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Toni Topaz Pink Hairstyles & Coming Out | the cw RIVERDALE Tutorial

Toni Topaz Pink Hairstyles & Coming Out | the cw RIVERDALE Tutorial

hey it’s Jackie and welcome back to my
channel for today’s tutorial we got another Riverdale video this time all
about Toni topaz hairstyles so I will show you how I got my hair from my
medium tone brown to this a coppery pink using temporary hair spray as well as
some cute different braided hairstyles so I really hope you guys like it make
sure you give this video a thumbs up especially if you want to see a full
makeup hair and outfit look for Toni like I did for Cheryl Blossom and don’t
forget to hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss an upload and I want to
know as an updated poll who your favorite couple in the show is my bi
heart beats for #choni and hopefully when I say I’m bi it doesn’t come as a
shock to you guys or is seen as me trying to be trendy or even promiscuous or
whatever there’s so many negative connotations sometimes and that’s why I
haven’t really corrected anyone who’s assumed I was only into guys but
definitely have had romantic feelings for girls and guys so I wanted to share
that with you guys because I have kind of kept it hidden and I did carry some
shame about some of the feelings I’ve had so I don’t want to anymore…
honestly just like who you like and don’t let anybody else tell you how to
live their own life so anyways let’s just get started with these hairstyles here is my natural hair and have put my
hair through a lot recently so I’m making sure to put in that heat
protectant spray and I’m teasing the front sections around my part and I’m
using the osis plus booster spray for hold and I’ll be using this spray a lot
to add texture to the hair I’m adding in a couple extensions for this look and
because my hair is quite a bit darker than Toni’s through the bottom it’s hard
to lighten up that hair so I’m taking a blonde hair extension and spraying the
L’Oreal colourista a spray in pastel pink for that subtle pink to peek
through the ends of the hair and we will use a brighter pink on my darker hair so
it’ll show up to the same vibrancy to get an accurate look you want two
extensions that are lighter around the front section of the face and once these
are clipped in start curling that hair to blend in the extensions as you might
have seen in my Hunger Games tutorials I do have a new one set I use this one is
from foxy Bay and I’m using the medium barrel and curling away from the face in
the front section and then towards the face through the back you can also leave
out the end of the curl so that it’s a bit straighter instead of getting a
ringlet type curl and it’s a unique look that Toni rocks so some teasing and now to blend at my
natural hair with the pink I’m using the Loreal colourista spray in hot pink this
time this one is super bold you can see that my hair shade does brighten up with
it like the extensions you can totally skip the extensions but I really prefer
to apply it most of the spray in the clip ends so that my actual hair texture
is easier to work with because once you do have quite a bit of spray in there
the texture becomes quite a bit more coarse I’m brushing through and one more
time I’m adding in some subtle ombre and lightness using the l’oreal colourista
in rose gold this one is my favorite to brighten up braids in a subtle way as
well it has lots of sparkle to it and there you have it
little osis plus texture spray and i like to use the hot pink on my darker
hair and then the pastel pink for lighter hair and then the rose gold adds
a nice blend but i would say not to use the hot pink on light hair because it
does stain a bit it even stained my medium brown hair and you don’t want to
put heat over top of the sprays this will also make the color a little bit
more permanent and it’s not great for your hair so definitely style it first
and then spray in the cover style number one is the simplest just a
back raid with a bit of volume gather sections surrounding the crown for a
halfback style and have left out face framing pieces in a side part like Tony
adding a bit of teasing so the hair lays backwards and Tony’s pink hair ranges
from subtly pink to quite pink so I’m moving the extensions to the front so
more pink really pops out next start braiding
I’m keeping the braid more to the left I’m in a mirror so it looks like the
right and when I’m braiding tightly over the shoulder you’ll get a bit of a twist
starting to form and it’ll sit so that when you’re facing the side you actually
see the braid detailing and readjusting the hair going into the braid on the
side it lays so the hair tapers down and finish off the braid normally with an
elastic or you can go in with a brown leather tie that’ll go to stand out in
the hair to get a similar look from straight on at an extension right under
the pulled back hair at the front you want to do this on the side that has
less hair and if the extension it looks a bit out of place adding a root
touch-up in dirty blonde or brunette whatever
your natural hair shade is and blend the hair together through the top of the
extension little more pink through the braid and this one is cool because you
can see the pink surrounding the face and then in the braid looks especially
cool from the back don’t forget a worn in leather jacket this one is from
Topshop and don’t forget to enter my Toni Topaz inspired fashion giveaway
over on the dote app there is a link directly down below and this jacket is
featured along with some other inspired items next up we have a very Cheryl style on
Toni instead of Cheryl’s half-up half-down do
