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Unarmed Stage Combat : Stage Combat: Stomach Kick

Unarmed Stage Combat : Stage Combat: Stomach Kick

Now we’ve already gone over some punches.
We got a slap in there. Now we’re going to add a kick. Now there are all kinds of different
kicks. We could do a non-contact stomach hit, which is just a nice sidekick, like so. She
reacts to it. We could do a crescent kick, which is, she’s going to do an avoidance so
I don’t actually kick her in the head. And I set myself up, give a nice que, go around.
You got a nice crescent kick there. But the kick that we’re going to add to our fight
is going to be a contact stomach kick. So what I’m going to do is, first and foremost
we want to check for distance. So what I want to do is, I’m going to set my foot right here.
This is my sturdy leg. What I’m going to do is, I’m going to torque my body, set my leg
up, and she’s going to put my foot where she wants it. All right so, she’s telling me where
I need to kick. If I go too high or too low it could really hurt her. So, we’re going
to make sure that I kick right there. Right on target. Right, I believe, right by the
belly button. So that it’s the nice softer area, more muscley also, of the stomach. So
if I put it down. So now we just want to practice over and over again kicking that same spot.
So I go (Uh). Notice I was a little high there. I was right in here as opposed to right here.
This is why we practice it because your leg wants to go all over the place, right? So,
if you’re repetitive with it, it gets used to going to a certain position. So if I kick
again. We’re good? (Yes) So I do it again, torque, kick. We’re good? (Yes) And as we
get more comfortable we can kick a little harder so that it makes a nice sound. So I
torque, kick. Torque, kick. All right now her reaction here is really important. We’re
going to make sure that she reacts with where she’s getting hit. So this, you’ll notice,
is going to kind of go back a little and she’s going to kind of lose her breath because you
would right? So if I step, torque, kick. Now it only works if she adds this reaction. If
I kick her with all my might, I’m going for it, I’m going for it and she doesn’t do anything!
It’s kind of sad for me. It makes me look kind of weak, right? Whereas, if I go to town
and she reacts to it, it looks like I’ve got some power behind it. So now that we’ve shown
you how to do a nice contact stomach kick, we can move on to the next part of our fight.

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  1. Of course, the good rule of thumb–a full-speed kick to the stomach should never be done full-contact. It would be dangerous and it would really hurt the partner if especially w/o chest protection. So without that chest protection, the best bet when you kick full speed is to do it not too much full speed but fast enough to make it a real kick…but recoiling the kick about 1-2 inches (2 inches is best) away from the opponent; then the opponent's reaction to the kick will do the rest.

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