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The War on Wheat – the fifth estate

The War on Wheat – the fifth estate

100 thoughts on “The War on Wheat – the fifth estate”

  1. What about Einkorn wheat? I heard that it's the most ancient wheat and is better than the commercial wheat that we get in the shops.

  2. Since giving up all wheat and grain products (by going gluten free), I've been able to come off anti-depresssants after being locked in to them for 26 years, and my arthritic joint pain and inflammation has gone! Extraordinary. Wonderful.

  3. The anti-wheat diet works because sugar is ususlly combined with most wheat processed foods which include massive dosed of sugar. People are lowering sugar hence weight loss.

  4. Tobacco argument is been used here ,Keep killing or making people sick until they cannot sweep anymore deaths under the carpet ,then keep denying ,and keep denying.Blame and Shame any opposition to their multi billion industry!profits over people health,

  5. Its funny I have heard of franken wheat being that bad all of my life…That its not real wheat as he says. .however, this isn't new information.37yrs I have heard it….but I wad informed bread is made cheeper by switching iodine for cheeper bromine an has been since the 30s….So the wheats wrong but the recipe is too……Cinnamon also supports the pancreas your insulin production center…..It helps when you do both with any starches an breads.


  7. Humanity had no problems problems with grains a few hundred years ago. Globally, almost every culture eats some form of grain, with minor exceptions (Inuit). Chemicals like glyphosats are the problem.

  8. I don't really care what scientists have to say, I care about feeling better. I feel better being gluten free.

  9. The argument, ultimately, works like this: Most people eat wheat. Most people get disease. Eating wheat must cause disease.

  10. Just replace wheat with weed, meaning cannabis that is known to be a superfood and aside from food the other parts can be used for fiber (not the edible kind) and bio-char.

    Time the U.S. owns up to it's own monsters and makes it official that Harry Jacob Anslinger was corrupt and had all the wrong intentions when he prohibited cannabis.

  11. I feel it's more likely that people are seeing the health benefits of cutting out highly processed foods. I don't think it's wheat itself to blame, just the processed foods like bread, pasta, breakfast cereal etc that lead to health issues.

  12. yes he is right because the original wheat is called spilt wheat and it has a husk they modify it to make easy to process without a husk this allow bacteria to grow inside the trash that could not grow in husk.

  13. This is perfect example of a propaganda documentary on all levels. No matter what anyone thinks about Grains.

  14. I stopped wheat a month ago and dropped 7 pounds and the GERD I suffered with for 18 years is gone. I used to take medication twice a day and stopped needing it two days after I cut wheat out. I also stopped feeling sluggish. I eat the same number of calories. Not all calories are the same.

  15. Is it because wheat is GMO ( roundup etc.), or is it because when it's processed into flour they remove the IODINE and ad BROMINE. Does the original Ancient Grain Wheat present all of these problems. And finally…. could it be BS and just another way of reclaiming land for Agenda 21 ? Looks like ' diet is the new religion ' with dozens of ' contradictory ' opinions on health. Keep in mind… that doctors loose their licenses if they recommend anything that's not in their little black pill book !

  16. Scientists get things wrong all the time!!! Professional guessers. Am tired of people just referring to what scientists say. I can pay any scientist to disprove another.

  17. what brainwashed refer heads you all want to demonize wheat but want the devils weed legal . I am a doctor and i think many are drinking to much bottled water and there for not geting enough fluoride which is good for your brains and teeth. people need to start drinking tap water again is very good for you and you need to eat your wheat it is so so good for you. and nothing wrong with Monsanto they are a very good company trying to help feed the world gmo rules bigger and better crops and round up is safe wake up people lets stop demonizing big pharma and Monsanto they are really good and this Davis guy and doc Oz needs to go to prison bottom line . got wheat eat wheat and be healthy

  18. As someone who is allergic to wheat I feel guilty that I am benefiting the most from the spreed of this nonsense. A lot of people will probably stop eating enough fiver in their diets but I'll be able to find wheat free pasta at the grocery :'(.

  19. This IS the case in India too. Stop wheat you are free of a myriad of health issues. So it is with rice. Where is food going. Milk adulteration veggies, fruits dry and fresh you name it — aaallll are causing problems and more.problems. any body listening !!!

  20. I am 5 minutes in and was ready to be ticked off until he FINALLY mentioned GMOs. It's them (GMOs) that are killing us. I can only hope that everyone else will get a clue.

  21. The show ignored the negative effects of herbicides entering our food chain. It ignored the fact a wheat requires sugar to make it palletable..and that sugar is poisoning us .. very poorly thought put program..


  23. When I was a child my mother would find herself shifting out the bugs that were eating the flour in the flour bin. Bugs don't eat flour anymore. What the heck is happening to our grains at the flour mill if even bugs won 't eat it any more? In any case my gut is fine if I stick to imported Italian pasta, and homemade baked goods made with unbleached flour, no soy, no dehydrated eggs.

  24. Another snake oil seller reinventing the carb free diet as all his own work! Ok smart arse in your over paid spoiled life, feed the world without cereal crops.

