Training for Rio with the Cuban Boxing team

It is a great honour to be training in the same gym where some great boxers have trained in the past. Great Cuban boxers and Olympic champions like Toofile Stevenson and Felix Sabon, and many more. We have coaches who are Olympic and world champions. They give us a lot of advice on how they fought, they motivate us and they teach us everything they know. To hopefully one day achieve the same as them. In the morning we work on fitness and with technique. In the afternoon, we change to technique and tactics. We run 7 to 8 laps every day and as soon as we finish running we come inside the gym, Where we start working on our technique. Then we do specific type of combat and freestyle combat training. We then head over to the apparatus where we hit for 3 rounds. I really like working with the apparatus, I can develop the strength of my punches. I also like to do work by the wall, that is static workout, but I also do a lot of workouts while moving. I like doing both because you don’t know what kind of opponent you may face. I am looking into if I have a good posture if I have my arm in the correct position. We are focusing more on this as the Olympic Games are getting closer and we are having more rigorous training. Our sport is about direct confrontation against the other person. We train direct combat here in the gym with their teammates to give them confidence when they face different opponents. To reach the top and be a World and Olympic champion requires a lot of sacrifice and dedication from the athletes. You have to give everything, give extra when you are tired, you have to keep going. You have to keep going against your tiredness. My goal is to be in the final and to be on the highest spot of the podium.

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