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Top 5 Basketball Crossover Combo Moves To Destroy Defenders!

Top 5 Basketball Crossover Combo Moves To Destroy Defenders!

– Hey what’s up, y’all? Coach Rock here, the official trainer for I Love Basketball TV. Today I’m going to be showing you five killer crossover combos that are gonna make you
destroy your defense, break ankles, all that good stuff. Let’s get right into it. Alright, now these five moves
I’m going to show you today, some are going to be a little
more complicated than others. They all are gonna work,
they’re all legal moves that you can use in real games. Some you may want to second guess, I wouldn’t pull some of them out unless you have to, or unless you can, or unless your coach won’t say anything, but when you’re outside with your friends, when you’re in open gyms and stuff, definitely a good time to
practice some of these moves. Again, they’re gonna be
quick, compactful moves. We’re not gonna be doing
a whole bunch of dribbles to set it up. These are combo moves, it’s a quick cross, combo, or quick hesitation, cross, combo. All these moves you can use in real games to really start destroying defenders, to get people kind of scared to guard you. Once you start doing moves like these, the defense, they’re gonna
be scared to guard you, they’re gonna back off you, and it’s just gonna give
you that kind of instant respect on the court that
you’ve been looking for. Alright, now the first
move we’re getting into is the crossover shamgod combo. So how this is going to work, you have to get the
Iverson crossover down, which is simple, I’ve kind of gone over it a
hundred times on the channel, but it’s, cross here, alright? So it’s cross, Iverson crossover, boom, and then we’re dropping that shamgod right off of it. So it’s here, you get your
defender going that way, then we’re coming that way with the ball. You’ll be able to use this move, get your defender off guard, he don’t know which
direction you’re going. It’s a great change of direction move, change of speed move,
where you’re here, here, and then you’re going that way. You can pull up, you
can finish with layups, a lot of different
finishes you can do here. Alright, so again I could cross here, hit the fake shamgod, similar to Isaiah Thomas hesitation. Then that sets you up for the move,
where you’re here, pull back get into the shot. Alright, the next move
we’re going to get into, is kind of like the drop
cross that we go over, kind of like all the NBA
players do in transition, they’re going harsh,
and drop there, finish. But this time we’re going
to add the cross to that. Now when I say cross you can add a drop between the legs, that’s my favorite one, but you can add a drop cross, or you can add a drop behind the back. All of them are good moves to add. But we’re just talking
about, I showed you one. So now Coach Josh, he’s the trailer D, I mean he’s the defense,
trying to get back first, again, to set this move up, you have to know how to do that drop cross. And then from there, we can add the combos, so we can be here, here. We hit that move. Again, all these moves work the same, they’re all crossover variations. When I say crossover, when
I say bounce cross combo, I’m not necessarily saying crossover, I’m saying just kind of cross directions. Alright, the next move
we’re going to get into is the Iverson crossover, and then the between the
legs back really quick. So again we’re implementing
the Iverson crossover that we did from the first move, but this time we’re
hitting him with the cross, and then we’re quickly
changing directions. So a lot of times, when
you hit the cross, guys, or you cross them over, so they’re trying their
hardest to get back in front of you. Now when you hit that
cross and then you shift right back here, it kind of leaves them without many options. So, again, I’m going to use
Coach Josh to demonstrate. Let’s say the first time I just hit him with the cross, and
then I get into my shot. So now he’s like, alright, if he hits me with a cross,
I gotta bounce back quick, so this time I’ll hit him with the cross, and then, get into that
move, get into that shot. Alright, so again we’re
here, hit him with the cross, get into the shot. Now, that gives us the ability
here, for cross, cross, you can even add that stepback in, or if he didn’t recover well, I could have just went
by him for the finish. A lot of different things
you can do off of this combo. Alright, the next move
we have is kind of a hop, crossover combo. Coach Josh actually showed me this move, so I’m going to let him
break it down for you, he’s gonna explain, and
I’m going to be showing you the move with him. – Alright, so this move right here is pretty similar to
the Iverson crossover. I just kind of exaggerate
a lot of the body movements because it will keep your
defender jumping and guessing. It’s real fancy, I love it, it’s been my go to move ever since, so, initially a lot of guys, when
you do the Iverson, of course you get the hard head fake, the body goes, or if you’re going to just
do a simple hesitation, you scissor and blow by. Well, for this move, I
started off by leaning my body to the opposite direction of the cross. So I’ll slightly lean, and as I’m leaning, I’ll go into the cross. So the defender’s following me, but then he sees the ball, so he doesn’t know whether
to jump that way or this way, and so I’m going, and then
I come back with the cross, and it’s either gonna
leave him there frozen, or you can do a couple
counters there, so again, it’s just like the
Iverson cross like that, but you’re going to lead with
already leaning your body before you get into the
cross, very similar, very easy, like I said, just
lead with your body first. It’s kind of like, a hop into it, so you’re hoping, and then
you’re bringing it over, it’s gonna snatch the defender every time. Coach Rock’s gonna play defense, and I’m going to show you how you can set this up
really well, because again the defender’s guarding you, and you hit him with a simple hesitation. He’s gonna follow that. After you hit him with the hesitation, he’s gonna want to (speaks softly) that, so when you’re coming at
him with the same move, he’s gonna jump hard, you hit him with a hard cross. Now, if he recovers well,
like Coach Rock can, and he is quick, you’ll come in, you’ll set it up, you’ll hit him with the cross, and Coach Rock is right here. Immediately after the
cross you can pull back, set up for a jump shot, step back into the jump shot. So first you can set
him up with the cross, get him yanked, take it all the way, or, now he got your body movement, he kind of feels that
move, you can set him up, and come back with the real hard step back and get into your shot. You got him with the first move, now it’s set up, he sees the cross again, and you can hit him with
the pullback real hard to get into your shot, keep going, (speaks softly) follow,
pullback, right into your shot. The last move we’re going to get into is pretty advanced, that’s
why I saved it for last. What we’re going to do here, this is one of my favorite moves to do, it looks good, it looks cool, it’s also very hard to guard, and a lot of people won’t be expecting you to pull it off. So we’re here, again we’re using that drop cross, you can see we’re kind of
using the same set up moves. You don’t need a vast
arsenal of a million moves. You have a few good moves,
and then you have counters to those moves, making them combos, and you become really difficult to guard. The reason we want to use
some of the same set ups, is because they all look similar. So when we pull off these counters, the defenders don’t know how to stop it, because they’re thinking
we’re doing other moves. So the last move, drop cross again, but I’m spinning. That’s the set up. Now, once I do that one time, the defender’s gonna be watching for it, so what I’m doing here, is I’m spinning, he covers, then I’m
quickly whipping the ball behind my back. So I do it slow one more time. We’re here, spinning, behind the back, just like that. Alright, first we have the set up, here, spinning, finishing with the layup. Now, we’re going to add, again, this is a transition move, so this time we’re adding here, here, then behind the back. So we’re here, boom, behind the back, finish. I hope you enjoyed today’s video, I hope it helped you out. Today’s video should really help you start scoring
the basketball more, become a bigger threat on the court. I have a brand new free
instant shooter guide that’s gonna help you start
scoring even more points, and become a consistent
shooter on the court, so you can use what you learned today and become even more effective. All you have to do is
click that first link in the description, it’s gonna take you to
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then I’m going to send you over an email with
that guide in it for you, absolutely free. As always, if you enjoyed the video, hit that thumbs up, like it for me. Comment below, let me know
what else you want to see, and as always, do not forget
to subscribe to our channel, I Love Basketball TV, we’re
gonna keep these videos coming.

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