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Thrift Shop Dolls Part 1 – Bratz Fully Dressed

Thrift Shop Dolls Part 1 –  Bratz Fully Dressed

My new year’s goal is to organize all my dolls [Music: Rosie’s Tea Party theme song] Thrift Shop Dolls Part 1 Look at this huge pile of thrift shop dolls that I haven’t opened yet There are some rare Bratz dolls in here! Look at this one with a patch of green hair! I have all the Spice Girls! Prince Charming Here’s Mulan and right beside her is Captain Shang. I have quite a few fully dressed with shoes There are so many dolls here that I’ll have to open them up in smaller groups. I better get started! This first group is the fully dressed Bratz with shoes Some are reasonably priced Some aren’t I usually get 30% off so that helps. Let’s make some room here First one $5.99 This is a Bratz Genie Oh my goodness! She’s beautiful! Check out the jewelry! She has a necklace, a bracelet, this hair ornament. Beautiful! Matching shoes Gorgeous red hair! It’s in great condition! Look at the beautiful details on the clothes Fully dressed with jewelry! So awesome! Next $2.99 Whoa! This one looks like a movie star! Beautiful dress! Strands of silver beads Matching shoes Look at the hair I think this is the original ponytail Beautiful green eyes! She’s in great condition! Gorgeous! So gorgeous! Next $4.99 This one is in a bathing suit! This is the only Bratz I have in a bathing suit! And with matching flip-flops! And this hair! I think this is the original ponytail! I don’t think it’s ever been taken out! Oh my gosh. She’s in perfect condition! So lucky to have found her! Next $5.99 Oh my gosh! I love this one already! Look how colourful she is! The hair! This outfit! Her shoes! Oh my gosh! Her hair has tiny braids! Pink, orange and blonde on top of brown! She’s so unique! Beautiful face! Friendly expression! I love this one! Next this boy Bratz $5.99 Ooo. The shoes are in the bag! I love it when dolls come with shoes Most of the time they’re missing and Bratz need their shoes to stand without their shoes. Puhf We just get these on and he’s good to go He’s so cool! Look safety pins on his top Check out the hair! It’s blue! So stylish! Awesome outfit! Flared jeans! Ooo. Check out his eyebrows! It’s feathered! Very cool! Next $3.99 There’s a Bratz and a Barbie in here They do that a lot stick a Barbie in with a Bratz just to get rid of it Check this out Oh my gosh look at this hair! Purple and blonde! These are the original ponytails! And this outfit! It’s so futuristic! Look at the pant legs! How cool is this? It’s like she’s from another planet. Oh, I think this sleeve is ripped Not a problem Very very unique In great condition! I love this one too And this is the Barbie that came with it. It’s not one I want to keep she came in this, uh ribbon? And homemade underwear? Wow! Points for trying Next $3.99 for two fully clothed Bratz That’s really good value! Oh wow! Look at this one! Big thick green braid And a jillion skinny green braids It’s beautiful! Check out this fur coat! Oh my gosh, it’s lined! Amazing Miniskirt Ankle boots What an outfit! These pieces kind of don’t go together? What do you think? Still she’s in great condition! Next Oooo Glamorous! Gold bracelet She has earrings both of them! Love her two-tone hair! It’s in great condition! Beautiful! Matching shoes She kind of reminds me of Beyonce Oh her dress is undone Gorgeous! So gorgeous! Next $3.99 for two fully clothed Bratz Check this out! Love the blonde bangs! Ooo. Look at her fancy fur collared vest! It’s very well made Whoa Look at the braids! There are thicker braids! Nice! Ooo. The shoes! Kitten heels! I don’t have any shoes that look like this Very nice! Top has a shoulder tie Looks like someone put gold glitter glue on her face I’ll have to wash that off Last one Look at this beauty! The hair is amazing! It’s all these skinny braids! I think this is the original ponytail! I love the colours! Light blue, dark blue, gold and brown Look at this beautiful face! This outfit, hmm. I don’t think it’s the original outfit Check out these Fluevog shoes Very cool! But the best part The hair! Beautiful hair! Oh yes, and the face! Beautiful face! So beautiful! These are all the Bratz from this group If you know their names and the collection they are from Please post it in the comment section Let’s have a look at them one at a time Number one The redhead genie Number two The green-eyed beauty Number three The bathing suit beauty Number four The pink braid beauty Number five Boy Bratz with the blue hair Number six Futuristic purple hair beauty Number seven The green braids beauty Number eight Glamour girl Number nine Multi braid brunette Number ten The blue braids beauty And here they are all together again I really appreciate your help identifying them Do you have a favourite from this group? Post your answer in the comment section Thanks for watching and see you in part two If you like this video, click like Check out these videos Biggest Bratz Doll Haul Part 1 Biggest Bratz Doll Haul Part 2 Don’t forget to subscribe! Thank you!

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