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Under $300 Living Room Makeover | Mr. Kate Decorates on a Budget

Under $300 Living Room Makeover | Mr. Kate Decorates on a Budget

Hello my creative weirdos, welcome! W e are doing another room on a budget video. I’m so excited you guys loved the last one yay! Today we are doing a living room on a budget and this living room belongs to Ayla, she’s 25 she works in PR, and so we are going to tackle it try to do like a Minimalist, kind of tumblr chic look in there, and we’re doing the same thing guys $300 is our only budget to pull this piece together and we have to do it in one day. Oh my gosh Can we do it? Let’s try! Knock knock, I’m Mr. Kate! Oh, you don’t even need the introduction, you already know, listen! I’m Mister Kate! I’m here I’ll take a look at your place! I’ll stop by for a while and help you find your style we’ll laugh and we’ll paint Mr. Kate! I’m Mr. Kate! Ok guys so here, I am in Ayla’s living room it’s kind of her like living room, dining room, entryway combo and right away what I see in this space is something that I see all the time from you guys sending me pictures Just being in people’s faces. It just doesn’t feel like there’s any element of decor or design in here It just feels like someone moved in placed the stuff, but didn’t really go any further of course with our budget We need to embrace some of these things. She has in here and some of them are nice like she’s got this couch She’s got already a faux plant great. I love it, it’s little dusty, we’ll dust it off. That desk situation, it’s actually a desk. It looks like an armoire, but it’s really cool I just think this scale isn’t right She does have this other vintage piece in her bedroom that I caught sight of which is taller, but more narrow And I feel like I’m gonna swap those out. She’s got two coffee table options She’s got some side chairs the dining table and chairs are really cute that looks brand-new It is a bit small for this space because I think even though it’s a small room you can Decorate with larger items and it ends up making the room feel bigger so with my $300. Let’s start the clock Alright, so now. I have to go find Joey. Hopefully he’s already warmed up the car, so let’s go, let’s go shopping! Hey, Joey, okay? Hey guess what today’s episode is sponsored by our good friends over at daily harvest my gosh I love daily harvest I know I love it too guys daily harvest sends super food eats straight to your door with your choice of smoothies, activated breakfast bowls, or an ice cream vegan sundae. They’re also organic, unrefined, and frozen at peak freshness Each single serving cup comes ready to blend or heat And it’s ready in just 30 seconds. My personal favourite is chocolate of blueberry vitality I like the strawberry and peach reviver and check out the link in the description box It is daily – harvest calm backslash mister Kate, and when you use our link you’ll get an after special discount So thanks daily harvest, so now let’s get back to this living room project shall we? Okay, hi guys! So we are in the car, we’re gonna hit up one of our favourite thrift stores in LA BTS. What do you think about space? I think her floor plan needs a lot of help We need to get a rug, because an area rug is going to be really crucial for grounding that livingroom area Maybe I can get lucky with like an armchair, and then yeah, just some accessories I mean we’re trying to stay minimal, but we still need like stuff so Fingers crossed that they have some things that will fit with Ayla’s Minimalist, Tumblr vibe. it’s a challenge. That’s the whole point. I’m feeling challenged. Oh do not Ok ok just missed our exit, and we’re taking the long way! I think we do actually need a lamp, wait I see one Joey, I see one! $7! Wow! I’m gonna set it down here while I keep looking, he’s helping, tell me if you find anything modern, minimalist. Plant stand! Kate! 50% off furniture, wall art, mirrors! This is heaven. So the key is making sure that the modern frames don’t have too much detail on them Like not too much gold and like filigree and whatever look at this one has this really Robin that inside of it thin metal Yeah, grab it okay Joey look clean Modern lines could it get any better also 50% off So this is the kind of stuff I like to see a milk bottle yeah, it’s a dollar great 150 metals yes this Just a piece of sleep for like a tray or candle or something on the cognitive all $2 simple black pitcher $2.00 yes or like fun, right Mm-hmm and these are $5 for the set and there’s a bajillion $3 $3 oh my god coasters coasters hang on Berisha it’s too big to graduation It’s like a wildland hanger thing right mm-hmm. Oh my god, okay? I can’t hold anything else must put things down actually something We do not recommend this method for measuring no this is not the exact way of measuring Divide 60 by 2 It’s a little smaller, but it’s cool $8 at Finnegan mmm-ma sail Sail on top of that So now we need to figure out some of the more like artistic things in the room I would love to do like a wallpaper wall in that space because I love that archway and like the inset but we don’t have the budget for that so I think the next best thing is a Tapestry, maybe where the TV is right now we have like a hundred and eighty bucks left basically, okay So you know what else I would love to do is get a smaller pan of paint and do the wall of the kitchen Because even though that’s not part of the room you see it. Maybe like a dark anchoring color there and a piece of art You know go down down down. Okay? Let’s head to the fabric store Okay guys, I am so low now in the car because I’ve just dropped jelly off at the hardware store And I’m gonna run in really quickly to the fabric store and see what I can find for the tapestry. Oh hey guys is Here is the fabric that I got I got this like canvas E-cloth which is nice and heavy and this was closed out, so it was nice and cheap, and I got this Beautiful floral which was of course more expensive because it’s more patterned etc But I only got a yard of this so my plan is to cut out Flowers out of this and then create my own New pattern on this bigger piece of canvas so basically turning one yard into a two yard Tapestry oh, and I also got some very cheap block fabric and then I got a corner There’s full fabric to be maybe a shadow and a highlight if I want to layer some more things applying the flowers So now I’m gonna go pick up Joey at the hardware store And then we’ll probably stop at a big-box store to get Throw pillows a side table and maybe curtains if we have room in the budget. I don’t know still see you back in there All right, so we have like not a lot of time Yeah, what’s new let’s just assess Okay, so guys we lucked out right