what we have a more worn in textured half up a practice pony like before side
part front sections out and I already have the pink in my hair but you’d want
to style the hair first and then apply the spray to your hair so it’s easier to
work with and so the pink doesn’t get all over your hands would you first
apply it and it’s already pink because I did several styles that day but just
ariana grande style half pony and split the section in half and add in a pink
extension if your hair is thin like mine and then secure into place with an
elastic adding in more extensions to fill up the look and the final extension
is a one clip weft and I’m hiding under the bulk of the pony and then wrapping
around securing with bobby pins I love this because it really makes the pony
pop with the pink little texture spray and later I decided to add in some dark
root touch-up spray from L’Oreal for more contrast and my outfit is super
inexpensive I got this baseball tee from H&M and then the shorts from forever 21
is a workout section if you’ve got the Riverdale Vixens practice uniform on you
got to do some risky moves I love their cheerleading it’s so not cheerleading and
its the best and now onto one of my personal faves
the Cascade side braid with tighter curls Toni wears when picking out
clothes and Cheryl’s room, woo still loving the pink and for this look
keep a front section out like always and with the pink extension we’re going to
create a cascading braid with lots of dimension pick up three small sections
over top of where we’ve put in the extension to hide it and we’re going to
begin to French braid bringing in very small pieces from right beside the left
and the right strands as you go the extension looks wack but we will fix it
when we adjust the braid later on and keep bringing in small sections
gently incorporating into a French braid for the first couple wefts
and once you’re at the middle of the braid only add in sections from the side
closest to your face this will create a lace braid effect and
it will be more free-flowing in the hair loosen up and add in a hair ring for an
accessory I got mine at Topshop Toni had some tighter curls in this time so I
went with a smaller barrel and this look is super cute and easy to do if you do
try this even without any pink tag me on instagram because i’d love to see a
rocket or any of these styles and vote in the poll which look is your favorite
so far lastly we have the most edgy look
consisting of four braids this look reminds me of LexA from 100 a little bit
I love the hundred I did Lexa tutorial if you want to check it out and I’m so
excited for the show to be coming back really soon
we are lace braiding again this time on the side of the part with less hair
braiding backwards about five left’s incorporating only a section from the
top along the part again for a lace braid the only difference with this
style is we’re taking the strands under not over this way we’ll get a lace Dutch
braid effect where the braid pops out of the hair finish off the braid normally
and I’m using those rings again for detailing and stacking them around the
elastic to hide it and it just gives a kind of an edgy vibe I took the rose
gold at color ista spray adding this along at the braid to make it pop now
create three mini braids from where the lace braid started out connect all three together with an
elastic and add some rings create a final braid and then tie off and you can
go crazy with accent rings Toni had a couple more in the middle of the first
braid but I just went with one and loose textured waves and that’s how we get the
last look make sure you’re following me on instagram to see all the tutorials
coming up next and if you want more riverdale tutorials let me know thanks
for watching I hope you guys enjoy these Toni topaz hairstyles and if you did
make sure you give this video a big thumbs up and subscribe for more Beauty
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join a notification squad and also if you want to follow me on the dote app I
had a lot of fun picking out some different Toni Topaz inspired outfits
over on there so I have a list of different items so you can like shop the
look even though I’m obviously not the a wardrobe designer but I tried my best on
what I thought Tony you might wear and I will see you guys in my next tutorial

100 thoughts on “Toni Topaz Pink Hairstyles & Coming Out | the cw RIVERDALE Tutorial”

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  3. 😮 LGBTQ+ isn't something I agree with but I still love you and your videos. You do you boo. 🙂☺
    I actually have a stepbrother who is Gay, to be honest.
    I am a big fan of Bughead. If Betty and Jughead weren't dating and Veronica and Archie weren't dating then I would want Betty and Archie to date.

  4. Me being a greaser myself I like Riverdale and all the time when I go to school my friends say I'm a South side serpent it hoenstly made me laugh a bit.

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  13. Yeah I have the same problem
    When I tell people I'm BI they don't believe me
    There answers are usually "what? But you don't look bi" "you're to girly to be into girls" or my favourite "are you trying to be on trend?"

    I mean…I can't just wear my t-shirt that says "I'm BI" 247

  14. I clicked so fast when I read the title! I have had a crush on you for so long lol yay for coming out! It's better 😀

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  16. Hello so my name is Nina and I'm 15 year old asexual and biromamtic.I'm going as toni this year and I saw your channel and I feel in love with I'm still closeted and only few friends know …live your channel ❤

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