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Tyler Perry – “Acrimony” and Building on the Success of “Madea” | The Daily Show

Tyler Perry – “Acrimony” and Building on the Success of “Madea” | The Daily Show

Please welcome Tyler Perry! (applause and cheering) (applause and cheering swell) Why… why the hell
did it take some long for me to be invited here, man? What do you mean,
what did it take so long? You are Tyler Perry. You are
an extremely busy person. You have 20 films
under your belt, you have 20 plays,
you have a production studio. I heard you say that.
I heard you say that. Yeah, you have a lot of things
going on at the same… -I heard you say it.
-You are extremely successful. When you started off, when
you were doing your first Madea, did you… did you think
it was gonna get to this? Did you think one day
Madea would gross $500 million? Hell, no,
or I wouldn’t have done it. (laughter) -No, I would… -You sound like
Trump with the presidency. Yeah, yeah, I wouldn’t do
the presidency, no, no, because, you know, that-that’s
really frickin’ annoying, man, to be a guy in that costume
and doing that that long. But people love it, though. -They love it, but it’s been…
-You know, and you know what…? You know what people love is,
like, people love it, -and people love trashing it
at the same time. -Yes. But, like,
Madea has this thing where… I’ve been in a movie
watching Madea with people, and you cannot help but cheer when she starts beating
a man’s ass on the screen. -You…
-There’s some… Like, you’ll be like,
“Madea, Madea, Madea.” And then she starts beating
someone. -You’re like, “Yeah!”
-Yeah. Yeah. -You get into it.
-Go get Donald Trump, Madea. -Go get Donald. Yeah, I get it.
-That’s what you’re thinking of. I get it. I get it. I get it.
I get it. -That’s exactly what you’re
thinking of. -I get it. -Right?
-I get it. -But it’s blown up in so many
different ways. -Yeah. Um, did you always see yourself
as a businessman, or-or was it something
that organically grew from Tyler Perry writing,
directing, Tyler Perry producing,
Tyler Perry…? Did you envision this
as a mogul, or is it something
that became in time? Build…
totally building a brand. I approached it
from building a brand. The artistry wasn’t
that important in the beginning. That’s why I’m so excited
about Acrimony being my first time to actually
express art on-on… For Colored Girls and this one
was the one where I feel like -I’m really expressing…
-Right, right, right. an artistic side of me, but no. I was focusing on the business
because I had a plan. I wanted to own a studio, I had
things that I wanted to do, and I wanted to serve
my audience well so that they could allow me
to do this, and they have. That’s interesting that you went for the business side of it
first to enable you to then do the passion projects. Acrimony is a story
that touches on so many topics that I think
everyone can relate to. -Uh, it’s love gone wrong.
-Yeah. It’s people, you know,
questioning each other -in terms of infidelity.
-Yeah. It’s cheating or not cheating. Where do you get
these stories from? Like, what life are you living
that these are all the…? (laughter) Like, ’cause this is,
like, a theme in I’ve noticed
whenever you put a pen to paper. No. I’m the counsel
to a lot of my friends, and a lot of my friends
have gone through this. And what fascinated me
about writing this story is that there were… I would hear her story,
and I would hear his side, -and then, they weren’t
the same. -Right. And I thought, “Wow.
Why don’t I write a movie “where you’ve got these people
telling their dueling stories, and then, let the audience
decide who’s telling the truth?” I like the idea
that you’re sitting there and your friends are like,
“And then my heart was broken,” and you’re like, “Mm-hmm,
say that again, your heart…” Oh, that was a good line,
that’s a good line right there, “I could never live with him.”
That was great. -That’s right, that’s right.
-That was great. So don’t call me
if you’re having issues. Do your friends ever watch
the movies and then, like… I can picture people
in the cinema and then just turning
and looking at you. I don’t watch them with them.
I don’t watch them with them. I’ll show up at the premiere,
like, “Okay, y’all enjoy it. -I’ll be over here.”
-Right. And Acrimony is not just a cool story– you
have an amazing cast as well. Taraji P. Henson starring
in the movie. -Yeah.
-She’s been a blowout star. What’s it like working with her? Crazy. Taraji’s really great, because she’s not
one of those actors that’s so deep and into
the scene every moment, “and I must concentrate
and focus for hours, before I can go onto set!”
No, she’s not that at all. -Right. -She does the scene,
she’ll be deep, she’ll be in tears, and
the next minute, I’ll say “cut,” she says, “Okay, I need
some crab legs and some wine. Where we going for dinner?”
She’s amazing. -What, she can just flip it
like that? -Just like that. Oh, that’s amazing acting. (affected voice):
The deep thespians are really troublesome to me. I can’t hardly work
with them of-ten. -(laughter)
-I think you’d be good… -You should do that.
-Yeah, that’s a new character. I like that.
Yeah, Madea Goes to… -No, stop it, stop.
-like, Stratford. -Yeah! Madea Goes to Stratford.
Come on. -Stratford. See it now.
To be or not to be, mm-mm? (as Madea):
To be or not to be at all?! Yeah, there it is,
there it is, there it is. I want a credit.
I wrote it with you. -Oh, for sure, for sure.
-Um, the studios in Atlanta are something
that everybody speaks about when they go to Atlanta.
I remember when I went there, and someone…
we were driving past, I was like, “What’s that?”
and someone was like, “Oh, that’s Tyler Perry’s
movie studios.” And I was like,
“Ha-ha, that’s funny.” And then they were like,
“No, seriously, that’s Tyler Perry’s
movie studios.” You have built a movie studio
that is, I now believe, -bigger than Warner Bros.
-Yeah. And you are still building
the studio. -(applause, cheering)
-And… on top of that, on top of that,
which is really amazing– and you’ll correct me
if I’m wrong– I believe this may be
the first wholly black-owned -movie studio in America.
-That’s right, yeah. -That’s-that’s… Yeah. Yeah.
-(cheering, applause) That’s-that’s a big deal
for many reasons. Why do you feel
it’s so important for you to own your own studio
and have a black-owned studio? Well, listen,
there’s an amazing thing that’s happening right now–
everybody’s getting a chance to tell their stories–
Issa Ray, Donald Glover, Black Panther– you’ve got all
these great things happening. But ownership is the key to
make sure that longevity stays. So I own everything.
I would not sell a script. I would not sell a film.
I would not sell the TV shows. Nothing. I owned it all–
and to own a studio and have Black Panther
be shot there, which was part… -Right, that’s right, yeah.
-And all of these other movies being shot there,
it’s really, really phenomenal, because ownership is the key
to generational wealth, generational changes,
and I think that’s what we need to learn
as people of color. -That’s amazing, man. You…
-(applause, cheering) you’ve done a big thing. You’ve, uh… you’ve made
a lot of money doing it. Is there one thing that money
has changed in your life that you would never want
to let go of? Like, is there something
where you go like… and it’s, like,
something benign, but where you go like,
“Yeah, money just… if it wasn’t… this is the one
thing I want to stay rich for”? Yeah. (laughter) What-what is it? You know, just to not have
to fly on a commercial plane, -it’s really cool.
-That’s really cool. I know it’s not a small thing,
but it’s really, really cool. Why are you looking at me
like that, Trevor? I thought you were gonna be
like, “Madagascan grapes.” -No, no, no, no. Just…
-“Flying on my own plane -is a small thing that I enjoy.”
-Just to not… -(laughter)
-just to not have to go… So it’s just you on a plane?
Like, your own plane? Don’t act like you’re not
doing the same thing, buddy. No, but I will have people,
because we’re going to a comedy festival.
It’s just you… Do you, like, sometimes go
sit in the other seats -and play other characters?
-(laughter) You’ve got to do that, just
to make the plane feel full. You’ll be very happy
to know tomorrow there are -12 people on the plane.
-Oh, no. Okay, that’s different. Yeah, it’s 12 people.
I thought it was just, like, you and you’d be like,
“Man, this plane is nice, and then you go
to the other side and be like, “Mm, Madea
also thinks it’s nice.” (laughter) That’s good!
That’s good, man, that’s rich -That’s rich.
-Yeah? You think so? Man, thank you so much
for being on the show. Congratulations for everything
that you’re doing. Acrimony will be in theaters.
We love Taraji P. Henson. March 30.
Tyler Perry, everybody.

