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Top 10 Olympic Wardrobe Malfunctions

Top 10 Olympic Wardrobe Malfunctions

Hello people – how are you? More importantly, do you like the olympics? Of course! Its a great event. Do you like people going absolutley crazy
over skin or underwear being exposed during olympic events? Oh you do? Well Ive spent years compiling this list just
for you. My name is Danny Burke – tell everyone youre
about to watch the Top 10 Olympic Wardrobe Malfunctions. Starting off at number 10 we have the Bobsled. This is perhaps one of the most famous ones
on our list. At the 2010 winter olympics – Gillian Cooke
was on half of the womens bobsled team representing Great Britain. Bobsled athletes wear special spandex suits
in order to reduce wind resistance – thats great – but sometimes they can be, a little
bit too tight – and this can happen. Next up at number 9 we have Ekaterina Rubleva. This Russian figure skater made headlines
in 2009 during the European Championships in Finland. Yes, Im aware this isnt from the olympics
but youre already watching now so you might as well finish. One the straps on her sparkly pink top snapped
and as her routine involved a lot of quick jumpy movements, it was only a matter of time
before something got exposed. She brushed it off like a pro though and finished
the routine confidently. The media went crazy over this one – if you
think they made a big deal over nothing, oh boy we are only just getting started with
this video. Moving on to number 8 now we have Tom Daley. Hes an Olympic medal winning diver for Great
Britain – if youre from the UK youve definitely heard of him. This one actually happened at the diving world
series – after Tom hit the water in a dive, cameras caught Toms exposed behind after the
water pulled his speedos down. Probably not a big deal, this happens. Its also just an arse – but hey, sometimes
the media have slow days where they need to produce stories. Sometimes our channel does too – ahem. Coming in at number 7 now we have Henrik Harlaut. This one comes from the 2014 winter Olympics
with swedish ski slopestyler Henrik Harlaut. Its a very fast paced event that sends the
skiers flying into the air – this time though, it sent some of Henriks clothes flying off
too. As you can see from these pictures – as he
came down from a jump, so did his trousers. By the time he hit the snow, his underwear
was fully on display. I know right, mental. Underwear. In this day and age? Scandalous. Coming in at number 6 we have Yura Min. This one comes from the 2018 winter olympics
figure skating event. Yura Min from South Korea had a great performance
that was hampered slightly by her red dress refusing to stay in place and almost fell
off at one point. Despite this – commentators praised her ability
to hold it together, quite literally at times. Yura took to Instgram afterwards to say ‘Despite
the wardrobe malfunction, I had an amazing time competing in my home country!’ – a
happy end to a wardrobe malfunction. Something we can all remember. Next up at number 5 we have URANTSETSEG MUNKHBAT. Shes a judo athlete from Mongolia. Judo is a very physical sport, theres a lot
of grappling and pulling so occasionally – something like this does happen. Yes. Its a nipple. Some people cared. Some people wrote news stories about. Eventually everyone calmed down and forgot
about it. At least until today, I guess. At the number 4 spot now we have Olga Graf. At the 2014 Winter Olympics, Russian speed
skater Olga Graf had just won bronze in the 3000m event. Its a tiring event, you probably get quite
hot, so Olga naturally did this. CLIP. Now, she seemed embarrassed there and quickly
zipped her suit back up – personally, I don’t see anything wrong with that. Shes an athlete who just competed in an intense
event, who cares if she unzips here suit? The media labelled it an Olympic Wardrobe
Malfunction though so – here it is in the video. Quality stuff. Moving on to number 3 we have Christina Tsoukala. In 2008, this Greek water polo athlete had
a wardrobe malfunction that exposed one of her breasts. Everyone went crazy about it. I really don’t have anything more to say about
this one. She had a nipple slip. Errr. Greece also came last in tournament. Those two things are unrelated though. At number 2 we have Nebiat Habtemariam. This is another nipple slip – it wasnt even
at the olympics – it happened during the 1997 world championships as she was running the
5000m event. She was exhausted and tired and her nipple
came out. Queue mass hysteria. More interestingly, shes from the African
nation of Eritrea – they have a very cool flag and im ashamed to say Id never heard
of it till now. Im sorry. Moving on to number 1 now we have Gabriella
Papadakis. This one comes from the 2018 winter olympics
so a more recent one than a lot on our list. Shes one half of the French figure skating
duo. They came 2nd in their event but a lot of
people talked about, you guessed it, the wardrobe malfunction. One of her breasts slipped out on live TV
during her routine – NBC edited it out in all their rebroadcasts. Yeah. Well there you go – fascinating stuff all
round. How much has this video affected your life? Let me know in the comments section – my name
is Danny Burke, thanks for watching guys and Ill see you all in the next video.

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