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TOUR LIFE, Volleyball, and Paisley’s Nerdy Nummies | Behind the Braids Family Vlog Ep.45

TOUR LIFE, Volleyball, and Paisley’s Nerdy Nummies | Behind the Braids Family Vlog Ep.45

(crowd cheers) (upbeat pop music) (ball thuds) – [Mindy] Good job, Rylan! – Oh, yes! – Hey, everyone, welcome back to another episode of Behind the Braids. In this episode, you’re going to watch as we navigate our first weekend of Brooklyn and Bailey’s tour. It was my turn to go out with the girls, so we went and did mostly
the Dallas and Tulsa area. It was very exciting and very fun. We learned a lot in the process, and it’s making the tour amazing. If you guys haven’t
already gotten tickets, you can click the link in the description box below to be sure to pick yours up. We still have an East Coast run and a West Coast run left,
and then we’re finished. You’ll also get to see
some of the things we did at home this week, including
Rylan’s volleyball game. She’s playing this season
and doing a great job. If you haven’t already
subscribed to the channel, be sure to click the red button down below where it says Subscribe,
and if you’ve already subscribed, click the bell next to it so that you get notifications when our videos go up, and
let’s go on to the video. Hey, guys. So, it’s official, we
are on the plane in– – Houston. – Which means the tour has begun, rah! – We just landed in Houston. Guess what that means: tour time. (rock music) – [Mindy] So, we’re
working on sound checks and getting set up, warming up. You can see Ashlund with her hair brush. We’re trying to get ready. (instrumental dance pop music) You’re about to do your first show. How are you feeling? – So nervous. – It’s like that giddy
feeling like I know it’s gonna go well, but I’m
still nervous anyway. Hopefully, I don’t forget anything. – Yeah, I know. I have to go on, like,
four different times. – Yeah, so–
– If I can remember that. – Hopefully, everything
goes smoothly. (laughs) (crowd cheers) (“Dance Like Me” by Brooklyn and Bailey) ♫ That we spoke ♫ I love yous on (crowd cheers) (pop music) – Sorry, we didn’t know what you were saying in the last part.
– [Mindy] It was so good. – It was pretty good! – [Mindy] It was so good. – Hi!
– It was so good! – Whoo, that was like really empowering. Oh my gosh, I feel great!
– My goodness. I can’t even hear–
– Wow, that just happened. – Myself speak.
– That just happened. – [Mindy] That just happened. – All right, that just happened! – One down, 15 more to go. (Mindy laughs) – We are in the San Antonio venue. This is Greg, he’s opening–
– What’s up? – For us tonight.
– How’s it going? – And then, you guys already know Ashlund, and we’re attempting to look like– – Cool.
– A squad against this– – Like we’re cool.
– Graffiti wall. – [Greg] Without being awkward. – Without being–
– This is really hard. – Awkward.
– Not working. – The pictures will look really nice, but then in between, it’s like– – It’s like. (camera shutter clicks) (instrumental dance pop music) – [Bailey] So, on the
Os, they tried to put our lashes on them, of our name. Do you guys see that? How cute! – [Mindy] There is a line
for May Tay right now. (instrumental dance pop music) – [Girl] Keep calm and
dance like me! (girls cheer) (crowd cheers) – We had a great showing today in Houston. Now it’s time for San Antonio to wow us. (crowd cheers) – [Bailey] Hi guys! ♫ You’ve never fallen ♫ It’s hard enough when you feel so small ♫ And I imagined ♫ What we’re made of ♫ What makes us tough ♫ Why we’re enough ♫ What girls are made of – ‘Cause you can’t sing with dairy. It’s not as good for your voice. So, now that the show is over, I’m finally eating my Kit Kats. Thank you to the wonderful
followers who brought me this. – Guys, I just hit 990000 on Instagram. I’m 10000 away from one million. Super excited, it’s my
New Year’s resolution. So I have, it’s October,
two months to get 10000. So, you know, go follow me on Instagram. – [Girls] Dance like me,
like you, like he, like she! (instrumental pop music) – [Girls] Hi Brooklyn and Bailey! – Huge line, kind of– – I’m gonna run it–
– Intimidating, but– – Down the line. – Go, do it. You got it.
– I’m gonna run it down the line, are you ready?
– It’s recording. – We’re going.
– You know, we’re gonna walk. – I’m gonna run.
