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Top 10 Reasons NOT to move to Charlotte, North Carolina. It’s not terrible.

Top 10 Reasons NOT to move to Charlotte, North Carolina. It’s not terrible.

what is going on everyone how about we
talk about the Queen City Charlotte North Carolina Charlotte is called the
Queen City because it’s named after King George the Third’s wife Queen Charlotte
that’s King George the third is his name she’s not like his third wife I think
she was his only wife anyway Queen Charlotte died 200 years ago this last
November 2018 and we’re still talking about her that woman must have been
amazing I read an interesting stat about North Carolina it stated that 60% of
high schoolers did not run the south don’t realize North Carolina is a
southern state I guess if you’ve never had a geography class looked at a map or
used your brain for anything other than Instagram or snapchat this is
understandable and stop typing you’ll just embarrass yourself yes it does have
the word North in it but it’s still a southern state google it if you have to
Charlotte is a major city and commercial hub for North Carolina it is home to
almost 750,000 southerners currently they have a lot of people moving into
Charlotte and for a lot of good reasons but Charlotte isn’t for everyone
if you’re thinking about moving to the Queen City you should watch my top ten
reasons not to move to Charlotte North Carolina number 10 a growing population
Charlotte is an ever growing City about 60 new residents move in every single
day and 38 out of those 60 the first thing they say is hold on a second this
is a southern city because of those 60 new residents the city will get
overcrowded really fast if the trend continues it’s estimated that there will
be an extra 1.8 million residents in the city by 2050 that’s not too far away
it’s like 30 years from now the good news is their suburbs are kind of
lightly populated a lot of single houses on half acres of land so they got a
little room to grow the thing is do they want to number-9 crime crime in
charlotte keeps getting worse by 1 percent every single year there’s an
average of 12 crimes per 100,000 residents with an overall crime rate
that 63% higher than the national average well you’re in the city you have
a 1 in 23 chance of being involved in a crime the thing is this charlotte has
some poverty-stricken neighborhoods and with that you get some crime so let me
help you out if you see a place that is really cheap rent make sure it’s
not in one of these neighborhoods our Bergland Westover Hills or Pine Crest
your life isn’t worth cheap rent number eight the job market it’s never a good
plan to move to a new city without nailing down a job first you really need
to obtain a job before moving to the Queen City trust me on that one the
unemployment rate is three point six percent as of December 2018 now that is
not terrible and I get it that’s until you look at the unskilled worker rate
which is far worse at seven percent this place has all the fast food and retail
workers it needs in Charlotte it’s a good idea to have some math or medical
skills some of the major employers include Wells Fargo Bank of America
Carolina’s health system no bat health incorporated and of course finance
company Vanguard the city is very much a finance in health care town and stop
typing they have other companies besides the ones I mentioned but it’s an eight
to ten minute video I don’t have time to list all of them I always get that in
the comments section so e something like you forgot Chuck’s vegan steakhouse it’s
the largest vegan Steakhouse in the country don’t get it number seven NASCAR
nothing says southern state more than NASCAR Charlotte is home to one of the
main headquarters which leads to almost every resident being into the sport if
you’re moving to Charlotte and you aren’t already a NASCAR fan you should
brush up on the topic before your neighbor corners you for an hour-long
history lesson on NASCAR and if they have a big flag in the front house
that’s black with the number three on it don’t say anything stupid about that
flag treat it like a religious symbol I kid you not
now this one’s one of those ones that really it’s not something that would
stop you from moving there it’s just be forewarned about this one number six bad history Charlotte has a
history of having bad history if that can be a thing besides the more current
history where they’re newly elected mayor back in 2013 was arrested on
corruption charges three months after being sworn in which is always a feather
in Charlotte’s cap to a smallpox outbreak back when the first Europeans
showed up the Catawba Native Americans are the first tribe known to have
settled in the Charlotte area by 1759 half of the tribe was gone from smallpox
brought over by the Europeans while their population had once been about
10,000 by 1826 they’re popular drop to 110 thanks for the blanket number 5 no mountains no ocean more and
more people want to spend time in nature I got bad news for the outdoorsy
transplant residents to Charlotte Charlotte isn’t necessarily close to any
mountains or beaches the nearest mountains are the Smoky Mountains about
3 and a half hours west of the city while the nearest Ocean Beach is about 4
hours east and that’s not good for people that like to get in a quick hike
on the weekends if you move here from Denver or let’s say Portland keep this
in mind and be mentally prepared nobody wants to see a hipster crying on the
side of a very flat hiking trail number 4 traffic traffic I know I get it it’s
on all these lists about major cities stop typing but traffic in Charlotte
will only seem horrible if you’ve never really experienced bad traffic before
rush hour is of course the worst but nowhere near places like New York City
Los Angeles San Francisco and Boston but it’s getting bad for example driving
from the middle of the city to the neighboring city of Matthews which is
only a 12 mile commute will take you about 45 minutes during rush hour that
was a 30 minute drive I’m told ten years ago this kind of points back to the
population thing either either it will get worse than they’ll do nothing about
it or they will do something about it and it’ll still get bad for about five
years because they’re doing all kinds of construction it’s like a no-win well it
is a wind but damned if you do damned if you don’t number three it’s on it
the first Europeans came to Charlotte in 1755 and it became incorporated in 1768
in other words the city’s old which of course that means it’s haunted some
places that are said to be haunted include the Kennedy barn grill lot of
plantation and the Carolina theater now if you’re into that type of thing you
know who you are you’ve read all the Stephen King books you dream about
having Halloween on Christmas and you tell all your friends that a psychic
once told you you were the Salem witch trials in a past life you know what is
the deal with that why do these people always have such exciting past lives
you never hear something like well I guess I was a horse breeder in the 1700s
and I died when a horse decided to try and breed with me I always wondered why
is afraid of horses you know it’s always the exciting stuff nothing like some
dude that got killed by his horse yeah but so Charlotte’s haunted number-two
weather no one moves to Charlotte for the weather and there’s reasons for that
in the winter months temperatures get about freezing but rarely drop below 20
in the summers it’s hot humid and temperatures are usually in the 90s it’s
generally cloudy and sticky year-round the heat and humidity should shock
nobody that knows about the south and in case you missed it earlier and you’re a
millennial North Carolina is in the south and the final blow to your plans
to moving to Charlotte should be the Hurricanes they’ve gotten some really
bad ones over the years they’ve even named their NHL team the Hurricanes and
number one schools there’s about 126 public schools and 58 private schools in
the City of Charlotte the average test scores here about 11% lower than the
national average while 82 percent of residents have graduated high school
only about 40% go on to graduate from a four-year college that’s a really low
number for an area with a crap ton of financial jobs like I said they got all
the fast-food workers they need not that there’s anything wrong with fast food I
did fast food once for like four hours I just wanted to mark it off my bucket
list now if I could find a cheerleader with a Freddy Krueger mask I can get
that one done but hey that’s just me but yeah the schools there they’re not too
good in Charlotte you’d expect them to be a little better with the type of jobs
they have to offer there all right so that’s my top ten reasons not to move to
Charlotte I hope you guys enjoyed it hope you got some information out of it
as always all in all Charlotte is not a terrible place to live these are just
some things you should keep in mind before you move there they got good
people it’s an exciting city a great new music scene but hey it’s got its knocks
just like every other place everybody have a great day be nice to each other

