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Tina’s Quest For Revenge | Season 7 | BOB’S BURGERS

Tina’s Quest For Revenge | Season 7 | BOB’S BURGERS

I’m saying that the
beef inside that box wasn’t beef at all. It was horse! [hyperventilating] Calm down. It’s OK. Deep breaths. Tina, honey, I know you’re
upset about the horse meat, but do you think you’ll
be able to keep the cool? I’m cool. If you want to
save your restaurant, you’ll assist Ron and myself
in our undercover sting investigation of the
meat vendor, Jack Conway. – Jack Conway.
– Go, Dad. Sting his ass. Sting his ass. We need you to
record two things. One, Jack claiming has meat
is USDA prime beef, and two– Me punching Jack over,
and over, and over– OK, Tina.
OK. And over. Stick to the script,
T. We’re counting on you. We don’t need a loose cannon. Here’s that water you ordered. I didn’t order any water. Oh, no. I’m accidentally spilling this
glass of water on your shoe. You’re a good cop, but
you’re out of control! Horse dogs! Huh? Easy, girl. Easy. Dammit, Tina! [slow motion speech] Ha ha!
Yes! It’s broken!
– Hey, look. The tape’s OK. Aw, dammit. Happy birthday, punk.

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  1. I love how the title screen of 'Tina's Quest for Revenge' has a reflection that says "Tina's Quest for a Cell Phone"

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