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The Untold Truth Of Gronk’s Gorgeous Girlfriend

The Untold Truth Of Gronk’s Gorgeous Girlfriend

Former football star Rob Gronkowski is pretty
much a household name these days. Best known by the nickname “Gronk,” Gronkowski
played for the New England Patriots for his entire professional career from 2010 until
he announced his retirement in March 2019. For almost half the time Gronkowski took the
field as a Patriots tight end, girlfriend Camille Kostek stood by his side. Kostek and Gronkowski first sparked romance
rumors in 2015, when the football player began making appearances on her Instagram. “If you follow me, you know what I’m talking
about.” Even though the pair were first linked in
2015, they’ve played coy about the status of their relationship over the years. In 2016, Gronkowski told E! News that his
Valentine’s Day plans were non-existent, which is typically only true for either a single
person or a person who is going to be single very soon. Another holiday spent apart? New Year’s Eve 2017. On that day, Kostek was spotted with American
Idol winner Nick Fradiani, according to Page Six. Even still, from the looks of recent Instagram
posts, it appears the two are still very much together right now. With more than 600,000 Instagram followers,
Kostek is certainly not eclipsed by Gronk’s very large shadow. But who exactly is Gronk’s leading lady, anyway? Camille Kostek got her big break as a New
England Patriots cheerleader back in 2013 at the age of 20. The same year, she also landed the cover of
the annual Patriots’ swimsuit calendar featuring the team’s cheerleaders. The 27-year-old only cheered on the team for
two seasons before hanging up her pom-poms. She told Fox News that it was at that time
that she was first formally introduced to her now-beau, revealing, “We first got in touch once I resigned from
the team. I always knew who he was before I was even
a cheerleader. I knew who he was on the roster. I just never paid any mind. Once I resigned is when we finally met.” Kostek has never discussed the reason she
called it quits on the squad after just two years, especially since the Patriots allow
cheerleaders to stay on for up to four years. However, the fact that she just so happened
to start dating Gronkowski mere months after resigning points toward a potential forbidden
romance. When Kostek said goodbye to cheering, she
cast her sights on a new career path: modeling. She signed with her first agency in Boston
in 2015 and one of the first campaigns she booked was with Dune Jewelry. By 2016, Kostek was ready to move on to bigger
and better things, so she moved across the country to Los Angeles to kick start her new
career. She hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream
of being a Sports Illustrated model. However, she was immediately met with criticism
from agents who told her that she wouldn’t make it if she didn’t make some changes to
her appearance but she didn’t let those reactions keep her from chasing her dreams. She told Haute Living, “I was discouraged meeting agents, who told
me to take a certain amount of weight off. I could have taken my body to that extreme,
but that’s not what I stand for as an older sister and a female. I was able to present myself to Sports Illustrated
without an agent in a 60-second video talking about my real-life experience and how I got
here.” Kostek’s persistence paid off, and she found
herself as one of two women selected as the first-ever Sports Illustrated Swimsuit rookies
to be selected via an open casting call. In addition to landing the coveted rookie
slot, she was also selected as the 2019 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model. Kostek is not just another pretty face content
with dominating magazine covers. She’s also interested in taking her talents
to the big screen. Kostek made her film debut in a small part
in the 2018 comedy I Feel Pretty starring Amy Schumer. It seems she definitely caught the acting
bug, as she is set to appear in an upcoming Ryan Reynolds comedy called Free Guy, slated
for release in July 2020. In addition to showing up in film, Kostek
has also taken on a couple of hosting and reporter gigs. From 2016 to 2017, she was a reporter for
New England Sports Network’s show Dirty Water TV a show all about New England’s nightlife
scene where she covered a variety of sporting events. In 2018, she hosted a red carpet for Maxim’s
Hot 100 Experience. It all goes to show that, Gronk or no Gronk,
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