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Top 5 Partner Stunts – Week 2

Top 5 Partner Stunts – Week 2

hey guys what’s up I hope you guys enjoyed week one of the top 5 partner stunts it’s time for week 2 so let’s dive right into it into the fifth place this part of some video was submitted by Cameron and you should check this out [Applause] that was awesome yeah be honest whenever we saw a girl doing a partner stunt we had to admit that the girl that she was throwing out there was pretty small not her hi Cameron she’s a beast she’s working with what she’s got and she is making it work and that’s fantastic fifth place I wish I could have went higher but keep up the good work that was awesome in the fourth place we have the man the myth the legend Bryce Miller this man was a little irritated last time that he wasn’t in the top five video so he made a little redemption video let’s check it out this video submission made fourth-placed because that was the first time he ever tried hand hands by the way a quick tip whenever you tried Punderson for the first time never ever it’s a habit for most guys but never ever catch it in a defensive position defensive for a guy is usually like this right where it’s kind of bent closed off and we’re like preparing for the impact never do that it’s like that happens in full rounds does that do that in a pull around or in a hand hand they go like this no offense Bryce but your form was a little kind of crunch like this you were afraid of it coming down whenever you go for a skill you go for it you go all the way in you reach all the way up and then catch it before it hits you before it gives you all that impact so then it’s easier to catch and then you’ll be surprised you’ll be able to catch more things than you ever thought before that’s a quick tip all right next spot is number three alright third spot is a judge like the court that slams his hammer around the table all right so check out this sequence [Music] awesome video man a little bit of walking around but not bad but judging at last week’s video of judging but judging by last week’s video compared to this one your full arounds were very good clean and consistent so that deserves third place as well alright in second place we have Michael and he cheers at Hawaii check this out that was two spins and one arm very very hard stunts and super clean he didn’t move at all it was very well done nice job Mike alright for our number one spot let’s see what it is it’s insane you have no idea what’s coming his name is Colin check it out [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] yeah I think yeah that just happened oh um hmm okay yeah yeah that really did just happen that okay so that’s cliff right let’s just break down what he just did basically it’s a cola hang ski two hands on one arm except he started on his left which is already weird but then he switched his hands and she stayed in that position in a handstand which is so incredibly hard for the girl but also very hard to get the timing right because she could slip her hand you know and it’s also very scary stuff let alone he popped through super nicely and and just as top it off he added a double up at the very end of it and it was perfect grip too and it’s so hard to get a good grip on a double up so that deserves the first place : super nice job incredible dude hey I hope you guys enjoyed this week make sure you stay tuned for next week week 3 you can always send in your submission whenever you want during the week all the ways it’s got to be in before Friday because I usually make the video on Saturday but if I get them all before Friday then I’m gonna just make it just I don’t have a lot of time so if you guys liked the video it would mean the world to me if you left a comment down below talking about what you liked about the video and if you liked it and you just want to leave a like that’s awesome too and if you feel obligated you can subscribe and then if you watch the videos each and every week thank you guys for watching the video peace out I still can’t get over that last one [Music] this is the part where we do really weird things just to end the video how’s it going guys

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