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UFC 247 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 6

UFC 247 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 6

[ambient traffic noise]>>Jon: Today’s Thursday, just the day
before the weigh ins and we’re just enjoying
a nice little lunch. We’ve got the whole team here. Right now I feel great. I feel really good. I got to sleep really, really
good last night. The weight cut is almost over. Now it’s time to take all the
crap that’s the trash talking and
put it to rest and see what we’re really
about. I think you guys know what I’m
really about. Now we’ve got our minds right,
feeling good. It’s time to go see some
guns. Talking about support. I’m opening my phone and
seeing some pictures and videos from my daughter. She sent me a lion
and the Cross, and said, “I love you Daddy.” She’s constantly giving
me that love, man. It’s, like– it’s
beautiful. It’s tremendous. [binging] Ah!>>How you doing?
You good?>>What’s up, baby boy?
Thank you for having me.>>My home is your home.>>One of my greatest hobbies. Other brothers buy cars. I buy guns. Let me see that thing. That thing is so sexy. What caliber is this? And this would a real awesome
home defense weapon. And that’s so clean. Oh that is a sexy optic.>>Yup. Whenever you come to Houston, you’ve got a little piece of
you. So, we’ve got the Lion’s
Pride, but the best part.>>And still.>>Oh.>>You see that? Man, that is a beaut. That is a beautiful pistol.>>Thank you for coming out.
>>The man. Texas. Mess with your boy.
>>It’s how we do it.>>Yow! [crowd chatter]>>Next to the scale: Katlyn
Chookagian. 124.5.>>124.5. [applause]>>This was easy work. I’m excited. Go get some pancakes and ready
to go on Saturday.>>Next to the scale: Valentina
Shevchenko! [cheering] 124.5.>>124.5. [cheering]>>Jon: I wanna love you. I wanna love and treat you–
love and treat you right. 204. Ahead of schedule. Let’s keep it there. Drink water and be a full
205-pounder. I’ll show him a full 205
tomorrow. We show him when it counts,
right?>>Jon Jones to the scale. [applause]>>How is everybody feeling
today.>>We good, and you?>>I had a great weight cut. 20 minutes in the steam room and
it came right off. [laughing]>>Yeah, it was awesome, guys. I’m gonna wear my USA hat
today, representing all our men and
women in the armed forces. Thank you for serving our
beautiful nation.>>204. [applause]>>Do I get the pic?
>>I’m not done yet. Great, you guys.
Thanks for coming. It’s gonna be a great fight,
man. I’m gonna go to one of the
best restaurants in town that serves breakfast, and it’s gonna be a great
time. I’m gonna show my coach my
love by giving him tons of food, making sure they all have fat
bellies. Get in my belly!>>Next to the scale: Ilir
Latifi.>>246.5.>>246.5. [crowd chatter]>>Next to the scale: Derrick
Lewis.>>Let’s go, Derrick.>>Woo!>>261.5.>>Nice!>>Three, two, one. Happy birthday!>>To start out with some sweet
potato.>>Thank you.>>Of course, happy birthday.>>I look like a crazy person. What is this.>>Next welcome Dominick Reyes
to the scale. [cheering]>>And new!>>205.>>205. [cheering]>>And new! Let’s go!>>Feeling good. Ready to go to war now. Work’s done.
Talk’s done. Nothing left but to do it.>>Yeah, I usually just do
whatever’s simple and fast. One time I tried to go crazy and get all these different
braids because I see the girls, I’m
like, “Damn, that looks so cool,”
and halfway through my fight, the braids were, like, falling
out. And the referee came to my coach
Mark Henry in the middle of the– like when we were taking a
break on the bench, and he’s like, you gotta fix
the hair. So he basically, my coach
doesn’t know how to fix braids in the middle
of the fight, so he’s just putting his hand
on top of my head while talking to me in between
rounds, not doing anything. He just puts his hand on my head
and then I go out. My braids were falling all over. I was so pissed. I was like, “That’s the last
time I try to be cool,” so I just get fake eyelashes, and I’ll even keep them for
the fight, and then after the fight, I’ll usually have two left. But whatever, they looked good
going in, so. Then I go back to get them
fixed, the girls are like, “What
happened?” You literally have no idea
what just happened. I usually just say, “Oh, rough
week.” One more thing. Extra hairspray. That’s how you know you’re
from the East Coast, when you use a lot of
hairspray. From the New York, New Jersey
area.>>Jon: So, coach Gibson over
there, being the committed guy that he
is, wanted to hold mitts as close
to his face as possible to make it as
realistic as possible and he caught himself a right
elbow.>>I’d be more upset if Jon
messed up my hair.>>Jon: Oh, look at you.>>I’m just kidding.
Just kidding.>>Guess what, he said– I said, “Coach, I’m so
sorry.” He said, “Let’s go, finish the
round.” I’m like, “That’s my guy.
That’s my guy.” He took his hat off and became
serious right away.>>Very small price to pay for
victory. [radio playing] ♪>>What’s happening, Houston! Welcome to the weigh-ins. Thank you very much for coming
out. We got a hell of a card for you,
folks. In the middleweight division, there’s some unfortunate
news as Antonio Arroyo has been
pulled from the fight. However James Krause has stepped
in literally on last-minute’s
notice to will face Giles here
tomorrow night.>>James: Trevin didn’t have
an opponent, so I said I’d step up. I’m about 185, 186 when they
called me. So, yeah, why not.
This is why we do this. I’m ready.
I’m in shape. I train all the time for this
reason. James Krause and Trevin Giles,
ladies and gentlemen!>>I got a lot of respect for
the guy for that, man. I appreciate it and I think
that’s good, man. I got another fight. I’m ready, I’m happy.>>Joe: Here we go, ladies and
gentlemen! Introducing the challenger
Katlyn Chookagian! And her opponent, the reigning,
defending, undisputed women’s flyweight
champion of the world: Valentina Shevchenko! [cheering]>>Dana: Good luck tomorrow, you
two.>>Joe: Next, the main event of
the evening. Introducing the challenger:
Dominick Reyes! Official weight 205 for the
challenger. And his opponent: he reigning, defending,
undisputed light heavyweight champion of
the world: Jon “Bones’ Jones! [cheering]>>Joe: Official weight 204 for
the champion. [cheering]>>Joe: Houston, thank you very
much for coming out. We’ll see you tomorrow! [theme music]

