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TWICELAND FANTASY PARK | Asia Tour Making Film [ ENG / JP ]

TWICELAND FANTASY PARK | Asia Tour Making Film [ ENG / JP ]

Singapore Indoor Stadium! Good to see you! Singapore ONCE at the stadium early in the morning TWICE is getting ready for the rehearsal Since we got a new microphone I can’t wait to perform with this
[ Tada ! TWICE has got a new microphone! ] Last time we borrowed the black microphone but I’ve never used this kind of microphone It belongs to us today ! I’m so excited
[ Excited and thrilled ] We have a rehearsal and enjoy performance with ONCE then we have fun and color the microphone back in Korea [ SANA is happier than ever! ] I’m so happy Spoiler fairies are clearing their throat singing
“Dance The Night Away” before its release Wind, come this way Warming up before the rehearsal not to get hurt ! On the trapeze Rehearsal goes on from the opening ! Q. What were the difficult things during the tour? It’s a little confusing as every concert is different from each other But there were lot of rehearsals and they helped me get used to it and go on with the rest of the shows After the rehearsal the stadium is filled with ONCE ! I’ve got a mole (Surprise) SANA has a mole ! (Surprise) You have a mole? Here ! Where? [ Where? ] Is it a mole?
It is a mole~~ I tricked our makeup artists Isn’t it a stain? No, it’s not. It’s a wound It’s not always stain Is it a wound?
It is ! Stain? No way I told a great spoiler yesterday [ NABONG’s spoiler again to ONCE ] I’ve been telling spoilers from a long time ago
but since it is only for myself they never believe me I said the title would be long and [ ONCE was like : the title contains the word long…? ] They misunderstood it The title is “Dance The Night Away !” (Prim) Stop tricking ONCE !! I’m not tricking LOL I’m excited to see our fans in Singapore after a while It’s been a year since we met and I’m happy to hear that we have more ONCE than last time See you soon [ SANA will see you soon ] ONCE ! Are you ready? ONCE, wait for us ! The concert in Singapore has begun ! ONCE has filled the audience seat as always ONCE from the trapeze is? It’s really touching I can see ONCE clearly from above It’s the clearest moment to see ONCE Going up and down on the swing I was happy to see all ONCE even on the higher floor I felt like I was crying
I almost cried but I held my tears to keep going with the performance ONCE makes every moment touching for TWICE Singapore ONCE, it’s good to see you ~ Beautiful CandyBong shines bright TWICE having fun with ONCE ONCE, wait ! All for you~ Moving on for the next performance Hi ! Late ! Hurry up ! Q. How do you feel to have this world tour? Beginning from the first solo concert last year we are touring many other countries this year I’m happy to meet many ONCE around the world Surprise video event prepared by ONCE in Singapore Always on you side, TWICE We are so grateful that you love and cheer us so much TWICE is always grateful for ONCE’s love Group photo to remember this precious moment in Singapore ! ONE IN A MILLION !
We are TWICE Thank you TWICE getting off the stage with the memory of the show Thunder Dome in Bangkok, Thailand Found TWICE heading for the stage ! TWICELAND in Bangkok Let’s get started ! Happy and excited to see ONCE~ No problem with the belt ! Ready to take off toward ONCE ! With the loud cheers of ONCE TWICELAND in Bangkok has started Through TWICELAND Fantasy Park I met ONCE in many other places I can feel that I’m truly loved I can sense that from deep inside me I want to visit even more countries for the third tour I want to have fun with more ONCE Unbelievable sing along! ‘CHEER UP’ with Thai ONCE TWICE moving to meet ONCE closer Cant’s take my eyes off beauty next to beauty dance Fairy like beauty, TWICE ! The encore performance has already come The last performance ! Encore ! Dahyun wrote what she wanted to tell ONCE on her palm But it’s hard to see Make some noise ! Meow~~ Nayeon is late~ ! Song for ONCE “ONE IN A MILLION” and “What is Love?(Acoustic Ver.)” ONCE will always be on your side, TWICE
ONCE’s slogan event for TWICE Another precious memory in Bangkok ! ONE IN A MILLION
We are TWICE Thank you Thai ONCE, We will see you again~ Jakarta, the last destination of this tour ! ONCE waiting for TWICELAND to open Let’s do the best! The door into TWICELAND has opened TWICE appears, being more beautiful than the flower! TWICELAND Fantasy Park, which everybody was waiting for has opened ! Are you ready to have fun? Selfie time with ONCE Charismatic TWICE with the suit Suit TWICE is always right ! Bang! TWICE’s coolness and beauty aims at ONCE’s heart ! We want to say thank you to ONCE who remembers every moment of us I hope you can enjoy time with us, instead of sorrow or hardships and make great memories with us Let’s build good memories from now on The concert is about to end but I’m getting more excited thanks to your reaction Thank you so much Let’s go for the last show ! The bible of the ball throwing, MOMO ! Chaeyoung is flying toward ONCE~ Go fly ! Fly ! ONCE sings the song with the perfect pronunciation ! TWICE deeply moved by ONCE’s singing Q. Please share your feeling about the tour Foreign fans singing our songs along in Korean I loved them enjoying the show The shows definitely brought us closer to ONCE I want to learn more about ourselves to improve even more The concert is over with this last show in Jakarta So I’m very sad ONCE, thank you for waiting for the past year We will bring joy to you We will do our best to cheer you up TWICE and ONCE always relying on each other Stay with us forever, ONCE The world’s only, unique ONCE We will come back again ONE IN A MILLION
We are TWICE Thank you! TWICE happy and sad at the same time Thank you
Thank you for your work Dahyun saying thank you to every ONCE who has been together during the tour Q. What does ONCE mean to me ? ONCE is my life Sincerity? If we had not been sincere ONCE would never be sincere as well ONCE is another me What does ONCE mean to Dahyun ? In one word Lovely ONCE is so lovely ONCE gives me new days and new memories My part A part of me who experience many things, sharing all different moments ONCE gives me so much energy Energy to live on I wish you keep staying with us together Thank you, ONCE

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