Things Not To Say To A Cheerleader | LOUGHBOROUGH UNI | meet the committee

You do 4 training sessions a week to do the exact same thing over and over again You can’t base… when you’re holding pompoms Memory, like memorising the whole routine What counts to go on, is actually so hard, I get so confused all the time You have to be able to hold someone above your head So if they’re going down, you’ve gotta go down with them Yeah that’s what… a guy said that to me
Did you send that in?! Nooo…
This actually happened to Becca I kicked off at him
Becca just stood there and I went f%[email protected]
…went off at him Imo sent that in…. It’s not really relevant To be fair, Immy did sprain her ankle from jumping over a speed bump when she was drunk Did you hear about that? Do you get thrown in the air Kodz? I kind of like the idea that like ‘Yeah I could fall in a second’ if you know what I mean? Its just all of my muscles, in every, single, part of my body
…that I didn’t even know I had.
Saved me many times
and also dropped you many times… There’s only so many times you can get a flyers bum in your face
before you become best friends…

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