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  1. This is what having a big vision is about..if only most color people had the same mindset our communities will have excel. Sad to see many think the opposite, holding to a victim and blaming mentality that holds them back, in reality they are actually afraid to take risks to move out of their comfort zones.Then again this is not a racial issue, it can happen to anyone.

  2. Not into the whole blackface transcgender mammy thing, but I respect Perry's mindset. Also, both their laughter is contagious!

  3. Tyler Perry
    A man with a strategy & sharp oversight exudes power & intelligence, in other words a mover & a shaker cheers to that!
    Trevor what will your legacy or ownership be?
    No pressure
    Cheer Leader here, don’t undermine my purpose.

  4. Trevor my home guy is interviewing a Satanist,please come back home to south africa before you get tempted by the money and sellout to the devil 😢

  5. Acrimony by Tyler Perry is one of the best movies I have ever watched. This is one of your best work! Am very proud of you. Best movie. A must watch for every one. Blessings

  6. “OWNERSHIP is the key to GENERATIONAL WEALTH” That sentence is a piece of gold!
    Here is my suggestion:
    Human life is controlled by 7 fundamental questions. The poor sleeping in the street, as well as the rich in the palace, are all trying to answer them. These questions are the source of all personal and corporate problems and accomplishments. They control the world and they control you. They are the source of all your actions, decisions and intentions. They are the very essence of your life.

    Your answers to these questions are “The Power” and will unveil to you “The Greatest Secret about Yourself.” This book will help you unlock Your Secret Power by answering these questions: Where do you come from? Why are you on earth? Who are you? What do you have? How to reach your goal on earth? With whom? Where are you going?

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    It drives me nuts inside and twists my insides in a crazy way. Cuz i feel for her.

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    Support that black family family come together

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    I lived around the corner from him on Draydes and Six St. Much love & respect for you. Soooooooo, so proud of you. I have my own collection of your work. Awesome brother. God bless

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    Am from South Africa

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