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Eight days out. I’m flying to Russia. Yeah, I know Told not to get hit in the head again by a physician who did a brain scan And I don’t understand why you want to do it anyway, and you could get seriously injured I’m taking it too far for content. Yep. You think this one’s too far? Yep From what I found out you have to be knocked out You’re gonna look back and go wow she was right and this is one of those times So basically the slep contest was an underground contest happening all over Russia, right But nobody knew about it because it wasn’t exposed was on the ground So just smack smack smack smack until someone’s done exactly I think they go into it not thinking about anything, but just how to make $40 $400 dollars. Let’s get this shit’s laptop to win. You gotta win first. It’s a lot if you’re from the countryside like dumpling Who’s dumpling he’s a reigning champion right now, this guy’s been he’s been winning since the what for the last three years He literally knock people out. He knocks them out like this We’d land flap that you know has gone around the world baseball I Think I like five fights in Siberia like they’re in that competition I think all of them and they’re either the guy forfeited or what it was a knockout base. Yeah Do you have a lot to lose? What happens if you get brain damage? So basically what you’re saying is if he dies he does It isn’t the dumbest shit I’ve ever done in my life Yes, yes it walks its eyes closed Since we know you can box now. Let’s see how good you get slapped Oh Wow that really hurt oh my god Wow, though. It’s at 86 88 With the right hand 8:23 and so, uh, it’s pretty obvious the right Yeah, well I’m right-handed so that makes sense well you’ve developed that pimp and two for so long I Was going through my top requests yeah on Instagram DMS and I see one from a Russian oh My god, oh my god, no, but that’s yeah Keeping us at us beauty therapist. Fuck you Oh My god other guys wearing a sign that says logan paul there’s more Crazy he’s got your ticket and he’s gonna punch it. He’s gonna punch your ticket you go to his page, bro This is where it like this is where I started to get a little nervous He dressed up like a tree bro and look at his face. Like is he constantly just getting slapped in the fucking head? Yeah Yeah Is that’s what I’m trying to say and more importantly that beard is gonna just protect you so much Everyone told me to grow up my beauty I just don’t know how this goes good for you, bro. He is a large large Russian man The what happens is dumplings coming down on this part of the lower jaw and a horseshoe shape of it like Sends everything in dislocates. It comes back and hits almost the button on the back it knocks you out So you’re not going from full cheek you’re going for it’s like a downward Lower mandible. Yeah, okay if you knock a purse out with a slab You can knock that when your head is hit so porcelain faster their brain hits inside of your skull and temporarily shuts down Knowing it’s you involved in the fight. Is there any rule for how a draw can potentially? Each participant must consult with his doctor about participation Have you done that yet? Talk to your doctor Get rid of any high-risk behaviors can put you at risk for another head injury Because this brain is not going to tolerate a lot more brain about boxing Not if you’re getting hit in the half Now I figured he wouldn’t be too happy with yeah Yeah, yeah, what does he care no, I’m acknowledging that he said that like, yes, he did say that complete a fight Absolutely. Now when we’ve just made a documentary about fucking another conspiracy there I’m practicing to slap but I haven’t yet taken the slap I’m down for the weakest person in this room to give me a little practice. Slap ain’t not it’s obviously you Put the politician tripping. Yeah Hate and power behind it from all the different energies Now it’s gonna be Yeah, this is a good Fuck Right This dumpling dude, I don’t know how fuck Oh, you don’t know about dumpling They call him the Baba Yaga The last man you see before you die Decimating greens cabbage let it’s gone the greens disappeared into thin air I got a fucking text today from chaos eyes manager who said hopefully Logan doesn’t break his face. We got a lot of money live Millions of dollars the key is to just knock them out right away. So there is no Structural damage done to my face. That was the whole point. Really I’m so fucking Fed up with how Oversensitive this world is and when I saw the first viral video of the Russians slapping each other. I was like yo that is It’s that primal Ohio boy in me. That’s like I want to do that How does the world be insensitive Like I just want to like show people like you can still be strong in these times Just this cancelled culture and everything I’m just like and I’m just I want I’m angry that’s it, bro I’m angry legitimately. Like I’ve been cancelled myself and the haters. They’re gonna want to see me get slapped too low gang They’re gonna want to see me slap and finally bro. I can unleash my anger even with the draw Like the one chance I had to just unleash my anger was a fucking draw and Now I get to go get knocked out by a Russian slaps lettuce Can you see yourself in the sunglasses over here yeah. Yeah You can see yourself right now, how do you look pretty here’s the situation? My boy Armani knows a guy who pays people to slap and also get slapped finally, we found a slap expert in the United States and apparently he resembles dumpling – he’s a pretty big guy so it’ll be a Good test of strength for me since I’ve never actually yet hit someone in the face Danny is outside with him right now signing our hazardous waiver release for him in case I