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There’s More To Ezra Miller’s Crisis Cameo Than We Thought

There’s More To Ezra Miller’s Crisis Cameo Than We Thought

Crisis on Infinite Earths has given Arrowverse
fans their first big crossover moment between the DC film and TV universes with a surprising
run-in between movie Flash Ezra Miller and TV Flash Grant Gustin. But there’s more to the shocking cameo than
meets the eye. Crisis on Infinite Earths executive producer
Marc Guggenheim opened up to Entertainment Weekly, revealing just how involved DC Comics
chief content officer Jim Lee actually was in pulling off one of the TV season’s most
exciting, and unexpected, appearances, saying: “Basically, I was really working hand-in-hand
with Jim. From the moment we found out that this was
a possibility, to once we knew Grant Gustin was cool and on board with it and Ezra was
on board with it, I would send drafts of the scene to both Jim Lee and [DC Entertainment’s
film VP] Adam Schlagman, and we would just go back and forth.” As Marvel and DC have expanded their screen
presences over the last decade, they’ve had to contend with one glaring issue: how their
cinematic universes fit in with their television ones. It’s been especially tough for DC, which has
had more luck among critics and fans with its animated and TV show properties than it
has with its movies. Up until now, the CW line-up especially has
been key to DC’s small screen dominance, in part because it hasn’t tried to merge it with
the film division. It’s a narrative ecosystem in which writers
drop Easter eggs about one production into another but usually do nothing beyond that,
which makes Miller’s Crisis appearance the most serious and significant attempt at a
DC cinematic-TV connection to date. It’s also one Guggenheim and Lee were very
careful with executing, for the sake of every universe. Guggenheim told EW: “The trick with the scene is…they didn’t
want me to do anything that stepped on the toes of the Flashpoint movie that they’re
developing. So, we really worked hand-in-hand. Jim was really great about just making sure
that all the parties were talking to each other, that nothing was getting stalled. He was a cheerleader when he needed to be,
a diplomat when he needed to be.” They may have taken a carefully planned approach
to writing the Barry-meets-Barry exchange, but how Miller’s cameo came about was much
more impromptu. In a Variety interview, Guggenheim revealed
that Warner Bros. Television president Peter Roth reached out
with a proposition after Arrow had wrapped, and the crossover was nearly completed. When Roth asked how Guggenheim would be able
to do it, the EP responded with: “‘Yeah, I know, but if you’re telling me Ezra
Miller can be in the crossover, I can make it happen.'” Guggenheim, Roth, and Lee delivered something
many fans thought was an improbable dream. But it was one that writer, director, podcaster,
and all-around king of geeks Kevin Smith alluded to the possibility of during a segment cut
from DC’s Dawn Of The Justice League TV special. During a 2016 episode of his Fat Man on Batman
podcast, Smith recounted his conversation with DC Creative Officer Geoff Johns, saying: “DC is known for nothing if not a multiverse.'” “Right?” “So at which point I was like, ‘Could they
f–ing crossover?’ And he was like, ‘Ahh.'” Miller may have also put out positive vibes
for a potential crossover while brushing off a bit of controversy around the DC film side’s
decision to cast him instead of merely using Gustin, who was already playing the speedster
on TV. In a July 2015 interview with MTV News, The
Flash star called the existence of two Barry Allens, quote, “awesome.” “It’s parallel universes!” “It’s all good!” “Grant Gustin is the Flash, and I’m the Flash,
don’t you see? It’s the event horizon!” Casual fans will undoubtedly see Miller’s
cameo as a “dope” one-off moment, but for those a bit more up-to-speed on the comics
and various screen universes, the implications are way more exciting. To start, the run-in confirms the existence
of a multiverse through Miller’s appearance, something that’s corroborated by Gustin’s
line: “This should be impossible now.” “This should be impossible now?” Technically, it shouldn’t be possible and
yet, there the two Barrys were, proving that DC may have finally settled on the multiverse
as the official answer to and connection between its big- and small-screen stories. But there are also hints about the version
of Barry Allen viewers can expect in Miller’s upcoming Flash film. After being repeatedly delayed and going through
multiple creative team changes, The Flash movie is pretty difficult to get a read on. Over the years that the film has been in development,
it’s become less clear what exactly audiences are in for when the Andy Muschietti-directed
movie finally premieres in 2022. However, the Crisis on Infinite Earths cameo
did help decipher some of that. During their brief encounter, both Flashes
weighed the possibility of being face-to-face for different reasons. As the cameo scene illustrates, Miller’s Barry
was way less in the know than his counterpart. His general confusion over where he is, as
well as how he arrived there, reveals that he may be significantly less experienced than
Gustin’s Barry is when it comes to his full meta-human abilities, and his knowledge of
the multiverse. It’s a perfect place for a film which will
reportedly be based on Andy Kubert and Geoff Johns’ Flashpoint novel to start. Miller’s final line in Crisis on Infinite
Earths… “I told Victor this was possible.” …also doubles as a nod to fellow Justice
League member Cyborg, and serve as confirmation that Barry may bring his newfound knowledge
of the multiverse to his upcoming standalone film. Additionally, the scene also seems to introduce
Miller’s Allen to his superhero name, believe it or not. “I’m also the Flash.” “You’re also the what?” That makes sense if the 2022 movie serves
as an origin tale for the DCEU speedster, and not a story in which he’s already a fully-fledged
hero. With how well Miller’s Barry seemingly takes
to the moniker, fans can maybe look forward to seeing a nod to the crossover moment from
the big-screen speedster in his forthcoming movie. While Ezra Miller’s Crisis cameo was but a
few minutes long, it may have played a pivotal role in connecting DC’s universes, moving
the troubled franchise forward and launching one of its best-known superheroes into a new
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64 thoughts on “There’s More To Ezra Miller’s Crisis Cameo Than We Thought”

