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UFC 247 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 3

UFC 247 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 3

[beep]>>Valentina: We’re
in Texas Gun Club and we are coming to shoot
because we are in Texas. After training, it’s the best
what we can do to spend the day.>>How are you?>>Good.
>>Good to see you.>>Valentina: I think we’re
gonna shoot some pistols. Let’s see what we have. My favorite to shoot
and to practice is 9mm. So, but, I’m open
to any caliber. They knew CZ 75 your favorite
and Glock 19 my favorite. For me, why Glock
because this kind of gun who would work doesn’t matter
what, doesn’t matter where. It will work. And in my mind, it’s
same like MMA fighters, mixed martial arts fighters. It’s universal fighters. And this is a Glock. It’s a universal–
universal style.>>She’s good. Now I know why they
call her the Bullet. Probably one of the best
shooters, her and her sister, I’ve ever seen. I’ve been around
military, police. They shoot very well.>>This one are mine. This one. This.>>Mine.>>Bye. Enjoy. Best of luck
to you on Saturday.>>We try to go to the beach
as much as possible. It’s pretty cold right now,
but anytime the sun’s out, we try to come to the
beach whenever we can. We love it here. We’re always in
the gym, all day. Fighting all day. Thinking about fighting. Talking about fighting. So, it’s nice to come here and nothing here has to
do with fighting at all. He doesn’t listen. We have no authority over him. I’m like, “Come over here!” And he doesn’t move and
we all walk towards him. When we go to fight week
and we have to take Pablo, we call it camp. We take him to camp. We put him in a kennel. It’s, like, the worst part
about fight week. You’re good at that. I’m a little bit
better than you are. You’re definitely worse.>>I can’t stand it.>>Yeah, he’s, like– he
struggles with it so much. The dog’s fine. It’s just us. Like, a whole week
without him sucks. [creaking] [radio playing] ♪♪>>Dominick: It’s
Monday fight week. Feel freaking fantastic, man. Doing my, uh,
fight week workouts. We work out around 11
because we’re walking around 11. We’re out here working, man. We’re getting rounds in. We’re opening up the lungs. We’re getting good movement,
game plans, that type stuff. I’m so dangerous right now. My timing, my range. Everything’s on point. It’s fight week, man. It doesn’t get any
better than this.>>Nick: Yeah, man,
he’s raising the bar. He’s ready to roll. Right now staying sharp. Keeping everything crisp. Keeping his reactions good. Just pushing it,
gonna blow out, man. Just solidifying the game plan. Keeping everything–
keeping everything tight. Keeping everything solid, man. And, yeah, just getting ready for new light heavyweight
champion of the world. And new!>>Easy work. Gonna have to put
me down, Jones. I’m not stopping. I can go all day out here.
Let’s go. When it all goes down,
I’m not gonna be surprised. Everybody else will. The old Stockton proverb goes:
I’m not surprised [bleep]. ♪♪ [ambient airport noise]>>Jon: It’s gonna
be a great week, man. My weight’s low. Probably about 217 right now. So– and normally I show up to
fight week around like 225, so. I– I’ll be a little bit smaller
than I normally am competing. But I feel plenty strong though. I don’t think a few
pounds of weight is gonna make a difference. It’s gonna be about
endurance in this fight, speed and agility, and I think I have the
advantage in all those areas. And coming in lighter is only
gonna help in all those areas. Ain’t about– this ain’t
about combine numbers, I tell you that.>>Can you make it out to Cody?>>Jon: Yeah, absolutely, man.>>And you signed it, it
got damaged in the hurricane.>>Man.>>You signed it, you
put, “[bleep] DC” on it. Can you do it again?
>>Oh, man. My beef with DC is all over.>>I’m going to
the fight Saturday. Another Jon Jones W.>>Yeah, you know what’s going.>>Can we take a picture?>>Yeah, let’s get it.>>I appreciate.
>>I appreciate you, man.>>Thank you so much.
>>See how you are, man.>>I didn’t know you
were going for it.>>Yeah, I got my
youngest brother. I got my man Budda over here. Two of the finest players
for the Arizona Cardinals out here supporting me early. These guys just got back
from Super Bowl week.>>Team Jones.>>We gotta keep the
festivities going for them. I tell you what,
I’m gonna make sure their week end in a great
big bang with a victory, man.>>On a great note.
>>On a great note.>>Look at my guy back there.
Look at him. Look at–>>We got the whole squad.
We got the whole squad.>>We out here live
and direct in Houston. Just touched down. Jon “Bones” Jones,
my boy Budda. We out here
live and direct.>>We got champ-ition.
>>Hey, stay tuned.>>You heard.
>>Champ-ition.>>Champ-ition. That’s a good one, huh?
>>Yeah.>>Yeah, that’s been his thing
since high school.>>Yeah, for a minute. Ain’t no ambition,
that’s cham-pition.>>Champ-ition. [clicking] [chatter]>>What’s up.>>What’re you smelling?>>What it smell like? Turkeys.>>Turkeys, Derrick.>>Damn, that
smells like paint to me. [bleep] I’m gonna go get a drink. You want anything, bro, from the little store
in here, the gift shop?>>Um, probably a tea.>>Oh, I grabbed two.>>Don’t worry about it.
You can leave it.>>What’s up, Derrick. How you doing, my man.>>Yeah, I’m getting you
and your boy confused.>>Who’s that? Steve Reed, the
big security dude. He’s got about 30 or
40 pounds on me, man.>>I don’t know man,
you all look alike to me.>>Hey, so, supplements. You use supplements?
>>No.>>You don’t use any?
That’s good. It’s probably the
safest thing to do. If you do, and this goes
not just for UFC athletes, but anybody, even
general consumers, only use supplements that are
certified by these companies. And what that means
is these companies have taken that supplement; They’ve tested it for
all banned ingredients, and assuming that it passes, they allow the company to put
their stamp on the supplement. And then also, me and Don
are always available. Like, if you’re
gonna use something, just send us a picture of
it just to double check and we’ll give you the
thumbs up or thumbs down. [chatter]>>Dominick: This is cool.>>Max that out to an XL.>>Boom. The sweet, sweet leather.>>Sweet smell, right?>>Yeah. Oh, my goodness.>>Fits?>>Yes, good money. Anderson was this
unbeatable force, this guy that
people couldn’t touch. And Chris went out
and shocked the world. You know, he took out
Anderson Silva. And it’s almost the
exact same thing that people are
saying about me. They’re like, “Oh,
this Reyes kid, he’s not gonna beat Jon Jones. Like, who is this guy?” But it’s really cool
because Chris beat Anderson. I beat Chris. So I feel like I’ve taken that
power that he had at one time, and it’s kinda
passed the torch on to me. Like, “It’s your turn, kid. Go shock the world.”>>You wanna try your
fight gloves on, Jon?>>Yes, sir, I’ll try them on.>>Ooh!
Get you going.>>When you see
that, yeah, things get a little
more real right away. Let’s go.>>That is your left.>>He doesn’t know what he’s
getting into and a lot of the stuff he says really
doesn’t make that much sense. So, I don’t really
see the comparison and to be a guy with
all these degrees, he doesn’t really
seem that intelligent to be honest with you. Everyone can talk. Everyone’s capable
of talking. Alrighty.>>Good,
the winners?>>These are the winning
gloves right here. [theme music] ♪♪

