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The Season: Ole Miss Spirit Squads – Senior Day

The Season: Ole Miss Spirit Squads – Senior Day

[MUSIC] Push, one, two, down three, four and five, six and seven, eight. And a one, two and three four, and a five, six, three sashas. One, two and three, four, five, six, seven. I love these seniors, they deserve a phenomenal game, they deserve the best send-off in the world. Win or lose they’re at Vaught-Hemmingway so it can’t get any better than this. We have band practice here. So once the band gets done warming up, you will actually start walking through our halftime performance first. Making sure that our yardlines are correct, making sure the band knows where they’re going. After that we usually run the whole thing top to bottom with no breaks. Just to make sure that it look good and that it is completely and totally field ready. Halfway through. We have two more seasons left and I’m not ready. It goes by really fast and — Don’t talk about (inaudible) We have Thanksgiving in Grove, so you really can’t beat that. So, good stuff, good stuff. So grab your stuff, head inside, grab your food let’s walk to Starns. When we get to Starns drop your stuff, we’re going to field for walk it. Hey guys, we might go warm up before we eat so be ready to go warm up in a couple minutes and then we’ll eat after. Today is the last football game. The last home football game, it’s the Egg Bowl. It’s Thanksgiving day. And it’s the last home game for four of my senior cheerleaders and two of my mascots. So we’ve got a lot to do today. And we’re just real excited to celebrate them. I always come in and set up the megs that we take out, our pre-game signs. Make sure we’ve got our sets for all girl and co-ed. And then everybody is eating and we’re about to warm up and head out to The Grove. Alright co-eds whenever you are ready let’s go. Ready. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. One, lift, three, up, five, seven. One. [Clapping] Alright here we go. Ready? Holding, one, two, three, touch your toes. On a five, a six, push seven, eight. Walk one, two, walk three, four, walk five, six, a seven, eight. Yeah, you’ve got to give Kenz her spot. This is our last opportunity, our last chance and I know we can do it. I know we’re doing harder skills, but it’s skills we’ve been doing all week. You guys have been doing it on top of other skills in our routine already. I know that you’re tired and sore, but push through that today and just focus on what skill is happening at that moment. This is our last time that we get to do this. Alright, happy Thanksgiving. Let’s pray and we’ll break it down. Happy gobble, gobble day. Are you ready? Hell yeah. What you say? Damn right One, two, three Hotty toddy! We’re glad ot be at home celebrating Thanksgiving. We are going to mingle with friends, like our friends and family in The Grove. And then we’re going to do Grove Show with the band and cheer and we’re so excited to show Rebel Nation for the last time this season what we can do. [MUSIC] It’s a lot. It’s a lot of emotions. I promised myself going in that I would try to keep it under wraps with it being the last one. It’s (inaudible) but I’m very excited. It’s definitely going to be a fun game. I think It’s a great way to go out, it’s my last one. I’m excited, we’re doing all of our national stuff. So it’s the first time we’re getting to like compete some pretty hard skills in front of people. I’m a little tired, sore. We’ve practiced, we did some two-a-days this week. We’re getting ready for nationals. But we’re looking good I think. I think we’re looking really good. [MUSIC] All these skills that they’re doing right now are a little bit more technical since it is part of our competition routine. So they’re throwing pretty much the hardest stunts they can throw right now. [MUSIC] Get it right. Game tight, Rebelettes. [MUSIC] Just to watch how much we’ve grown together and to be from the start together has been just like really special to just do that Grove show. But, one last time. [Laughter] Sorry, oh my God. Just to like have started our freshman year together and ended it together just then. I know we have a whole nother semester, but not like football is the most important to us. And we could cry all day about it. But, that was a really special moment. I mean, just that. I mean, this is like been, like both of our dreams and like four years of like living your dream is just like more than you could ask for. Let’s go. Pure means. Let’s go. Pure means. Let’s do it. Alright, this is my favorite part – Do I have everything on me? Yes. I love pre-game. [MUSIC] Are we warm? Yeah. Alright ready to go cheer. Yeah. Let’s go ya’ all, let’s have a great first half. Let’s have a great one. Let’s go. Out the door. [MUSIC] Strong arms, don’t rush. Please strong arms. No spaghetties) out there yes? Yeah. Big, big. Please yell out if this is your last one. [Cheering] It’s about to be our media hip hop to walk in a super hyped (Inaudible – multiple speakers) We’re about to hype up the whole crowd. And we’re about to walk it like we talk it. Accept quits and get into place. [MUSIC] Nice job ya’ all, nice job ya’ all. [MUSIC] It’s weird that this game’s wrapping up. I kind of can’t believe it’s been four years. But bittersweet, bittersweet. I’m not as – I’m not as good at showing my emotions as the girls are obviously. But, it’s – it is emotional. they were one of the first group of people to welcome me when I took this job. They are the people I can always count on to, you know, get stuff done for me outside of practice and they’re just a really good group. And I think our teams are so good because of them and I’m really going to miss them. But I reminded them that we’re not done yet. We’re done with football season, but we’ve still got Nationals and basketball season and a lot more to accomplish this year before I let them leave. At this time we’d like to honor our 2018 Spirit Squad Seniors. [MUSIC] It is sad to sit there and think about that, you know they’ve done four phenomenal years here. And at the end of the day they know that this is the last time they get to step foot here on Vaught-Hemmingway Stadium. So, it’s sad for them, it’s exciting for them because that means there’s another bigger chapter coming up. But it’s sad for me. I love these kids. They’re a great group. I mean, the ball just stopped rolling. We just got to keep on going. I mean, just closing one chapter and going on to the next.. I’m just so thankful to be able to cheer on the sidelines for four years. It has been the best four years of my life. And I’m going to be so sad to leave it. But, I know that I’ve made the best memories that I could in such a short time. And met some of the best people I can even – I couldn’t imagine where I’d be without them. I just – I don’t regret a thing. That was the best ending, that was the best game for me. I mean, it was just everything I could ever imagine. The best four years I’ve ever had with the best people, best program, best school. No regrets. I loved every second. I was fine until the clock hit one minute and then all of a sudden I was like, “I only have a minute left on the sidelines.” But we got to dance beside each other. We did. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. [MUSIC] I’m an Integrated Marketing Communications major. And I have to say a fun fact is all my friends from home in Kansas City call me Hope the Hugger because I love to give people hugs. Seven, eight. Up one, cha-cha, a three and four. Around five, a six, a seven. What do you anticipate for trials this year man. Good results. [MUSIC] Amazing. [MUSIC]

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