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Tracee Ellis Ross and Andy Lassner Play ‘Su’Move It, Move It’

Tracee Ellis Ross and Andy Lassner Play ‘Su’Move It, Move It’

I like to move it, move it. I like to move it, move it. You like to move it. I like to move it, move it. All right. I’m Andy Lassner, and I’m here
with the hilarious Tracee Ellis Ross from Blackish. [CHEERING] Today we’re going
to play Heads Up! But to make it a little
more challenging we’re doing it in these sumo suits. Tracee, you’re
going to go first. OK. Giving clues. But remember, you cannot talk. [LAUGHING] So you will act out
first, and I will guess. And I think the clues
come up behind me. OK. [GRUNTING] Karate. Karate judo. Kung Fu. Kung Fu fighting. Pass. Next one. [LAUGHTER] Push-up. Push-ups. Oh, my god. What’s happening? Uh. Uh. Oh, limbo. Yeah. [APPLAUSE] [LAUGHTER] Bending over. Oh, yoga! Yes! Oh, boy. Oh, dancing. Hip hop. Running man! Yes! Huh! Cheerleader! Yeah. Bowling. [BUZZER] Weightlifting. Yeah! [CHEERING] That’s a serious workout. All right. We have to switch,
but I got seven right. So you’re going to
have a hard time. All right. So you have to get more than
seven, or I win and you lose. You better do good. It’s all on you. Not really. It’s on you, Andy. OK. Ballet. Ballerina. [LAUGHTER] Pregnant. Baby? Birth. Giving birth. Shaving. Faster! Riding a horse? [LAUGHTER] Oh, god. Break dancing? Break dancing. [APPLAUSE] Hula hoop! I think I’m out of air. I don’t even know
how to do this. Pass. Pass. [LAUGHTER] Tantrum! [APPLAUSE] This was hilarious. [LAUGHTER] Skiing? Downhill skiing? Golfing? [BUZZER] [CHEERING] It’s a tie! It’s a tie. Do you know what we
have to do for a tie? What? We have to roll in the suit. What does that mean? Oh, no! Sorry! [CHEERING] That’s how you play Heads Up! The amazing Tracee Ellis Ross! [CHEERING] Thank you.

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