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons NOT to move to Charlotte, North Carolina. It’s not terrible.”

  1. Bro you don't know anything

    *Charlotte is way more safe than you said
    *Charlotte has 817k people living there.
    *don't guess the facts

  2. If you think Charlotte is bad come on over to Wilmington. You could not do a top 10 in Wilmington, it would have to be a top 20+.

  3. Charlotte doesn’t really get hurricanes, but the weather here is still trash. We’ve got two seasons: REALLY HOT and COLD

    And if you want to avoid crime…LIVE IN SOUTH CHARLOTTE

  4. I loved Charlotte and I’m a California girl. I did live by Lake Wylie neighborhood was beautiful had to move back home but soooo wAnt to move back.

  5. Would make more sense if you used pics FROM Charlotte….one of them was the Bellamy Mansion in Wilmington, NC. And, hunty, we aren't 3 hours from the Smokies….it's like a little over an hour to Boone if you know how to go the right way. Agree on the overpopulation, job, and safe living tho. I live on the outskirts of Charlotte and I love it so far. Not sure what Native Americans getting smallpox has to do with anything; that happened completely unintentionally, like no settlers came to America LOOKING to infect the local Native Americans. I was thinking you were going to talk about the Civil War, but that's also a "big thing" in the South in general, sooooo……and I think most people would see a city being "haunted" as a PLUS!!! Paranormal tourism is good money!

  6. Honestly DON’T move to Charlotte. I’m tired of everyone moving to my Charlotte it’s getting more populated. It was nicer when it was normal.

