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Subtitles available! Hello once again, Cyprus here! Another wednesday, another unboxing! Let’s see what we got today! It is something huge and awesome It is the triple Choz booster! We got hazard kerbeus, wolborg and z achilles with dagger Another powerful unboxing on our channel! So dont forget to like to comment and to subscribe! Here we go! This is probably the first brazilian unboxing of this set And it is so big! We got hazard kerbeus, z achilles and wolborg in burst format Atomic and bearing in a single set, which makes this a great buy From behind we can see the parts, stats and colored disks, they only appear in sets like this And finally, safety hazard text Lets open this We will pull the tab, is it gonna be an unorganized tab like the Z3 one? Thats way better We got the big bag with manuals and stickers, and thats it for the box So many bags to open! We will cut them and also apply the stickers Everybody is already here, lets inspect things But before we begin, I’m explaining why my parts got those small stars on them Beyblade stickers have those so you can identify what is yours when things explode This is hazard kerbeus, no qr codes inside. This is a big defense type with sideway coil defenses like caynox, except it had up/down We got kerbeus final evolution, finally! The forge disk, green 7. A famous stamina type , and its green coating is only on the top, but good to make your combos more colorful The performance tip, Atomic! Famous for its 360 degree ball, it reminds me a watermelon because of its colors. Look at it! The flame sword version of Z achilles, nothing new here except the awesome stickers. Its Z ability is Metal Stinger The new frame Dagger comes with the forge disk 3, you could only get “3” by getting a twin nemesis Dagger is a good fit for 1-dash, thats what Xhean is doing in the anime Its attack collision gets even bigger and powerful. So huge! So you can use it on 1-dash or on 3 The destroy perfomance tip, famous because of L3 and Vise leopard. The disk on the bottom allows to get stabilization when almost falling down The classic wolborg! Very light and a good adaption of the original. Even the bit beast chip is correct! I have an old one for measure Of course, no qr codes in here. Is it gonna be full of recoil like previous classic conversions? Only battle will tell The forge disk, 8! Another common staminda forge disk but painted white. Looks very similar to a normal 8 but thats not the case Bearing, a famous performance tip made famous by caynox. The POM base and the bearing inside allow long rotations and steep angles without falling down Lets assemble each and test teeth strength Hazard kerbeus+layer+tip… There. Not so strong but way better than k3, plus the side defenses and the atomic tip Now for z achilles + disk + tip…. Not as hard as the original, first one had strong first teeth that i didnt feel on this one And now for wolborg+disk+tip… Here it is. Very light but only battle will tell if thats a weakness or not And theyre finally here! A huge set with awesome parts for our channel And we will make them battle! But we also got a new extra thing, and that is…! Our arena will be on the Brazil exclusive battle carpet! Only the champions got one in the nationals, less than 25 exist! Hasbro got me one as a thanks We will also use a chaos core like they did there too. As you know it, I was the official battle announcer in the brazilian national tournament Now we will put dagger on xcalibur And thats the amazing Cho-z triple booster! Congratulations for watching until the end! You will discover next week’s unboxing! You must choose between…! This bey i got from a giveaway or the corocoro exclusive? Make your choice! So dont forget to like, to comment and to subscribe! See ya on the next videos!


  1. O Primeiro unboxing brasileiro desse booster foi feito pelo cpa gameplay,mas levando em conta que ele mora no Japão o primeiro unboxing 100%Brasileiro foi o seu.

  2. Cyprus, sabe quando vc trava a espada do Buster?
    Então,se vc deixar ele no modo Buster e apertar embaixo a espada trava também

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