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They Show Everyone What Cheerleader Could Be! AMAZING | Week 6 | Britain’s Got Talent 2017

They Show Everyone What Cheerleader Could Be! AMAZING | Week 6 | Britain’s Got Talent 2017

Here we go. You don’t know what’s coming. Oh Guys who are you [weird] comment, you dynamite cheerleaders? So how hard have you worked with it? We’ve worked so hard we’ve been in the gym from [7] o’clock in the morning to 10 o’clock at night [well] There’s about 20 of you 30 24 34 you split the money equally as you win Yes Where can this go if you do well on the show? That’s what I’m curious The big fight for cheerleading has to be recognized as a sport. We know this is our chance to show The nation what cheerleading can really be so the sky’s the limit? you [oh] you That’s wrong No accident everybody safe David what do you think he’ll exhausted just [yet] really stunning guys well done Your skill level is insanely impressive. I mean one of us can fly you nearly hit Amanda’s fine great audition This is one of the best prepared [act]. We’ve seen on this show for a long time. I’ve got a handy David do you want to see them in the next round yes? I do. [they’re] wonderful Its a massive yes from me guys Guys, you got for Yeses CONGRATULATIONS! oh Yeah

100 thoughts on “They Show Everyone What Cheerleader Could Be! AMAZING | Week 6 | Britain’s Got Talent 2017”

  1. I have been Cheerleading for 7 years at CheerForce All Stars Cheer Abilities team Radiance in Oakville Ontario Canada

  2. I love how amazed they are at the pike arch😂. They’re amazed my them, I wish tglc would come on the show😂

  3. Cheerleader me: they aren't gonna hit the sign, they're fine. Oo nice lib.

    If i wasn't a cheerleader: OMG THEYRE GONNA DIE

  4. I think this cheer is definitely a sport. But I don't think cheerleading at schools (small schools) that is mostly just a dance routine is a sport tbh.. And this is coming from a cheerleader. I wish schools would teach more than just that

  5. I live in the uk and honestly most people don’t even know what cheerleading is they just think of Pom poms and sideline because they literally only have a few all star gyms in the whole country so you can’t compare this team to America where cheer is a huge sport xxxx I think this team did amazing as cheer isn’t even recognised in the uk

  6. all these people saying that they didn’t even do good well cheer isn’t even recognised as a sport in the U.K and seeing as you could probably only train All Star – Extreme level in a few gyms they did real well, and they had to involve the space issue…

  7. I am a cheerleader and people ask me all the time do you do any sports I say yes I am a cheer leader then they say cheer isn’t a sport and I say oh yeah so what sports do you do baseball football we aren’t throwing 2 pound balls like you were throwing 100 pound girls in the air cheer is a sport and who ever dosent believe me fight me about it

  8. I'm a cheerleader and I feel like they shouldn't perform on "got talent" because they have their own competitions for a reason.

  9. I bet it was great. Too bad the camera pans to peoples reactions and doesn't stay on the act itself long enough to see the cool things they are doing.

  10. I just started cheerleading about 4 weeks ago and I’m proud that in such a short time I learned how to be that high up and do such stunts

  11. Im a cheerleder and im also a flyer and everyone says that it’s not a sport and you don’t have to do something as a flyer it’s so easy🙄

  12. People getting critical over them England doesn’t recognise Cheer as a sport really we have maybe 4 main competitions: UKCA,ICC, BCA and ICE Conventry are a highly respected team here

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