Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Floyd Mayweather Jr! (Boxing)

Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. was born on February
24, 1977 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. EverythingTop10 is proud to present, “The
Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Floyd Mayweather!” #10. Mayweather was born into a family of boxers. His father, Floyd Mayweather Sr., was a former
welterweight contender who fought Hall of Famer Sugar Ray Leonard. His uncles (Jeff Mayweather and Roger Mayweather)
were professional boxers, with Roger–Floyd’s former trainer–winning two world championships,
fought Hall of Famers Julio César Chávez, Pernell Whitaker, and Kostya Tszyu. #9. He was born with his mother’s last name,
Sinclair, but his last name would change to Mayweather shortly thereafter. He was only one year old when his father,
while holding him in his arms, was shot in the leg by his mother’s brother. The shotgun blast took a chunk off Mayweather
Sr.’s calf and led to the end of his boxing career. #8. Mayweather’s grandmother was the first person
to see his potential when he was young. He said, “I told her, ‘I think I should
get a job.’ She said, ‘No just keep boxing’.” #7. He said, “When I was about eight or nine,
I lived in New Jersey with my mother and we were seven deep in one bedroom and sometimes
we didn’t have electricity.” It was not uncommon for young Mayweather to
come home from school and find used heroin needles in his front yard. His mother was addicted to drugs, and he had
an aunt who died from AIDS because of her drug use. #6. Mayweather attended Ottawa Hills High School
before he dropped out. He said, “I knew that I was going to have
to try to take care of my mom and I made the decision that school wasn’t that important
at the time and I was going to have to box to earn a living.” #5. He had an amateur record of 84-8, and he won
national Golden Gloves championships in 1993, 1994, and 1996. He was nicknamed “Pretty Boy” by his amateur
teammates because he had relatively few scars, a result of the defensive techniques that
his father and uncle (Roger Mayweather) had taught him. #4. At the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Mayweather
won a bronze medal by reaching the semi-finals of the featherweight division. In his semifinal bout against eventual silver
medalist Serafim Todorov of Bulgaria, Mayweather lost by a controversial decision. The referee, Hamad Hafaz Shouman of Egypt
mistakenly raised Mayweather’s hand (thinking he had won), while the decision was announced
giving the bout to the Bulgarian. U.S. team manager Gerald Smith said Mayweather
landed punches that were not counted, while Todorov was awarded points without landing
a punch. #3. In one of the more definitive and memorable
fights of his career, he fought the hard-hitting, former IBF super-featherweight champion Diego
Corrales. Before the fight was announced, Mayweather
had stated that he wanted to fight Corrales, who was facing jail time for allegedly beating
his pregnant wife. He said, “I want Diego because I’m doing
it for all the battered women across America. Just like he had beat that woman, I’m going
to beat him.” In the bout, Mayweather won every round and
knocked down Corrales five times. After the fifth knockdown, Corrales’s cornermen
climbed onto the apron and stopped the fight. #2. In 2004, Mayweather was given a one-year suspended
jail sentence, ordered to undergo counseling for “impulse control”, and pay a $1,000
fine (or perform 100 hours of community service) after being convicted of two counts of misdemeanor
battery against two women. #1. On September 9, 2010, it was reported that
he was being sought by police for questioning after his former girlfriend, Josie Harris,
filed a domestic battery report against him. He was initially charged with felony theft
(stemming from the disappearance of Harris’s cell phone); on September 16, two felony coercion
charges, one felony robbery charge, one misdemeanor domestic-battery charge, and three misdemeanor
harassment charges were added. On December 21, 2011, a judge sentenced Mayweather
to serve 90 days in the county jail for battery upon Harris in September 2010. Mayweather reached a deal with prosecutors
in which he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery in exchange for prosecutors dropping
the felony battery charge. He also pleaded no contest to two counts of
misdemeanor harassment, stemming from threats to his children. In addition to the 90-day sentence, he was
ordered to complete 100 hours of community service, a 12-month domestic-violence program,
and he had to pay a fine of $2500. On June 1, 2012, he began serving his county
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