15 thoughts on “Two Things Athletes MUST Do Going Plant-Based”

  1. Hi Sandy – wow are you enrolled in the Cornell Certificate Program? Do you have a sponsor or underwriter? I'm wildly interested, but I cannot put forward the cash to pay for the program on my own.

  2. I've having trouble losing weight on a vegan diet. When I was vegetarian, I was relatively light for my height and after going vegan my carb intake is so high it takes me forever to lose weight :/

  3. Best plant based diet includes cooking vegetables full of insects. That way you can get some high density animal protein without cheating.

  4. And that’s why you need some meat. Everything in moderation. Homo sapiens needs meat. As a marathoner I’ve done much better with meat.

  5. Hi Sandy, can you do a video on different things to do while having a running injury. Today I did an hour of spin as my ankle has been sore instead of my long run. Just different cardio to stop gaining while healing.

  6. why go vegan when you need animal fat?? balanced diet is best. little carbs here, little animal fat there… and then mostly chocolate..

  7. Coming from a calorie counting background when I lost a lot of weight successfully, transitioning to plant based and eating enough has been my biggest struggle. When I'm training I feel like I need to eat a TON of food (high carb low fat), but if I don't my energy crashes in the coming days. I'm not really trying to restrict, I always think I'm eating enough, I'm just almost always wrong?

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