100 thoughts on “UFC 247 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 6”

  1. Wow team captain for 2 years ha ha anyways how the fook can anyone say the fight vs Thiago Santos was even close when Santos still learning to walk while Jon "Bones" Jones continues to be the Mixed Martial Arts GOAT!
    Ultimate Fighting Championship
    UFC Light Heavyweight Championship (two times; current)
    Ten successful title defences
    Interim UFC Light Heavyweight Championship (one time)
    Fight of the Night (four times) vs. Quinton Jackson, Lyoto Machida, Alexander Gustafsson and Daniel Cormier
    Knockout of the Night (one time) vs. Brandon Vera
    Submission of the Night (two times) vs. Ryan Bader, Vitor Belfort
    Performance of the Night (one time) vs. Daniel Cormier
    Longest win streak in UFC light heavyweight division history (thirteen)
    Most consecutive light heavyweight title defenses in UFC history (eight)
    Most consecutive light heavyweight title bouts in UFC history (fourteen)
    Most successful light heavyweight title defenses in UFC history (ten)
    Tied (with Glover Teixeira, Ovince Saint Preux and Misha Cirkunov) for most submission victories in UFC light heavyweight division history (five)
    Tied (with Glover Teixeira and Ovince Saint Preux) for most stoppage wins in UFC Light Heavyweight history (10)
    Most wins in UFC light heavyweight division history (nineteen)
    Youngest fighter to win a UFC championship (23 years, 242 days)
    United States Kickboxing Association
    USKBA Light Heavyweight Championship (one time)
    2009 Breakthrough Fighter of the Year
    2010 All-Violence 1st Team
    2011 All-Violence 1st Team
    2011 Beatdown of the Year for win over Maurício Rua
    2011 Fighter of the Year
    2012 All-Violence 1st Team
    2013 All-Violence 1st Team
    2013 Fight of the Year (vs Alexander Gustafsson) (UFC 165)
    Mixed Martial Arts Hall of Fame
    World MMA Awards
    2010 Breakthrough Fighter of the Year
    2011 Fighter of the Year
    2012 Fighter of the Year
    2013 Fight of the Year (vs Alexander Gustafsson) (UFC 165)
    2018 Biggest Story of the Year (Jon Jones and the Move of UFC 232)
    MMA Fighting
    2013 Fight of the Year (vs Alexander Gustafsson) (UFC 165)
    2013 Fight of the Year (vs Alexander Gustafsson) (UFC 165)
    2013 Fight of the Year (vs Alexander Gustafsson) (UFC 165)
    Yahoo! Sports
    2013 Fight of the Year (vs. Alexander Gustafsson) (UFC 165)
    2013 Fight of the Year (vs. Alexander Gustafsson) (UFC 165)
    2018 Comeback Fighter of the Year[250]
    2013 Fight of the Year (vs. Alexander Gustafsson) (UFC 165)
    2015 January Fight of the Month vs. Daniel Cormier
    2011 Fighter of the Year[253]
    2013 Fight of the Year (vs. Alexander Gustafsson) (UFC 165)
    Wrestling Observer Newsletter
    2014 Feud of the Year vs. Daniel Cormier
    2011 Most Outstanding Fighter
    Spike Guys' Choice Awards
    2011 Most Dangerous Man
    FIGHT! Magazine
    2009 Newcomer of the Year
    Amateur wrestling
    National Junior College Athletic Association
    NJCAA Junior Collegiate Championship out of Iowa Central Community College (2006)
    NJCAA All-American out of Iowa Central Community College (2006)
    National High School Coaches Association
    NHSCA Senior All-American (2005)
    New York State Public High School Athletic Association
    NYSPHSAA Division I State Championship out of Union-Endicott High School (2005)
    USA Wrestling
    Northeast Junior Greco-Roman Regional Championship (2004)