– You don’t have to do this. – I’m gonna run, I’mma run, I’mma do this. Okay, ready, go! (line cheers) (instrumental pop music) – Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi! Hi, hello! Hi everybody, hi! (exhales) I’m not cut out for this exercise! (line cheers) Whooo! All right, back inside I go. (exhales) Yes, (exhales) okay. (line cheers) That was a really long run. I’m not cut out for that
kind of exercise, you guys. (wheezes) – These are our helpers. This is Arabella. – Hi, guys. – We have Reagan. – Hi! – And we have Chelsea. – Hi, guys. (instrumental pop music) – A great VIP meet-and-greet. – Apparently, the GA line is– down the street.
– Wraps around the block. – So, I’m really nervous.
– So, We’re really excited! – Yeah! – But it’s fun, we just
saw a ton of our friends. So, we’re really excited. (instrumental pop song) (crowd cheers) (instrumental pop music) – [Mindy] Hometown, how you feeling? – Whoo!
– So nervous! – The crowd is so huge!
– So big! – So nervous, excited, but nervous. – Yeah, like, whoo hoo hoo!
– Whoo! – [Mindy] Kamri? – Pretty good. (“Dance Like Me” by Brooklyn and Bailey) (crowd cheers) ♫ Everybody feel that rush ♫ Nobody get too hush (crowd screams) (dance pop music) – [Mindy] We’ve got Russ on video, Cory on photography doing an awesome job during the dance break. – [Cory] What is this one? – [Russ] This is a, this is a 16– – [Mindy] Girls are backstage,
waiting to go back up. ♫ And it hit me so loud ♫ Sun hits the clouds ♫ Just like it’s meant to be, yeah ♫ Got love ♫ Yeah, that’s what we’re made of (crowd cheers) – [Bailey] Thank you, guys, we love you! – [Brooklyn] Love you guys! So yeah, we’re at the– – Yeah, that’s–
– Center of the– – Really Cool.
– Universe in Tulsa. – [Girl] What is Center of the Universe? – Jacob’s cool.
– That way. – This is cool.
– Can you hear it? – [Brooklyn] Which is
apparently a hole in the ground where it will echo.
– Yeah, you might have to face that way. – I can’t hear any–
– I heard it both ways. – [Brooklyn] Tam and his M&Ms. – [Mindy] But only in that spot. – Hello, nope, hello, hello, hello, hello. Right here, you can hear it. [Mindy] So, is it created by
the concrete surrounding us? Or because of some alien space planet? – It’s aliens.
– It’s aliens. – Definitely aliens.
– It has to be aliens. – Just walking down the street, right? And then, I turn around,
and every footprint I’ve made in the ground lights up. – Oh, that’s cool!
– That is so weird. – It’s like night triggers it– – It’s so weird!
– That’s cool! – Who knew that was a thing. They’re pretty sweet though. (indie rock music) (crowd cheers) (“Dance Like Me” by Brooklyn and Bailey) ♫ Everybody feel that rush ♫ Nobody get too hush ♫ Move like you stole it ♫ What we’re made of ♫ What makes us tough ♫ Why we’re enough ♫ What girls are made of ♫ What we’re made of – So, we are at where? – Rylan’s volleyball game. – Rylan’s volleyball game. Are you sad? – We haven’t been able
to see Rylan play yet because all of her games are away games, and they’re far away, and we’re always running a million other carpools. So, we’re super excited
to see Rylan play tonight and hope that she has a
killer serving streak, right? – Um, I hope she wins. – [Mindy] Me too. – She’s just gonna be winning by bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, all done. – Who did we bring with us? – [Daxton] Nana! – [Mindy] Nana! – Oh, hi! – Sporting her Lovejoy colors, too, huh? – Hey!
– I don’t have Lovejoy colors!
– Hey, what happened to you two? – What happened to you?!? You dressed me! (Mindy laughs) (ball thuds) – Yeah!
– Go Rylan! – [Nana] Good serve! (all cheer) – [Mindy] Good job, Rylan! – [Mindy] It’s Friday Night, and we’re not going to the football game. – We’re eating at Firehouse. – Mm-hmm, with everyone out of town, we don’t have to go follow them. – Hey.
– Whoa, whoa, whoa. You’re forgetting us.
– We’re in town. So is Nana.
