPLAINED!”

  1. I wonder how Russia are good at this sport mean I like Russia and all but it's not the warmest country in the world like how to they practice in winter huh?

  2. Ninh explains – The Rules of Beach Soccer.
    If you like football/soccer but can't stand how long it is and the few amount of goals per game, try watching beach soccer!
    High scoring, short games, what's not to love?
    Be sure to share this video and subscribe ?

  3. These highlights are the only time I'm pretty sure that Russia beats Brazil in any form of soccer. Also, would you ever consider looking at Arena Soccer? It's not much like futsal despite how it may sound.

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  7. It is weird that they have three periods just like in ice hockey. In fact, those two sports are the only ones that I have heard about that play three periods.

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    Please make a video explaining the rules of anyone of this two sports (and if you can, make the two videos, ahahahaha), i am very fan of alls variants of hockey, but these two don't understand very much. Thanks, Ninh, you are the best YouTuber 🙂

  9. Excellent job again as always! I've always wanted to see Beach Soccer in the Summer Olympic program! It's still a relatively new sport so maybe it'll appear sometime in the future!

  10. Wow… I didn't realize this was an official sport… usually, I just see people on the beach playing it casually (pickup beach soccer, if you will).

  11. At 0:55 "at beach soccer your allowed to touch every part of your body except your arms".including your ass?

  12. You know what I like about you Ninh? Besides your brain, I admire the fact that you actually reply to & interact with your fans comments quite a bit. Even mine a couple of times.

  13. I’ve played football/soccer on a beach before, and I must say runn8ng in sand is a fair bit more tiring than running on a field. Great video.

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    thanks man you're awesome 🙂

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