  25. I was skeptical until the news started destroying him and formed an opinion vs just reporting the news and leaving it to the viewer.. Everyone being paid vs personal sad..

  26. Dr Davis has pissed off Big Agra! Not surprising! I have reaped enormous health benefits by eliminating wheat – a miracle almost. They can smear him and others, but they cannot undo the damage to wheat’s reputation.

  27. Cut out the wheat and see for yourself! Why would I believe either side? Simple. Tried it for myself and the doctor is correct! The government and Big Ag is not on your side people!

  28. I have been eating lots of wheat for 65 years. Six foot, 12 stone, and feel pretty good. My 86 year old dad has done much the same although he is getting a bit feeble these days. Maybe he should go gluten free, what do you think?

  29. I had post nasal drip for years. YEARS! After NOT eating wheat for 3 weeks, my nasal were nice and normally most. My trash cans are no longer full of snot tissue. I don't have to blow my nose ALL the dayum time. There's no need for tissue boxed in my car and I don't have to carry Kleenex in my purse. SO… I'm a believer. Do your own research. Let your body guide you to YOUR truth!

  30. In 2010 I got so sick and no doctor could help me. So started studying 8 hrs a day.Stop eating all grain and went all organic. Grass fed beef Free range chicken and wild caught fish, fruits nuts and seeds no process foods. My health turned around. From having neuropathy, Depression in fibromyalgia 168 pounds down to a 128 feel great and no pills .Stay away from GMO foods people in all grains even corn and soy.And potatoes that monsanto's made apples that montano's made pineapples and papayas, Zucchini yellow squash and the list goes on and if you can get rid of all the chemicals that's in your house that they make. Start cleaning with vinegar and stop wearing all that toxic makeup and that toxic deodorant once you do this you won't even need deodorant. You do have to heal your gut from eating all that poison food that eating. Look up leaky gut. Look a Pete Osborne. He is a nutritionist put gluten behind his name on face book and YouTube. You will not be sorry. and Zack Bush a Triple board certified doctor.

  31. It's not the wheat specifically. It's the whole category of carbohydrates, which of course includes wheat and all whole grains.

  32. It is carbohydrates!!! …. wheat is a carbohydrate … carbohydrates raise your insulin levels! , which is BAD! Google Ivor Cummin's videos. He is a biochemical engineer who presents copious research information … It is not just wheat, it is ALL carbohydrates, especially sugar and high fructose corm syrup …

  33. Medical doctors get only a lecture or two on nutrition … They know next to nothing about nutrition —I was married to a doctor when he went through med school … Of course the giant food corporations and agribusiness want you to keep eating their food products! … Who advertises on CBC??? … Of course they will support their advertisers … Shame on them for lying to people …

  34. The book wheat belly is pretty great about explaining why wheat is causing problems for us. You see, ALL wheat has been genetically modified under the term hybridization. It now metabolizes as a hyper glucose. Two piecws of whole wheat bread is the same as 5 tablespoons of pure white cabe sugar. So…….eating wheat now isnt the same as eating wheat 100 years ago. Or even 60 years ago. Much of this wide sweeping global hybridization was done in the 1990s.

  35. This video represents the war on the war on wheat. From the start, it portrays Dr. Davis as making false claims without really showing us both sides of the story.

  36. Don't eat to much of one thing. I haven't had problems with most food. And I eat beef! I don't drink soda pop anything (maybe every couple months i'll have one. I don't much candy or chips. I eat nuts a lot and I drink a few beers. But Stress is a big part of health problems.

  37. Davis is a fear-mongering, profiteering quack. It's a shame that people are so gullible and easily deceived by him.

  38. Whatever it is, cutting it out is making so many people feel so much better. I’m no food scientist but as a waiter for two decades and asking guests when they order gluten-free, if it has made a difference; their response is always that they feel so much better cutting it out. And only a portion of them have celiac disease. It’s cutting out the carbohydrates and sugar that is helping.

  39. It’s not about wheat. Humanity has been eating it for thousands of years. However, allergies and coeliac disease are rising in modern times.
    The answer is Glyphosate. Round-up. And GMO.
    GLYPHOSATE is used on modern wheat crops as a dessicant to speed up the drying process. In times of old, this was done by sun, air and old-fashioned drying methods.
    Go back to organic wheat and grains, the way all of our food was grown before the Industrial Age.

  40. The root cause of autoimmune X, is undigested protein in the gut. So the obvious question is, why is the stomach not digesting stuff? A simple answer is deficiency of salt, because science tells us the stomach acid comes from the chlorine in salt. And the pseudo science medical community pushes low salt diets. And apparently children are not getting enough salt, because that seems to be where the problem starts. But also there is overmedication, too much too soon antibiotics and vaccines, that also plays havoc with the vital gut functions, throwing a wrench into the works. Our immune system, and science tells us this, the body needs real, dirty biologic threats in order to function properly. And all these not necessary in most cases caesarian births robs the baby of vital gut bacteria, another problem. The gut is the heart of the immune system. We are too clean. And animals seek out salt. they know the importance of it. We are at the mercy of a greedy medical top down system. Money and science unfortunately do not mix well. Greed definitely influences science, as they are the ones that are paying the bills. Oligarchs get what they pay for. and you end up sick and at their mercy.

