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Trae Young Is The Most Exciting Show in College Basketball | SLAM Cover Shoots

Trae Young Is The Most Exciting Show in College Basketball | SLAM Cover Shoots

I got an offer from Duke my junior year.
Kentucky, Kansas, they all offered me my junior year. Building the relationship with those coaches so early in my high school career, it was tough, and I mean, it was amazing. I mean any high school
athlete, basketball player would want to get an offer from those schools. So it
was a dream come true. In the back of my mind the whole time I wanted to be
different. I wanted to make my own legacy, I wanted to pursue it in a
different route than a lot of other guys that were five-star players. I think
with me having the opportunity to play for a Hall of Fame coach, and play in my
backyard, and represent my city, and also my state was something I wanted to do
and take a different route with, something that I took as a challenge. I’m
a lot different than a lot of people. A lot of people say they don’t look at the
social media and stuff like that. But I’m not gonna lie to you, I’m a 19 year old kid. I
look at Twitter, I look at Instagram, I look at even the mock drafts. I noticed
in the summertime I wasn’t on anything. I’ve been blessed enough to have people
that are close to me who have been through this process and kept me level-headed. Just always told me that as long as I continue to work and stuff like
that that all this would pay off. People just probably didn’t think that it would
be able to translate from high school to college. But, you know, he always looked me in the eye and told me he would do the same thing in college that he did in
high school. It’s crazy ’cause I don’t think I’m playing any different than
I did in high school. I mean, I just think that maybe what they saw in high
school was something that couldn’t be done at this level. I
mean I can’t blame ’em, I mean, that’s their opinion and that’s what
they thought. But now that I’m doing this at this level, I think it’s
starting to open a lot of people’s eyes that made those choices back when I was
in high school. If i told you that I would have expected all this, I’d be lying. I knew he would have a really good year, because I know how hard he works and I know how much he wants it. But to be leading the country in
points and assists, I mean that’s just unheard of. It’s always been there, it’s
just people just didn’t didn’t see it, or didn’t believe it. Maybe
they didn’t believe it at the time and hopefully now they do. I mean, I know
I have a long ways to go, so I’m gonna continue to stay humble. The biggest obstacle he’s had to get through is just trying to tune out
the people that really don’t like his game. You know, he’s realized
at this point that not everyone’s gonna love him, not everybody’s gonna, you know,
like the way he plays, there’s always gonna be critics from here on out. And that’s the thing that’s most impressive to me is he’s learned to not
let that bother him.

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  1. I'm going to make a bold prediction and say he will go to OKC when he reaches age 27-28 and will win 1out of 3 championships😃

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