  7. Some very sound advice for new-comers all you have to do is spend a little time here and you won't be able to miss the southern in North Carolina. Jobs pay little but the cost of living can be affordable and comfortable if you make at least 35k a year net.

  8. I always wonder if the people who make videos like this have ever spent more than a week in the town they blast .

  9. Hurricanes aren’t actually that bad haven’t had one in years and schools aren’t just bad try very bad

  10. This is pretty inaccurate. Charlotte isn't overcrowded, not everyone is into NASCAR, the traffic really isn't that bad, the mountains and the ocean are both just a few hours away if not closer (Crowders, Myrtle), the city being haunted is awesome (the hauntedCarolina Theater is in Greensboro though), EVERYONE moves to Charlotte for the weather, seriously, most people here are from NY or Ohio, and they all say they move here for the weather, which is usually sunny, pleasant, hot and sticky for like a month or two but nothing on Florida, and it gets really cold for about a month, and we get one snow a year, if that.
    I've lived in Greensboro, Boston, Colorado Springs, and Charlotte, and by far Charlotte is the best place I've ever lived. Great weather, nice people, always something to do, near the beach and the mountains, lots of people from everywhere to meet, safe, clean, and generally happy. Rent is a little high for what southerners are used to, and 77 can get a little clogged up, I've heard some negative things about the schools but I don't have kids so doesn't affect me, and there are a few rough neighborhoods, but overall, 9/10.

  11. Charlotte, like most of southern cities blows dongers (haaaard)… only good thing is cost of living being dirt cheap

  12. I've lived in NC all my life in cities and small towns and Charlotte was the worst, traffic, crime, noise, sirens all night, rude people, hated it so much I moved back to small town, on the plus side lots of restaurants and entertainment but wouldn't want to live there

  13. Hurricanes play in Raleigh and the weather here is actually pretty good. But you're spot on about the overpopulation and traffic.

  14. I live in Charlotte and have been all over the country. This guy needs to stop. Every city has traffic. The mountains is only an hour away and the beach in only 3 hours away. It's still one of the cleanest cities as well as the people are very neighborly. I love the weather here and as well as hurricanes. Man stop. Check your facts. Other than Hugo, what other hurricane damaged this city ? Seems this info comes from a guy that don't live here. Every city has its issues.

  15. What the Hell dude?????? Have you ever visited Charlotte???? YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!!!! Don't be knocking a city without spending time in it. Oh and btw Charlotte ain't the only NASCAR city

  16. One thing I can say about the schools, they stink. If you're going to move to Charlotte be prepared to send your kids to a private school.

  17. Pinecrest isn't low income apartments false information it's an middle class neighborhood with decent size homes also abor glen isn't a bad neighborhood

  18. The Hurricanes are in Raleigh, numbnuts.

    You make a basic goof like this after you blow snark about kids not knowing North Carolina is in the south?

  19. Crowder's mountain and Kings Pennacle are 40 minutes from uptown Charlotte. Plenty of hiking and rock climbing. Overrun by visitors from Charlotte every day.

  20. Worst mistake I ever made moving there COMPLETELY RUINED MY LIFE!!!! NO MONEY TOO HOT NOT BRIGHT PEOPLE. I'm a Midwestern Northern chick and it was just unbearable. Beautiful looking City and lots of warmth. I finally ESCAPED THE HORNETS NEST!!!! IM GRATEFUL. Nice place to visit but not not not…. LIVE. Wish this video was out around in 2013 lol. Did I mention the city has NO MONEY!!!!!!

  21. Why did you show an artist's depiction of Vimy Ridge Monument in France? A monument to a Canadian Army victory has zero to do with Charlotte….

  22. I live in Charlotte and it’s not bad at all sure there is crime uptown sometimes but it’s nothing to be afraid about on the streets you don’t have to be worried of getting pick-pocketed also I’ve met no one in Charlotte who has followed nascar the nascar one should be about football if you were to change it out jobs are fine here there easy to get and it’s a lot less cheaper then actual major cities and we have a giant medical agency there is so many hospitals and clinics and center I have no idea what your talking about ?

  23. I moved here from NYC. 80% of what you stated in incorrect. Charlotte is beautiful and easy going. Would never move back to the north.

  24. You're doing the most……

    Not sure when you've been here but I've been here for 7 years and I love it! Here's my list of why your list is full of…..

