This 80-Year-Old-And-Up Women’s Basketball Team Is Truly Incredible | The Kelly Clarkson Show

– My next guests are living proof that age is just a number ya’ll. I’d like to introduce you
to the Splash Sisters. Watch this. (upbeat music) (basketball bouncing) – Splash is a basketball
team consisting of five or six women now. We’re almost all over 85. We just love the sport, and they’re are some good
shooters on the team. – Marge right up. – Marge you can’t stop her shots. You try all you want but
she no you can’t (laughing). I just like the exercise
but I really enjoy the company of the other gals. – We care about one another. – Head up, Grace. (whistling) – It’s just fun. – When I started to play again, my childhood friends
thought I was really nuts. But I said, I still wanna try. I first get there, I go I can’t do this. But after you run around a little bit. I feel a lot better. You need to keep this
wonderful body we have, and this brain we have. – [Group] Splash. – [Audience Cheering] – It’s time to meet
today’s starting lineup. With a combined age of 434 years, with an average height of 5 foot 4. Clap and scream for Splash. (crowd cheering) (upbeat music) – All right ya’ll come one over here. That’s it, there you go. I am in love with all of you. Okay, but how young is everybody. – They’re all very young. – How young we’ll start with you Marge. – I’m 90. – 90, 90, nice. How? – 93. – 93. – 87. – 87 your young. – 84. – 84! (audience claps) – I’m the baby, I’m 81. – I love you. So Joan, did you play
basketball growing up? – I grew up in Iowa you have to play basketball growing up. – It’s like in Texas, you have to play football. – Football too. – Grace, what about you? – No, no basketball as I was growing up, they just didn’t have it for girls. – Oh that’s right. That is rude. – I know it’s rude. That’s like anytime somebody asks me, would you rather go to
the past of the future? I’m a women, id rather go to the future. (crowd cheers) Yeah definitely not go back. So Marge, did you ever play before now? – I played in a church league
when I was 19, full court. That was the first time, I pass to play basketball insiminary, that’s why. – Oh insiminary that’s awesome, all right. Well I heard you’ve been known
to a technical foul or two. Is that true? (crowd laughing) Who gets that? Oh look at her, looking around. – Just a little one. – Just a (laughs loudly) – Just a little elbow in the face. Since everything’s fine. – Just a little pinch. – Just a little pinch. Do you pinch people just to get away. That’s amazing. – They got in my way. – They got in your way. And you were like by pinch. (laughs loudly) Okay, I’m sorry. Dorte, what do love most about playing with the Splash Sisters? – That’s me, oh I have played
against them for many years. So I know them all, and I’m very happy to play with them now. – I love, and so wait you
played enough with them that you know their tricks. So you could like work around it, and you’re the baby. So you’ve got something on them. I love that. Well Marge, you’ve actually
just celebrated your 90th birthday, right? – Correct. – And you went skydiving.
– Skydiving. – You’re insane. I’m 37 years old and I wouldn’t do it, but here’s your video. This is Marge. How nervous were you? – I wasn’t, I was excited. – You weren’t, you weren’t terrified? – No, the celebration of life. – Oh my gosh. – I’ve been through a lot. – I wanna be you. I would be terrified. (audience clapping) Well I wanted to wish you
a happy belated birthday. So I got you something. Come here bring it in here, yes. We got you a little something. (audience clapping) (laughing) – We got you a little something. We didn’t light it become
because I think you have to pay like a 1000 dollars for that. (laughs loudly) – And I’m a diabetic. – Oh your a diabetic. (laughs loudly) I’ll eat it, I’ll eat it for you. I’m working on it. (laughs loudly)

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