hurt him or something bad happening But yeah, this should be interesting Yeah the dude out there girl. He just won’t see a slash Alaska side wants to dude. He’s one of those you Deserve I’ve never met one of those What do you think about this bro? He could barely take a hit from Haden He needs to hit so hard that they they tap out cuz like I think I think as soon as he gets hit a couple of times as jaws gonna start to hurt cuz he doesn’t have as much meat on his face is like some of these guys Oh You do this shit, yeah, why Violence cells man. Really? Yeah, so you only do it for money. Yeah. Is there any enjoyment and slapping? I love the film you love fashion. You love getting hair be hitting people. I love both dude How many dudes have you not 130? You’ve knocked out over 30 do it slaps. Yeah. Oh How much how much are you paying these people to 250 bucks just to be in the $2.00. Yeah. Well if you give me the right advice Maybe I could go in there and knock them out. I’ll help you after you do your slap Slap you first I help you out man. That’s why I’m here. Let’s do this shit I Got a guy too, so Damn I’m slapping uphill Hey, this is crazy. I’ve never I’ve never hit someone yet Oh, actually no. Yes my first time I Think you call out YUM. I’m nervous y’all so much pressure He won’t stop staring at me, bro already Hating this on you Angle banana. Oh Don’t catch him catch him catch him Just relax and relax and take a deep breath big guy just black Anybody What you say yeah wait Right hand you remember You know guys give them some space did you really yeah There’s like a gap in your time memory bank, yeah from where to where like, what is the last thing you remember a Memories blink resolutely idiotic Idiotic What’s good At first I was like, oh that’s dope that’s like the point of what I’m trying to do with a knockout But I just talked to him with Jake and I feel fucking horrible. Like is he conscious Oh Barely so he’s messed up dawg. He doesn’t know Where he is? Who the dude who brought him here was? Always shit what’s keeping you still in it? I just Generational Herron is preparing everything in Moscow and it’s almost like brother like we leave tomorrow. I can’t back out How long have you been thinking about back now like weeks And then when when Hayden hit me I was like fuck is stupid and then now bro for the exact opposite reason I’m like, I’m scared. I’m scared of hitting people that hard So, what’s the plan If I felt like this and I was a part of the team I’m just gonna say it like back at Tokyo I Would have looking back but like damn I think we price shouldn’t go on that trip, which you had And like what like right it was really done, you know and like we film it and like well, it’s like you I don’t know It’s crazy I don’t want you to lose money. I don’t want you to think that like, oh man, I’m backing down But this is fucking Inside feeling is so fucking uneasy In my personal life if I saw what I just saw him Something suddenly camera down I’m gone. So I really respect that. You said he’s really resonating with me and Like I really appreciate it is you bringing up Tokyo and Just what you would have done saying what you would have done and you wouldn’t have let that go down as a cameraman and I I’m really listening to you and I and I feel that God forbid something happens to you and they’re next to you. I don’t think their lives are ever their lives are never listening How much money have we spent total on this trip Including security payments 2030 30k No Shit yo, this is so hard for me. I’m at the fucking I’m at the fork in the road right now, and I’ve been here before And I think I’m gonna go the right way this time We can’t do this Fuck I feel Hi Pam, I’m gonna say it one more time for you Yeah, I just wanted to face that me tell you that we’re no longer going to Russia and that Logan I don’t believe we’re gonna be going. No, but but but for sure 100% Logan is not entering the slapping contest That’s a that’s a great dance man Yeah, he’s growing he’s growing up Pam he’s becoming a real life adult I love you, MA Yeah, my head is hot and my eyes feel like they’re on fire right now I Slapped this guy I took to to plan a xenon and I feel horrible this time this time The universe was like yo, here’s this event that happened today a day before you leave you shouldn’t go last time I don’t know if you remember I was deathly sick With this clothes not going to Tokyo and I and I and I went I was like no, I’m fine. I tough through it I tried any tough guy And now that shit’s over I’m gonna take this as a learning lesson And from now on it’s gonna be easier in my life to make these types of decisions

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  1. I love your videos and I wanna go to your house tomorrow I love you logon Paul I wish
    You can come over tomorrow in the morning

  2. Personally Logan will get hit even harder at the Russian event. Then when Logan slapped dude. But he better be happy he had an actual person to slap. Logans first knock out was his practice. Its ain't no joke to hit a person who is flesh.

  3. Yeah and your brother said that after you defeat KSI and your brother will have to defeat him to get revenge yeah bullshit

  4. Dude can you listen to anything for A Janet idiot No what you said to not hit you got them under your arm but no your stupidity how to get into the way

  5. watching this now, after the ksi rematch… i fuckin love u bro. ur life journey is special to watch. cant wait to see whats next foru

  6. you learned not to hit the same way i did

    Permeability hurting some one ore even getting hurt like that is not worth the money

    It's just not worth it man

    Don't do it

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