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Touchdown: Mercedes-Benz Vans for everyday champions

Touchdown: Mercedes-Benz Vans for everyday champions

Walker looks around… They’re both at the 5, and here’s the tackle from McGregor… Walker’s taken! This is in no small way attributed to their defensive line… Linebacker Watford has placed his guys on the line of scrimmage and they seem to know what’s in store for them. Quarterback Stevenson has the snap… And the handoff goes straight to Walker… Walker starts on the 40… And has already… The cornerback is… standing with a quick spin… The fans can’t believe what they’re seeing! Walker’s at the 20… Look at him go… The safety can’t keep up either… Walker’s at the 5, he dives into the end zone and touchdown! Touchdown for the Mammoths… Walker’s in the end zone… And he slams that ball to the ground.

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