– We’re forgetting you? – [Mindy] I know, but we want to stay home and watch a movie. – No, you’ve already watched
too many movies already. – [Mindy] Oh, really? And Daxton and Pais,
where are we eating at? – [Both] Firehouse. – [Mindy] Something that
has some vegetables, right? ‘Cause Dad’s out of town, so Mom’s making you eat vegetables. – Mommy, can I have more chips? – [Mindy] What should we
do that’s fun tomorrow? – Six Flags!
– Swim party. – [Mindy] No Six Flags, maybe swimming? – [Daxton] Yeah, swim party! – [Mindy] Believe it or not,
even though it’s October in Texas, it’s gonna be,
like, 90 degrees tomorrow. – Season.
– I’m going to Six Flags tomorrow.
– Uh-uh. – [Mindy] Rylan is,
she’s going with school. – It’s gonna be fun. – [Mindy] Brooklyn and Bailey
and Daddy are in Indiana. We have Nana here.
– You wanna see my veggies? – Yeah.
– It’s Saturday. – There they are. – [Mindy] Tomorrow’s Saturday. – Yeah. – [Mindy] Yeah, Rylan’s going
with school still on Saturday. – Okay, y’all, so it’s Saturday morning, and we are currently on
the bus, as you can see. We are going to Six
Flags for a choir trip. – Six Flags! – She’s never been before.
– Yeah. – So, that’s why I’m going with her, to make her go on all the rides. (laughs) – Yeah, and I don’t
know if I’mma like this. I don’t know, so, yeah! – The tire popped on
the other bus and now– – Everyone’s on this bus.
– Everyone’s on this bus. Now, 56 kids are fitting in one bus. So, this is–
– It’s packed and hot. – You should show your mother.
– Gonna be great. And it’s hot, and it’s
sweaty and everything. – This is gonna be scary. – We just rode a whole bunch of rides, and Mary Claire has to leave soon, but the rest of us have a few more hours. So, we decided to get funnel cakes. – ‘Cause we’re just pigs.
– So good! – It’s a classic Texas
thing, classic Six Flags. They’re delicious and, yeah.
– So delish. – See how this goes. (instrumental bluegrass music) – [Mindy] So, Paisley woke up this morning feeling not so great, huh, Pais? Started complaining about a
sore throat and fever-ing. So, we’re at the doctor’s office today. And we’re getting, they just
did the swabs, huh, baby? On her throat and nose to see if she has strep or the flu. How you doin’, Pais? What’s hurting? – My throat. – [Mindy] Your throat? Are you hungry? Little bit again, finally? Well, we’ll go home, and she’s freezing. You can tell by the way she’s sitting ’cause we didn’t bring
her blanket in, huh, baby? What do we have, Pais? – A Ro. A Ro box. – A Ro box?
– Yeah. – [Mindy] How do you know it’s from Ro? – ‘Cause it says R-O. – [Mindy] R-O, that’s Ro’s symbol? – Yeah.
– Her logo. – Oh, yes! A poop muff, um, brownies. – Poop brownies?
– Yeah. – [Mindy] That doesn’t sound very good. – No, chocolate. – [Mindy] Oh, they were shaped like poop. Oh, treat molds. – Oh, yes!
– Ooh, a candy mold. – What’s this?
– Ooh, that makes gems. – What’s this? – [Mindy] A cookie cutter? – Hey, it has Ro on the back! – [Mindy] That’s so cool, it says Pi. It’s the Pi symbol. – I’ll get–
– Look at the oven mitts. – Yeah, the–
– And an apron. – Mama, I want to get the stuff out. And we have–
– What! A Nerdy Nummies melting pot? – Yep. She loved these! What’s this?
– She sent you some of her Nerdy Nummie treat toppers? – What’s this?
– Candy toppers? It’s a note. – “Mindy, my first–” – [Mindy] “Baking line
just came out, and I “wanted to send you some
of my favorite goodies. “Hope you enjoy, Ro.” Whoa, look at how cute
her measuring spoons are. So cute.
– That was the cake pops. Mama, let me get this. – [Mindy] Some measuring cups. – Mama, let me get it. And now, it’s just more stuff.
– More Nerdy Nummie candies. – If there’s more, I’ll get them. Mama, can you help me clear? – [Mindy] That’s so cute,
what do you say to Ro? – Thank you! – Thanks for hanging out with us today, you guys, and watching the video. Be sure to click the link
in the description box below if you want to
buy tickets to the tour. If you want to watch our other videos, you can click right up here, and if you want to buy tickets,
you can click right here as well, and we will see you guys later. Bye, you guys.

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