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The Wives Won’t Let OG’s Mistake Slide | Basketball Wives

The Wives Won’t Let OG’s Mistake Slide | Basketball Wives

– Where your stuff?
– I forgot it. I know, don’t be mad at me.
I had a flat. I had a hell of a day
and I feel really bad. I almost was like,
should I just go buy something right now?
– Yes, go ahead. – Yeah, like,
the store right next door. – It’s like,
when you make a mistake, you are just never forgiven
in this group. You are not allowed
to be human as if no one has forgotten anything,
and at least I made it, so. It is what it is. Hi, sweetie.
How are you? – I just feel like,
OG, why come? Like, I would not even come. If you had such a horrible day, keep your horrible day
with your horrible day. This is a uplifting event
where we trying to give out love, like… – Leave her alone.
She’s gonna go off on you. – You come and give out, oh,
excuse, excuse, excuse.– I don’t know why OG
didn’t bring anything.
That was the one directive,
was to bring something from your closet
for the ladies. – That’s y’all friend,
y’all know. – I commend you for showing up
but girl, you were supposed to have something in hand. So what’s been
going on with you? – Well, you know,
I’ve just been staying busy, trying to
balance everything out like, Kwame’s
coming home soon. – Oh, is he?
They finished? – They wrapping up.
The playoff is almost over for them.
They might not advance so the goal is to at least
get us in the same damn state. – Right.
– We don’t live together. I honestly just think he’s
scared of fully committing. – Even with me and Reggie
it’s like, you know, I was married before.
– Right. – You know, and so, it’s like,
I go back and forth between, “Yeah, let’s do it” and “Well,
we’re good like we are.” – You know, I think about that.
I think about the divorce rates,
the financial stability, what are the main causes
of divorce. – Yeah,
’cause marriage changes things. You know, the one thing
I don’t want in my life right now is another divorce. Another bad marriage. And ever since I told Reggie that we needed to
put things on hold,Reggie and I
haven’t spoken much.
I just hope he still loves me and I hope he still wants
to be with me and I hope he understands
where I’m coming fromat this point in my lifeand I just want us to continue. – Everyone that donated
come over. We want to get
everyone that donated… over to take a picture. Would you mind
taking a picture of everyone? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, I got you.
– We trying to get everyone that donated.
– Yeah, absolutely. I have enough going on
in my personal life So Zell, skrrt.
Leave me alone. This is not your moment.
I forgot my clothes.Live with it, get over it.Ready. One, two, three. [camera shutter snaps]
Awesome. – OG definitely pulled
a rookie move and Zell pretty much
sticked it to her.But I love the fact
that she still made it
and she still was a trooper.You know, I’m just so happythat my friends are,you know, helping with this. I appreciate that. Did you find everything?
– Yes, thank you. – Oh, perfect.♪ ♪

100 thoughts on “The Wives Won’t Let OG’s Mistake Slide | Basketball Wives”

  1. One thing I cannot stand is messy gay men like Zelle. He only exists to be a mean bully and it’s played out.

  2. LMFAOAOAO he petty sl
    “Everyone who donated , would you mind taking the picture of everyone who donated “ ?

  3. OG voice does not fit her mug I you have to look to make sure that OG is the one speaking proper because her face looks ghetto as hell

  4. To add… hadn’t her brother recently passed like right before this? F them clothes and a donation! Their always talking sister hood and empowerment of women. This was the time to pull her in, understand and embrace her. Not cast her out!

  5. OG looked nice in this scene. Could still use some lipliner but she’s rocking that fro & the body is banging!

  6. OG : I forgot to bring something bc I had a flat and my days been terrible.

    Tami: I don’t know why OG didn’t bring anything ??‍♀️?

    I’m the only one who caught that? Haha tami girl I can’t wit u G ..

  7. Zell so why are you so miserable that you have to be rude and petty all the time. You think your unique, oh no you look and sound like a fool!


  9. Cant stand malaysias ass either there was a time when she was in OG’s shoes. This whole blonde hair light make up thing has gone too far too.

  10. Zell punk ass always trying to try someone he knows won’t step to him. Go have something to say to Sky or Tommie.

  11. Zell is just super thirsty Tryna fit in. What you talking about "Everyone that donated" boy Your clothes look like they've been donated

  12. Ezell needs to stay out of women’s business and go get some business. He acts like a little girl. Don’t he have some men he can go and hang around. Get a life!

  13. That thirsty queen trying to get a rise out of OG by repeating several times “those who donated” – stay pressed coz your ass is irrelevant LOL She tried it ??

  14. Keep this m********* out of the cameras way before I stop watching the damn show! I don't have time to be sitting here watching a messy ass man! I know it's been almost a year I'm catching up, shut up!!!!

  15. Also? can someone tell me is tami sick or something. Last I heard she was acting In a movie, then she became a rapper ??‍♀️

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