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Tornado Twist | Back-to-School Hairstyles

Tornado Twist | Back-to-School Hairstyles

(upbeat music) – Hey guys! It’s Mindy
from Cute Girls Hairstyles, with Camry. – Hi guys! And we’re going to show you
how to do the tornado twist. Woah! Now this hairstyle was
so inspired by a tornado, because down the back it
kind of loops almost like a tornado shape. But in reality, we saw it
on New York Fashion week for this upcoming Fall, so
you’re going to love it. If you love our videos, be sure to give us a thumbs up, and subscribe to our channel. And let’s go. Now you can see I’m
starting with her hair wet, this is a great wet hairstyle. I’ve also run a little
smoothing product through it, just to help keep the hair really slick. If you want to blow dry
your hair, you can do that, but it needs to be straight. Let me say this before I forget. I’ve also parted her hair in the middle, and I’ve sectioned one side off, so it’s directly divided in half. Now I’m going to go to the
front of the right side of her head, and I’m
going to pick up hair, and just begin twisting. And the key here is just
keeping everything really smooth as you’re moving back,
and twist it in tight. We want this to be a
really like very sleek look to her hair. So you can see I’m just
twisting and smoothing, twisting and smoothing. And in a minute, when I get
down just a little farther, I’m going to take the comb
and just comb out my ends, just so we keep everything really slicked. You can see I’m way above her ear on this section right here. I want that to be way above. I’m not following like
her hairline down lower with this twist, I want it to be up high. So again, just twist and smooth. Twist and smooth. When I get to the back,
still going to try to keep it up higher, continue adding hair. And you can see that I’m
almost like completely over the part line at this point, which is where I want to be, because when I turn the
hair in just a second, it’s naturally going to
drop the hair a little bit more into where we actually want it to be. Still picking up hair and adding it in. Little lumpies right there. Ok now I’m going to
begin shifting the hair, so I’m going to start turning
it at a downward angle, still picking up hair, twisting it in, and you can see what I did right there, so the hair kind of comes like this, and then it’s going to
have an abrupt turn, and almost go directly
straight down right here. Comb these ends out. And just to secure the hair for a second, I’m going to go back, and I want to make sure
this stays nice and tight, so I’m going to take some bobby pins, and you can do this along
the way too, if you want. If it’s easier to just
twist and then pin and then twist a little more and
pin, that’s fine too. I’m going to take my bobby pins, I’m just going to grab those edges, and go back upward on that, and that’s going to secure those twists. So I’m holding the bobby pin upside down, grabbing an edge of her
hair, and then taking it and reversing the bobby pin back up, so it’s just really tightening
that down on her head. Now I’m going to twist
this a little farther, and you can use a clip to
hold this for a second, or like Cam, I’m going
to just have her hang on to that end. Don’t pull on it though,
just hang on to it. And we’re going to do the exact same thing on the opposite side. (upbeat music) Ok, when you have both twists completed, you’re going to join them up, right at the bottom of the hair, and secure it with an elastic. Now I want this to be over-emphasized that they’re going to
be squeezed together, so I’m just going to gently take it, squeeze it a little bit, and then using hair pins, which are a little bit
different than bobby pins, I’m going to take them, tuck in each side, and then downward. It’s going to kind of
stitch the twist together. Do as many as you need to keep
that really tight looking. And then just for kicks and giggles, I’m going to take the ends
and just wrap a little hair around that elastic holder. so it makes it all pretty looking, and has a finished look to it. And there you have the tornado twist. Be sure to check out our latest two videos that you can find here, and show us some love by
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