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so HELLO everyone!! welcome back to my channel 🙂 and todays video is a highly requested one… the previous videos in this series got a great response from you All! Thank you!! So thought of making #4- unboxing my new manga part 4 – Few hours ago I recived a new package from Amazon and we will un-box it will find out which MANGA is it 🙂 So without any delay let’s start ! [Music] so the manga I got from Amazon is heaven’t you hard I’m Sakamoto and in Japanese it is called ‘Sakamoto desu ga?’ and if you are following me from very long then you must know that sakamoto desu ga is one of my favourite anime series and that is the main reason why I bought this manga… because I love Sakamoto even much more than one punch man… one punch man is a great series but the comedy level in this series I find it more funnier than that and I love it and so this is the manga and this is published by seven seas you can see the logo and it is quite smaller than the viz media or the vertical mangas if you notice currently I don’t have anything in front of me that I can compare with so this is I think this is kind of the original size of a Japanese manga this is my first seven seas manga so I don’t know … the artwork in this is something which I really need to talk about this is really good and if you have watched the anime then you can tell that the anime is super faithful to the manga each and every panel was shown exactly the same way and that is a great thing and the animation style in that anime was really good not like one punch man season 2 I had to troll that I am a big one punch punch and but I did not like the season and probably I’m going to read the manga instead of watching the season 2 it’s horrible to see such kind of … I mean such kind of terrible animation for such a great manga one of my favorite pages in this let me show you this one see the artwork in this is so cool and the overall artwork is seriously seriously really great and you will not believe that in what price I got this manga for and you probably have noticed that this is volume 2 I don’t have the volume 1 I will I’ll buy that soon and the reason I bought this first because I got it for super super duper cheap price I got this for only 199 rupees you can’t believe that right and now if you go to Amazon its cost around eighteen hundred and ninety-nine rupees which is nine nineteen hundred rupees which i think is not worth giving for a single volume it was I think it was my luck or something I don’t know suddenly I saw that and I cannot bear myself to buy it and immediately I tapped on that Buy Now button and here it is and most probably I don’t think that the Volume one price will get decreased or something like that I have to buy it for Rs 700 only I will buy for sure because it is really a great manga series highly recommended if you find it anywhere if you find it for cheap if you see that the wall volumes get back in stock in Amazon or flipkart but I it is not available in flipkart what by the way you can buy it from Amazon or Book Depository you will not even find it in retail stores also in India really hard to find really lucky that I got it for so cheap buy this definitely check out the anime or you can read it and online also so definitely check this out if you subscribe to my channel then I will get motivated to make more videos and please do share and subscribe do comment down..give me ur feedback i am trying my best to bring you the best video pls pls pls support this channel by liking and subscribing i cannot afford so many mangas like the big mangatubers because in India mangas are super costly to buy Will do more unboxing please support my channel by subscribing Subscribe please Give me your feedback subscribe to my channel thank you for Watching so this is PRATTAY signing off till my next video bye and follow me on Twitter and instagram follow me on Instagram or Twitter prattay official …do checkout! bye bye [Music]

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  2. finally you upload unboxing video….thanks bro and manga is fantastic and video is best……..

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