  2. Reyes got fucking robbed….I thought he was going to get killed but damnnnn stanky breath reyes put up a good damn fight ND the bottom line is Reyes got plain robbed…this shit is just becoming like boxing fuck this.

  3. That jones reyes decision should be reversed. You cant have a judge clearly cheat and hand the loser the fight then call it crazy. It needs reversed.

  4. Jones was dominated by reyes, he's not the same that he was.he has to change something or retire. He was so much better 10 years ago and he will not always be saved by the judges. Plus he seems to dislike fighting big and tall adversaries. He definitively lost this fight,he's not explosive and impressive as he used to be. He was beaten by reyes but reyes was not extraordinary good, he just kept the distance and jones didn't know what to do.i don't know what is the biggest mystery of this morning,the judges decision or the low level of jon jones. Do you think he's already too old to be again as good as he was?

  5. Dom is a fucking beast. He came up short but will grow from this. What he doesn’t need to do is let butt hurt fans tell him he won. He needs to go into a comeback knowing he lost and get that hunger to come back better.

  6. Whos hear after the judges decided to fuck Reyes stiff in the asshole and were also told that lube & condoms were decided not to be used on this one.

  7. hey juice bones, your fake acting trying to look chill and shill for crap, no good, have your big brother teach you how to fake it better, from footballers to crotchsniffing looser that you truly are, fake piece of pbt. the real athletes see your fake self, down on your knees, and stay there .

  8. Дана сделай абсолютную весовую. Пусть мужики выяснят кто лучший, вне зависимости от веса. 🤘

  9. I love Dana’s expressions on his face in between the fighters trying to stop them from killing each other. His look is priceless.

  10. Most Athletes: I’m gonna play it cool at the ceremonial weigh-ins. I’ll wear a hat, my joggers, grab a flag, whatever.
    Valentina Shevchenko: 8:38

  11. What fucking flag did this whore display!? Poland or some shit. (?) I’m glad Valentina stomped this silly hoe. Gorls should not even be in the pro fight game. They just look like children in horse play. Valentina a beast tho. For once a woman fighter has the metal to fight. And put away that fool of a girl at once

  12. What a disgrace the UFC has become to let judges sit up there get paid and not even watch the fight,they were talking to each other.Martinez and Reyes both got robbed tonight because UFC continues to let this happen.

  13. Reyes was unimpressive! Jon was more aggressive and made his opponent look non spectacular. He skillfully and successfully neutralized the challenger!!!

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