Top 5 Basketball Video Games EVER!!!!

Yo yo yo, whats good game world? Welcome to
another urban game play video, where I’m gonna be revealing the greatest basketball games
that I have ever played over the past 20 years or so. As you can imagine, there has been
so many basketball games released over the past twenty years, so in order to produce
a varied or a diverse list, I have only selected one game from a franchise that has
multiple title releases. I’m going to keep it real I’m a massive fan of arcade style
basketball games rather than a simulated version of a basketball game, so I know this list
has definitely gonna annoy a few hardcore basketball fan gamers out there, but hey,
as always, this is my list, so if you don’t agree with what I’ve put here, feel free
to place your list in the comments below and we can definitely debate over all of them.
All in all the five basketball games that I have chosen are solid games that I’ve had
the most fun playing over the years and believe me when I say the great memories that these
games have attached to them are phenomenal. Anyway no time for more talking, let’s gets
to it and lets reveal what I consider my top 5 basket ball games of all time. Claiming
the number 5 position is College Hoops 2K8 this is a really cool basketball game, some
would argue that NCAA basket ball ten is way better in terms of graphics, but I feel that
the game play of College Hoops 2K8 is so solid in comparison and that is why they stole my
number 5 position, the game is quite difficult to master but it is well rewarding and if
you love any form of College Basketball games then you would absolutely be a major fan of this
game, it’s a real cool title and is definitely one of my favorite basket ball games of all
time. Claiming position number 4, is NBA Live 2000, NBA Live 2000 is still one of my
favourite from the NBA Live series, EA did a phenomenal job with this game, looking back
at the graphics today, it isn’t the best but, trust me, back in the days when this game
was released it was arguably one of the finest graphics you will ever witness for a basketball
game, especially on the PS1, the N64 version of it was probably a little bit better in
my opinion, but trust me either way, whatever console that you have this game on you still
had hours of fun with so many modes to keep you occupied for so long the longevity
of this game was remarkable, one of my favorite features was the Micheal Jordan Challenge,
and trust me, this game will forever live with me. Probably one of the classic EA games of all time. Taking the number 3 position is NBA 2k11. NBA 2k11 is still one of the finest and definitely one of my favorite NBA 2k games to date. This game had so many exceptional features to it, and trust me the expectations of this game before it was released was remarkable
and when it came out, it definitely exceeded all the expectation that was asked of this
game. It was a steep learning curve and I’m not gonna lie, I struggled trying to get
the master of this game, but after you’ve actually mastered all the moves possible,
this was definitely one of the most fun basketball games you kinda played of recent time. I think
the concept of bringing Micheal Jordan back in was so amazing and the Jordan Challenge
was really cool, all in all this was a massive basketball game and one for the history books.
In at number 2, NBA Jam, it will be so impossible for me to have a basketball game list and
not mention NBA Jam in my top 5. NBA Jam is certainly one of the first basketball games
that I have ever played. There’s been so many variations of NBA Jam that have been released
over the pat few years on multiple consoles even on the 360, there was one that was released
a couple of years ago. For me the original was definitely the best. I remember me and
my cousin used to rinse this game continuously back on the Sega MegaDrive, back in the days
and the fond memories of this game was just remarkable. Anyone who experienced playing
this game back in 1993, whether it was on the SuperNintendo or on the Sega MegaDrive,
would be able to relate to everything I say about this game. This game is definitely a
top pick for all true basketball fans out there with all the epic phrases like “Boom
Shakalaka, He’s on fire, or He put up a brick” was just mesmerizing to hear back in the days,
some retro gamers would argue that this should be at number 1 and in some cases it might
be even difficult to argue against that, one thing for sure is that this is an all time
classic. Taking my number 1 position is NBA Street Vol. 2, without doubt, NBA Street Vol.
2 is definitely the greatest basketball game that I have ever played, as I said before,
I am more of a fan of the arcade style basketball game rather than the simulated style version
of a basketball game. And what I loved about NBA Street Vol. 2 was the basketball game
actually removed all the boring rules and just kept the gameplay flowing smoothly, trust
me the exceptional commentating you hear from DJ Cucumber Slice turned this game from a fantastic game to a phenomenal title, the soundtrack is another fantastic addition to the game, this is probably
one of the finest soundtracks that I’ve ever heard in any video game period, real old-school
hip hop tracks playing whilst you’re dunking a ball is nothing short of outstanding. Yo, when I first heard Pete Rocking CL Smooth they reminisce over you was the day when I
officially said, hands down, NBA Street Vol. 2 is the greatest basketball game that I’ve
ever played. This is certainly one game that will always be in my heart as one of my favorite
titles across all franchises of gaming, not just sports titles. This is definitely one
game that I’d also love to see a HD remake for as I don’t recall having this much fun
playing a basketball game since this game was released. EA released a couple of NBA
Streets games after NBA Streets Vol. 2, and I would still argue that this is definitely the best
out of the whole series of NBA street games in total. I would love to see a HD remake
of NBA Streets Vol. 2 released either on the Xbox one or PS4, but who knows what the future
holds. Anyway peeps, thanks for taking the time out to what my top 5 basketball games
of all time, if you like this video and want more exceptional gaming videos, please subscribe,
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time were, until next Urban Gameplay video, peace out.

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