    The crime is EVERYWHERE!! It's not just Charlotte….. Now we can agree that there are a few neighborhoods that you shouldn't go at night unless you're bout that life! I'll feel safer walking through Charlotte streets than B-More, LA, or Detriot?? But again that's EVERYWHERE!!

    NASCAR: I actually work at the Hall of Fame and it's ACTUALLY the most visited attraction in the city for fans and non!!

    The jobs: Well dear….. It's the city for students and bankers. Majority of the jobs here are based around the students who attend JWU Johnson and Wales University. It's a school for culinary, hospitality, and the arts. Majority of the businesses here hire the students who started off as interns, before someone from the outside has a chance to get through the doors. As a corporation….. It's much easier to hire a student and pay them the bare minimum vs a person who's 30 & up with an impressive background that your corporation would have to dig deep in their CEO pockets too be able to afford them.

    You say it's still a Southern state…… Ride down to SC and back….. You can INSTANTLY tell/feel the difference….

    TRAFFIC: Well you do have a point…. I-77 is the worst no matter what time or day, but you have to keep in mind that majority of the people down "South" commute back and forth! But if the QC, is so bad, then please explain why it's one of the most visited cities?????

    The weather…….. Don't move during the summer……. But what hurricane you know of that hit Charlotte?? I'll wait…..

  25. I make good money but I'm single and can't afford to live in a good neighborhood in Charlotte. Moved just outside to Concord. Charlotte is overpriced.

  26. You actually have no clue about these cities. You make insulting jokes which are awful lmao; You’re dumb as hell, there’s crowders which is an hour max. There’s no hurricanes in Charlotte.. nascar isn’t even prominent like that among the higher percentage of Charlotte residents. I guarantee you a majority of the people going to the races are coming from SC.

  27. This guy doesn’t really do good research because i can name a whole other list of why not to move to CLT but aye who am i to judge know it all’s ?

  28. I lived in Charlotte for 3 years, but moved out in 1981, due to crime. It filled me with a resolve to live in rural, not urban America. Charlotte was half the population of today.

  29. Lived in Charlotte since May of 79, the 80’s and early 90’s were its prime.

    Housing is getting very expensive, our 2400 square foot house on half an acre was built for $47k in 1956, in 1979 we purchased it for $93k, in 2018 it was valued at $780k. We are 5 miles from downtown in one of the best zip codes just two miles from the high end mall.

    Developers are building only million plus homes around us, buying up one house lots and building two homes twice the size ruining neighborhoods, rents average over $1200 a month for a one bedroom and as high as $9k a month for high end one bedrooms. People who make less than $50k a year are forced to drive in from as far as 30 miles or more or work 2 jobs and be married.

    Charlotte planners allow building to no end but have spent very little to widen roads or improve utilities until it is too late.

    People don’t live near to where they work, they look for good schools and drive across town to work, people who live in Mooresville work in South Charlotte, those living in Gastonia work in Concord, you used to be able to cross the city in any direction in about 20 min now it can be longer than 90 min at times.

    If you live close to downtown there are fewer choices for shopping, all the chains are moving out to the ring road I-485 and further, there are choices close in but far fewer than in the 80’s.

    We live near a small shopping center that just 10 years ago still had half of its parking lot empty on any given day, today it’s about 85% full most of the day. You feel choked out and our green canopy of oak trees are falling everywhere, Charlotte has lost about 30% of its trees and that has made it a hotter place during the summer.

    Our pool hit 95 degrees two weeks ago a new record, last three years we have see 90 days of temps above 90 degrees and dew points in the low to mid 70’s it oppressive. In the 80’s we averaged mid 80’s with few points in the 60’s, of course there were 90’s and even a day or two of 100’s but way more comfortable. Winters we had up to 20”’a of snow but not in the last 11 years, we have no spring or fall only a week or two and winter barely got into a day or two of 30’s .this year.

    I believe I will be moving away in a few years, Charlotte is getting out of hand

  30. Commie government, headed toward breaking the record for murders this year, the only solution to any problem faced by the government is raising taxes, roads do suck, population has exploded over 20 years almost no road improvement in same time, school system sucks, ship poor inner city kids to neighboring towns to cover up the lack of good schools in poor areas , can’t get a school superintendent to last more than 2 years, nothing is done to help these poor areas but government has never met a big corporation or billionaire that they didn’t trip over themselves to throw tax dollars. Over priced housing and the only solution is government run projects while they jack up the property taxes and valuations making it just that much more unaffordable. Hepatitis, AIDS and STD’s are at epidemic levels, SJW sheriff turns the criminals out of the jail ( only 1/2 capacity) and spends department resources on setting speed traps in wealthy neighborhoods.