  41. There might not be any studies on wheat etc. I eliminated wheat and grains out of my diet and i feel sixteen again. I wake up full of energy. I sleep well. I reversed lupus symptoms. No bloating or belly rumblings. Science or no science my body told me dont eat poison. Thank you Dr Davies and the many others helping humanity. The big companies will not like you coz you will shrink their multi billion industries. I advice anyone stop eating grains for a month and see what happens for yourself. Forget research

  42. Healed from IBS, asthma, Psoriasis and GERD by dropping wheat and all gluten. Lost 56lb. It took only 45 years for me to figure this out by trial and error. Corporations are happy to slowly exterminate you .

  43. I don't know if the foods I eat won't hurt me. But I do know that the foods I don't eat hurt me because it causes me pain. Wheat is one of about 20 foods that I don't eat. I think wheat was the first thing I eliminated in my diet because it was the worst offender.

  44. They admitted you lose weight from not eating wheat. Being overweight is a cause for many diseases in itself.

  45. Wheat is addictive and very harmful, another problem is that wheat consumption has increased [and the purpose is to increase energy that enables people to be active throughout the day] and, at the same time, exercise levels of man in general [especially in first world conditions] has decreased.

  46. 'bleeding with leeches' is a much practised surgical method even today. =/ it helps the surgeon no end, which then in turn helps the patient [who is thankfully unconscious under the scalpel =) ]. . So the mocking tone of the report is also about using emotive language to persaude the viewer of the programme to dismiss it. Sad really.

  47. I got very sick two years ago and I stopped eating wheat it was like a miracle I got better when all the doctors could not help me I now eat ain ancient grains I believe the wheat genetically modified and is loaded with pesticides

  48. So what nutrient is in wheat that the human body needs and that you can't get from fruits, vegetables, nuts, meats, etc.?

  49. I haven't heard about all the b.s chemicals used to make cooking pans and all the other stuff that's added to our food too. It sounds like this guy has a beef with wheat, if he no longer eats wheat I really don't understand how he still has that double chin. He should talk about the artificial flavors in our foods, why is he silent on that?

  50. Look at pesticides, and sugars, if he was eating a lot of white bread, pastas, yes that in conjunction with sugary additives, would make sense, we are over processed, over stressed & more sedentary than decades ago, a nasty mix for our health

  51. Why are so many people all of a sudden allergic to wheat, including me? Not celiac disease but discomfort when I eat it. It doesn't make sense.

  52. See Dr. Gundry on lectins. He did 10,000 heart surgeries then stopped because lectins or glutins were the culprits. See the future of cities.

  53. If I chew bread so ptyalin enzyme has a chance to begin digesting the wheat starch will I avoid the problems of eating wheat? Or if I sprout the wheat and begin to breakdown the starch even before I eat will I be safe?


  55. Well, stop spraying stuff all over the foods. And enough with the modified foods. The difference in the taste of corn in the US and in Peru is enormous. US corn tastes like cardboard in comparison. Anyhow, it's not the wheat, it is what is bing done to it.

  56. "Wheat" is not the issue creating problems, it's refined white flour. Removing white flour out of the diet will help improve any health issues – it's just that bad.

  57. Humans never evolved to have grains be the foundation of their diet. There is nothing good about them other than that they are cheap.

  58. Why do people get obese

    It is the product of the Industrial food complex and how they have altered the ready to eat meals, to make them as appetizing (bliss point) and shelf stable as possible! Sugars without fiber, especially High Fructose corn syrup in soft drinks and candy are converted to fats by the liver . The body can not handle it. Grains ( wheat, corn and rice) humans have neither the small intestines shape nor the flora and fauna to fully break
    proteins into amino acids.

    Sugar the bitter truth!

    "Pure, white and deadly" by John Yudkin and Robert H Lustig

    Daily Bread- Can any human body handle Gluten – Dr Rodney Ford

    6 reasons NOT to eat gluten or products made from grasses!

  59. Joe Schwarcz is not an unbiased spokesperson. Besides his flippant matter which is unscientific, his dismal of the problems with wheat and other grains are too dismissed without a scintilla of doubt!

    My N=1 data supports my conclusion ALL GRAINS ARE EVIL AND TOXIC !

  60. The debate on wheat is like Evolutionists Vs Creationists. In the end Science is made up by the big corporations to prove what they want to sell. No wonder Science is getting such a bad name. Its Science to support the multibillionaires. Feeling better is the real evidence that wheat is a killer.

  61. YOUR BODY, not what "experts" say, is the ultimate arbiter of what is good for you. Let your body tell you what is good for it.

  62. I tried eating vegetarian for my RA, and it totally blew up. Everything is high carb, grain and beans based, too much inflammation from too much carbs. Also my mother had horrible hayfever, and she became allergic to wheat.

  63. I never read this « belly » book nor do I have any interest in doing so. However, i do agree with that many foods grown in 🇨🇦 and 🇺🇸for example, are not as healthy as those grown in Europe. The main reason is their lack of GMO produce. I am wheat and sugar free, as much as possible.

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