  1. Maybe Barry Allen from JL was trying to undo flashpoint when he was in the speed force same time Barry Allen appeared. I feel Grants Barry Allen could make a cameo to give advice on taking the mantle of the Flash.

  2. While I have always perfected the DC characters (while LOVING Marvel as well) but DC is a bloody mess. The CW shows dilute the brand. They are cheap and nasty

  3. I think WB and DC is keeping secrets for now and they're trying to reveal these multiverse one by one. First – Lucifer crossover. Second – Ezra-Grant's The Flash crossover. Keep your eyes for more revelations. I believe Cathy Yan's Birds of Prey, James Gunn's The Suicide Squad, and Matt Reeve's The Batman has some secrets to tell as well later.

  4. I do think that this is not correct… I don't see this as multiverse, or introducing the idea of multiverse, since that was introduced with the Flash TV series a long time ago, with the parallel earths. What I see here is the introduction of the Omniverse, the place where even Marvel crosses over with DC, such as Movies crosses over with TV! It's not the multiverse, but the omniverse.

  5. Flashpoint is obviously supposed to resets the DCEU
    They can do the Superman movie over again And even try BvS or justice league another time
    Unfortunately they only have one shot at it if they go this route

  6. But this doesn't mean anything unless it's coming from DCEU as well. Mark can't be the only one saying this. We have no verbal confirmation from DCEU as where they stand.

  7. I think showing both of the flashes.
    Wasent a great move since they already created their foundation through the TV series therefore bringing both in would be a tricky task to carry out

  8. Can it be, that Ezra's Barry is not from different earth, but from different multiverse, with it's own Earth-Prime? So he breached not between earths, but between multiverses?

  9. Both the DCEU and the DCCW are embarrassing and stupid in their own way. Combining them can't make anything worse but it's still ridiculous.

  10. I have only one problem with that scene what was Ezra's flash doing there since all other universe was destroyed there was no proper reason why and how he would be there, even Grant's flash was not able to enter the Speed force bcoz of antimatter and top of that I don't think Ezra's flash have complete idea about speed force since he didn't even have his alter ego name yet( yeah I know he has blue lightning which means he is very fast) but I don't think speed matters here.

  11. Ezra Miller's appearance just hyped us fans to look forward on the DCEU. Hopefully the cinematic universe goes forward well enough

  12. This was not such a hard thing to accomplish. It was Warner Bros that made it difficult to do for the better part of a decade with its rediculous policies.

  13. What if ezra mirror's Flash is the original timeline and Gustins flash knows that hence,"this should be impossible ".

  14. did anyone notice ezra miller's flash suit in the crisis was different from the JL film. No more of the gray thread lines, suit is now bright red, the white background for the emblem is already there and it's tilted a little bit than his last emblem.

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