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TOTAL ECLIPSE | Season 3 | Ep. 1: “Millwood Chronicles”

TOTAL ECLIPSE | Season 3 | Ep. 1: “Millwood Chronicles”

( music playing )– Cassie here. I’m–
– Hey, you. – ( static )
– Mr. Lane? As your new vice principal,
I’m requiring you to have an extracurricular
activity this year. Cassie:Previously
on “Total Eclipse”…
Or as I’m calling it,
a “thang.” You don’t have
to steal things from me – to get me
to hang out with you.
– So, is that a yes? If you weren’t
such a weirdo, girls might actually
give you half a chance. – Mind if I join you here?
– Yeah, that’s totally cool. – I really like you, and–
– I love you. Can you ask me
before you tell someone
I’ll do something? Did you really
not do anything
for Cassie’s birthday? – I’m breaking up with you.
– What?You told me
I had a good heart.
What the heck! My dad lost his job
a few months ago. We’ve lost $1,000 worth of
clothing to this shoplifter – over the last two months.
– Isn’t that when Kate started? – Gretchen, I swear I had
nothing to do with this.
– I’m letting you go. – I don’t think
you should turn yourself in.
– It’s the right thing to do. Not if you want
to stay with Scott. I can’t go to the dance
with someone like you. Someone like me? Kate didn’t steal from you. – How do you know?
– Because I did. Morgan:
I’m sorry. I thought I was
too popular for you.
Luca, in time
you’ll understand
why I had to do this. I didn’t realize you went
to the same school as Diana. Julian, I’ve been
waiting all night for
my prince to arrive. We’re placing you
under arrest for shoplifting. – Come with us.
– Cassie, no.
Tell them the truth. Tell them
you didn’t do it. I made a promise. Why are you with Diana? I can’t talk about it.
Any of it. Jenna:
When I was a little kid,
I used to imagine
that I was a superhero.
My mom didn’t love it.She said superheroes
are for boys.
Ugh, what are these
doing out? I thought
I got rid of these. Get ready.
You’re gonna be
late for school.When things were bad,
I like to think
that my powers could fix
anything that had gone wrong.
( music playing )Finch!Mother:
Jenna, school, now!( theme music playing )( school bell rings )So, what did you
do this weekend? Um, well,
I rehearsed for dance. ( chattering ) Still feeling guilty
Cassie did the time
for your crime? Shh. Just stay on my good side
and your secret’s safe with me. – You have a good side?
– Oh, good one, Jenna. Come on,
let’s go this way. And then my mom threw away
the entire meal she cooked and we ordered pizza. How was your weekend? Intense. My Aunt Bonnie
moved in with us. – Is that good or bad?
– Both. She’s my favorite aunt. But she’s here
because she’s been sick. Oh, Kate, I’m so sorry. If you need anything,
just know I’m here for you. What if I need to know
the truth about
the shoplifter? The truth is I did
community service, and the rest
is in the past. Can we just
leave it at that? I guess. But it still smells fishy. Well, so does Mr. Lane,
but we still love him anyway. It’s a girl. Your regular history teacher?
His new baby is a girl. No? Okay. Well, Mr. Hameed
is on paternity leave,
which explains me. I’m Ms. Dawson.
I just moved here
from New York City, where I was
born and raised. Oh, I was gonna
pass these out. Blueberry muffins. I look forward
to getting to know each
and every one of you. Personally. Casserole! Hi, Mr. Lane. – Got a minute?
– Yeah. So, Cassie. What do you see here? Your online dating profile? Oh, no.
That’s not right. Where is my ink blot test? Cassie, what I’m trying to say
is I’ve been concerned with you, ever since the, uh… oh, uh… …incident
from last year. And I am worried
that you’ve been spending
too much time in your head. I know it can
be fun to pretend. You know, I have the fantasy of living
in a one-bedroom apartment, as opposed to a studio. ( chuckles )
I could have enough room
for a couch, but, uh, who wants that? I do. I really do.
I need it. I guess what
I’m trying to say is the problem
with daydreaming, Cassie, is it can keep you
from spending time
in the real world. – Mr. Lane, I–
– No, no, no, let me finish. I want to challenge you
to stay focused on the here
and the now. ( chuckles ) Just give it a try,
okay? You know, you might
be pleasantly surprised. Or, even better,
you might be able to turn
your dreams… into a reality. May I sit here? Well, if it isn’t
the first lady of Millwood? Please don’t call me that. What would you like me
to call you, then? Overwhelmed? Why?
What’s wrong? Okay, promise
you won’t tell anyone? So, Diana blackmailed me
into being her friend again. My parents
won’t stop fighting. – I’m worried that Scott–
– Okay, whoa. Whoa. Sorry, I just feel like
you’re the only one
I can actually talk to. You know you can
tell me anything. You know that, right? Okay, here’s something,
then. I used to have this fantasy
about being a superhero. And it’s all I’ve been
thinking about lately. Dude!
This is so awesome! – Really?
– Yeah. You could totally sell this
for, like, a million bucks. Oh, check this out. Study and learn. Thanks. We’ve been talking about me
this whole time. – How are you?
– Oh, you’ll see something scootin’ around
from me soon. ( chatter ) Oh, um… everybody, I’d like you
to meet my girlfriend, Morgan. – Hi.
– Morgan, please meet the Millwood
Experimental Film Club. Where we watch
experimental films. This George, Anna,
Madeline, and myself. I mean, you’re also
in the club,
but you knew that. Thanks for having
me, guys. So, what makes a movie
experimental? Is it, like,
about science or something? ( laughs ) Um, experimental films
have nontraditional structures. Oh, cool.
Or uncool? Um, I mean, uncool
as in a way that it’s cool. I’m excited to be
uncool with you guys. Ahem, um, how about
we watch the first film? Cool! I mean, yay.( music playing )Okay, everyone.
I’m gonna be teaching
some tough choreography today, so I need you to focus up. Julian, class started
ten minutes ago. Sorry, I was waiting
for Diana down the block. I think she
forgot about me.♪ I hear… ♪You didn’t call me back
last night.♪ And it sings to me… ♪Okay, enough chitchat,
everyone. Get up. We’re gonna
start warming up. – Kate: Aunt Bonnie?
– Hello! In here! Oh, there they are.
Come here, kiddos. – Oh, it’s so good
to see you.
– You too. You have to help me
with these flowers.
I just bought them. Aren’t they beautiful?♪ Another day… ♪( music playing )Cassie, that was great. How did you pick
that up so fast? Well, I guess I was just
being present. You know, in the moment. Well, it’s working. Everyone, at next class,
I want you to be present and in the moment
like Cassie. Good job. Hey. So, why didn’t you tell me
we weren’t meeting before class? I was meeting up
with some friends. Didn’t know
I needed permission. ( chuckles )
That’s not what I meant. I just feel like
you’ve been avoiding me. I’m just used
to doing things on my own. Yeah, but I barely see you.
I thought you’d want
to spend time together. – Isn’t that what
a relationship’s all about?
– I don’t know. Maybe I’m not ready
for this kind
of relationship. Excuse me.
I have… some solo choreography
that I need to practice. – Hey, Eli.
– Hey. Look, I kinda got to talk
to you about something. Oh, my God. – Does my breath smell?
– No. It’s just– it was
a little bit hurtful how you called
the Experimental
Film Club uncool. I mean, I get we’re not
the most popular club, but… Nobody likes someone new
coming in and calling
what they like uncool. Yeah. ( sighs ) Oh, my God.
I have a plan. Can you teach me
how to be– what do you want me
to call you guys again? Well, some people
would call experimental
film or art avant garde. It’s like new or unusual. Perfect.
You’re gonna teach me
how to be “on-vant garde.” – “Avant garde.”
– “On-vont garde.” – Yeah.
– Pew. Pew. Well, now that we are
surrounded by all these
beautiful flowers, there’s something
I need to tell you two. That my bouquet looks
better than Kate’s? Ow. Kate, Sam… you know
I have cancer, right? Yeah. So, that’s why I’m here. To spend time
with the family before I go. But you can’t know that
for sure, right? Sam, I was a doctor,
remember? I know when it’s time
to fight, and I know when it’s time
to do what you can
with the time that’s left.( music playing )( phone rings )“Russian for Beginners”? Mr. Lane’s voice:
Cassie, I’m worried
that you’ve been spending
too much time
in your head.
I call on the North Wind
to protect Aunt Bonnie. While I’d love to have
the wind at my back, Kate, this is not what I need. I’m just trying to help. I know, hon. But what would
really help is you and me
and your brother spending
some time together. It’s not magic,
but it could still
be special.( music playing )Milady, if you truly
want to be a princess, you must wed yourself
to a worthy prince. I decree these rules
super lame. I don’t need a prince. In fact, I don’t even need
to be a princess to rule.( music slows, stops )I have no idea
what any of these buttons
actually do. I need to go
back to Earth. In the sacred space
near my wizened tree, I renounce my gift
and from this world I flee. All:
It’s time to stop
living in a fantasy. Jenna:
When I was a kid,
I played with action figures.
I liked imagining
that I was a super hero.
And when things are bad,I actually had the power
to do something.
Now that I’m older,
I don’t play with
action figures.
But I still imagine
that I’m a super hero.
( thunder crashes )( music playing )I wanted to talk
about Luca. Cassie:Next time
on “Total Eclipse”…
What are you doing here? Hey, Cassie.
Got a minute to talk? Today may be just try
not talking as much. Got it.
I mean… Cassie, you can
dance with Diana. Both:
That’s not a good idea.( music playing )