  31. Firstly, fall in Charlotte…theres not a better city to be in during it. Golden leaves and golden weather. Secondly, theres at least 5 lakes within an hour drive of Charlotte, and even a mountain range (Uwharries). So that's not true..also Charlotte has the Latin School and Catholic School, which are internationally acclaimed (however…private). And the beach is only 3 and half hours away…because funny enough, Charleston and its associated beach towns are actually quicker to get to than Wilmington and Outer Banks.

  32. Lamest video ever. You must really be bored and your attempt at humor is nauseating.. lived in Charlotte all my life.. while miniscule observations like traffic problems we're true the rest of your commentary was I am amateurish at best. I bet where you live sucks

  33. Cost of living is kinda high but not nearly as bad. I mean a 2 story home with 4 beds and 2 baths for $1600 really isnt THT bad. The houses here are nice with lots of rooms and the condos around here are about $1200 for 2 and 3 beds 2 story houses where I live. Close to walmart and schools and work so no long commute ??‍♀️ I live on the south west side and that’s just what ive seen since Ive been here. Its quiet and safe where I am from what Ive noticed. I would say the main reason are the drivers. They speed crazy and ride your tail AND they dont stop at stop signs! I have been hit almost 4 times bc a person refuses to stop at a stop sign. A person in my neighborhood car just got totaled bc someone was speeding ran the stop sign and hit them.

  34. To the person who put this list together… you are an idiot! Much of the information and conjecture in your comments is simply false. Please do not move to our amazing and beautiful city! Peace…

  35. Charlotte was a Great place before the Yankees and they're bullshit came here.
    Bank of America and its Rich Garbage changed it forever..

  36. Charlotte NC Infrastructure needs to improve…. 1. Have their Light Rail stop at their Airport….and other main locations. They need at least 3 more rail lines.
    2. Other Infrastructure

  37. The best advice i can give you if you planning on moving down here is make your money and go home stay out the streets and dont trust nobody

  38. Well I’m a True Charlottare im 37years old been here my whole life I’m ready for a New Beginning….. trying to take my life to next level……Let’s say Calabasas, California!! Now that’s some where to move to!!!!

  39. Yeah … good try. We have a great city. What you missed was the unbelievably expensive real estate market. $1.M doesn’t buy much. For real.

  40. Charlotte is a Detroit in the making. It is run by the socialist. Welfare is huge part of the economy. The police force is corrupt. The road system is shit. Not a place for a family no matter how you slice it.

  41. I live in Charlotte. It is a fantastic city. Friendly clean and lots of opportunity. You are an idiot with your lists and do not do a damn thing

  42. This just goes to show you that any idiot can make a YouTube channel and spout off about things that he knows nothing about

  43. Muthrrfuckers can’t drive, doing dumb shit and texting while driving and eventually missing the light, passing on the right which is illegal, waiting to merge to the farthest lane so I have to wait and sit there until your dumbass is comfortable to move, rush (hours) start at 1 3 and 5 pm simply put you guys cannot drive at all !!!!

  44. Charlotte is a very cool place and it's nice I've lived a few places and I will say Charlotte isnt a bad scary place. They kept the city clean and it's a nice place. I cant say anything bad about Charlotte. I'd tell anyone to move to Charlotte. The weather is all over but Charlotte is a great city.

  45. Find this video pretty dumb and none of the reasons mentioned here sounds convincing. Weather is awesome, traffic is tolerable, city life and many other things about Charlotte is great! This dude definately need to target some other place. Some suggestion make video for Pakistan or afganistan

  46. I just moved to Charlotte NC in January and I love it! The city has its issues just as any other major city BUT its a fairly clean and we'll maintained city! The people are super nice for the most part. Its also close to Beaches and mountains !

  47. It’s not the schools in Charlotte as the students in the way their parents have taught them they never taught their children to respect anyone that being said this list is pretty ridiculous

  48. Charlotte is beautiful clean& very mulitcultural…My second home away from Charleston, SC…WARNING THO STAY AWAY FROM WESTSIDE….WEST BLVD FREEDOM ETC & BEATTIES FORD RD

  49. He's a young white dude from Oregon, so let's please take his word with a grain of salt…LOL….Heck he didn't even mention why the capital was moved from there to Raleigh, which is the most commonly known fact about NC history.

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