100 thoughts on “UFC 247 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 3”

  1. That fan was as big as Jones lol
    He was to use him as a sparing partner real quick for missing that initial fist bump

  2. My assessment is that Jon Jones is the best even if Dominick Reyes should win he has never beaten the fighters that John had to beat. and that was hella fukin tough but inside of me I believe Jon Jones is going to win yes sir and I am Mexican sorry Dominick Reyes

  3. Derrick Lewis is all of us coming out of the grocery store and getting caught in the parking lot by someone passing out unwanted flyers.

  4. Every person on the UFC roster going into their first title fight: "He/she has beaten a lot of people but hasn't faced anyone like me." For one, doesn't that pattern tell them that they are wrong? And for two, I'm getting tired of hearing that.

  5. Valentina is more of a man then I am. In the stereotypical sort of ways at least, probably doesn't have a dick n balls.

  6. Reyes is hard to read sometimes, cant tell if he's being cocky or confident..those 2 things are separated by a very thin line.

  7. Reyes brought up the fact that Chris Wiedman beat anderson silva when everybody thought silva wasn't going to lose. So he's comparing that fight to his fight with Jones on Saturday. Well there are a few things that make the Silva/Wiedman fight and this Jones/Reyes fight different. For one thing Silva was 37 years old when he lost to Wiedman. Jon is only 32 years old, so 5 years younger in the fight game means alot. Another thing different is we can all pretty much guarentee that Jones is gonna play around and keep his hands down while trying to dodge punches like Silva did. And finally this is a striker in Reyes vs a 100% all around complete fighter in Jones. So to compare this fight to Silva vs Wiedman is like comparing apples to oranges.

  8. Can Reyes out wrestle Jones? Can Reyes out grapple Jones? Can Reyes out strike Jones? Can Reyes out cardio Jones? The odds are definitely stacked against Reyes…ESPECIALLY after watching Volkan Oezdemir out grapple Reyes for 3 rounds. And No offense to Volkan but I just dont think him and Jon Jones are anywhere near the same in talent level. So if Volkan Oezdemir gave Reyes an extremely tough fight and some people even think Reyes lost that fight, then I dunno about Jones but he should try to grapple Reyes for 2 rounds to get the lactic acid built up in Reyes arms which makes his punching power drop like 30%, then finish him in the 3rd round

  9. It's either gonna be Jones by ref stoppage in the late rounds or ya never know and Reyes could score the upset victory of a lifetime.

  10. Why dont those UFC idiots photoshop fighters autographs onto the poster? why force the fighters to waste time signing those stupid posters?

  11. gun store guy said she was one of the best shot hes ever seen out of law enforcement and military maybe she is a spy after all

  12. “Anderson Silva beat Chael Sonnen, and Tito Ortiz beat Chael Sonnen, so I feel like the torch has been passed to me” – Dominick “The Delusion” Reyes

  13. Why doesn’t Dom go bald the receding hairline is bad just commit dude rock the shave head or a buzz cut, this coming from a guy with a receding hairline

  14. This embedded was like one of those introductions of the characters on real world or the OC. The most boring one I've seen boo embedded.

  15. Reyes is delusional. Not saying he can’t pull it off because it’s a fight and anything could happen but damn he sounds like fool sometimes.

  16. Embeddeds are sooo boring when there’s little or no animosity lol. It’s the same thing every time. Each fighter talks about how good they are, then how good they feel. Then the trainers tell you how well they’re doing in training and that they’re SO prepared. Then I fall asleep so I don’t know what comes next lol

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