100 thoughts on “TOTAL ECLIPSE | Season 3 | Ep. 1: “Millwood Chronicles””

  1. Is no one else gonna talk about that maddie orlando is in the film club just saying this now cause saw it on instagram and had to rewatch it

  2. That’s one thing I don’t want to do when I grow up “To stop living in a fantasy” although I’m aware of my surroundings the only thing that kept me happy as I child is my imagination.I mean till this day I’m still hoping that magic exist.This is one escape that is effective against the harsh truth of reality but there is time for everything to come to an end.Although we can still fantasize about it during adulthood but let’s be honest sooner or later we’ll have to forget about it and live the lives that are given to us.Whether it’s the life we want or not.:((

    ok that was too dramatic imma yeet myself outta here now

  3. Cassie ( Mackenzie) – Austronaut 👨‍🚀
    Kate (Lauren ) – Witch 🧙‍♀️
    Diana ( Emily ) – Princess 👸
    Jenna ( Nadia ) – Superhero 🦸‍♀️

  4. I can’t believe she has shoplifting as a felony because she was protecting a friend. I can’t stand her now! (The actual shoplifter)

  5. Cassie dreams to be an astronaut 👩‍🚀

    Kate dreams to be a witch 🧙‍♀️

    Diana dreams to be a princess 👸

    Jenna dreams to be a superhero🧚🏻‍♀️

    Whats next ?

    Sam dreams to be a singer 👨‍🎤

  6. Did anyone notice at 8:20 it said "always maek the audience suffer as much as possible" yeah no kidding

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  8. I'm so annoyed that jenna didn't say anything

    she said shes a superhero but what super hero shoplifts and just lets their friend take the blame

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