this gray paint color is totally neutral minimal black and white guys But this yellowy Christmas is not so we’re gonna do an accent wall in the kitchen of a dark color cool So you got that yeah, you’re gonna Yeah, but I know she already has a little mount on the back It looks like it’s maybe missing pieces, but I think I can find that I’m gonna move the couch out so that it is Basically creating more of an entry hallway from the front door and then the TV of course will be opposite back. We’ll clean our new Thrift in white chair as part of the conversation area except. We’re putting the TV day. What’s happening on this wall? I have my DIY tapestry movie there, and then I want to swap out this vintage piece the furniture Which is just too deep should we put that in her bed early on her bed dresser, okay? So you go to projects? I’m gonna beat that rough. Yeah. Yeah, I’m gonna get up like ducks down everything me tricks my spleen Oh, there. You go, Joey. Love you. Bye Yeah, I might need a hand No, let it come to the beautiful about the store We only have one rug it is an amazing sheet from the thrift store. No stains no weird smells Smell test proved, but I still want to give it a nice beating with a broom Alright guys Tapestry time okay, so when I was texting with Ella he text me one photo that had a very pronounced floral wallpaper in it and she said she loved that look so this tapestry is my kind of twist on a wallpaper look for cheaper and faster the plan is I’m going to cut out the flowers first and Create some strips with my accent fabric and then once I’ve settled on the perfect layout I will adhere Everything using a hot glue gun because ain’t nobody got time for sewing a tapestry So I think this way is a little bit bigger this it’s so Changing the vibe and the space to have a rug here because We now are making it very clear where the living room coziness happens Ready for a thrift store rug huddle, okay wrong show? That’s that’s this isn’t it OMG. We’re coming over. That’s true, right We do it. We do rose petals and og we’re coming over. Okay, let’s talk me we got a timer going That’s true Timer how much time do we have? So obviously, this is beat up the worst one. I like putting it. I’m like girl she rolling it over that but You only have so much budget don’t fix. What ain’t broken? Will needs a little broken don’t think so. It’s only a little broken Poor art I was obviously not a cheerleader. I really wanted to be though anyways that’s the five point point is we are doing DIY art right now, so here’s what we’re working with today because We want to have that minimalist tumblr look I really think that a photo as one of the art Pieces is gonna really make a big difference in here rather than me painting or doing DIYs for all of the art So I recently went to Europe and I took a bunch of pictures on my phone And I ended up getting on blown up as posters at the drugstore you guys I also have this beautiful plant that Joey got at the hardware store And then I’m also going to paint a DIY piece of art something really simple that is a great technique that you guys can do and that is sort of like a dribble paint it’s kind of Letting the paint kind of dictate its own shape so I will be doing that with just Some black paint and a paintbrush. I have two sizes, but I’ll probably use the big ones is it soaks up Martine It’s a drips of all it’s a bicycle. It’s poo All right laughs, but just certainly not least let’s make a hanging plant now I’m using this cotton clothesline so you want to cut three pieces and then double it over Right so at the loop and then hanging down you now have six Oh Math so this is super long because I just want to have access so that I can knot it and maybe braised a little bit All right, sue this loop will be where we’ll hang it from the hook up at the ceiling so I’m just gonna add a Knot there. Yeah, all right? So that’s that so this is gonna hang from the ceiling. I want a nice area to go down before the plant actually comes into play, so let’s breathe this part shall we These are those really simple loop knots So here’s our net and then I’m just gonna tie a final big knot right underneath the pot So that’s what’s gonna secure the pot in this nap creating a bottom And then this excess we can sleep hanging you could braid more you could trim I’m just gonna leave it hanging until we get it up in the ceiling because I might want some of these hanging down Line the bottom of this tonight fancy sandwich bag so this will be where the pant thought will go and that way when she waters it and it Flows out of these little holes on the bottom there would be something waterproofing Catch it Look at that so cute if you painted that it would be so cute But we’re obviously gonna stick it inside this net and hang it up. Okay, so this is home guys we have no time We’re literally down to the wire and starting it dark out She’s gonna be home soon, so I’m gonna just finish, please and almost I have all this stuff to style deliver your own I hope you do the book, but we have no time Who’s here guys, how does it look in here? Oh My gosh that blue color that Joey picked out for the kitchen is so beautiful I said a dark blue And he totally nailed it and see it really anchors a space now because she has this really pretty archway here. We’re now Highlighting this architectural detail because of the dark color behind it and then of course it makes the artwork Just really pop. I also love that we have the hanging plant kind of near at the dining table now It’s almost like a fun twist on a chandelier. It’s like a Plant Alire, and then you can see that We’ve also created now a hallway by with the new placement of the sofa And then now that we’re using this more narrow piece that she had in her bedroom And it just works so much better in here and now she can use that other desk That was in here as a vanity in her bedroom. So this is the way to go to flip-flop this I am so obsessed with this tapestry I feel like it is such a great way to get with the wallpaper look for so Inexpensive it just makes such an impact in here And I love the stripes mixed with the floral like it still has that kind of like Minimalist look and stripes and florals could be better We brought in our lounge chair Which makes such a big difference because it matches the scale of the sofa before she just have that rattan chair Next to her sofa with the leg clear plastic one They were just way too small for the space and this side table I got at the big-box store when I got the pillows and the curtains it’s so cool and geometric and perfect in here and guys it was discounted because it had like a mark on the back of it, but hoop skin so long I Don’t you like this? Okay everybody ready, okay? Yes, no. I know wise enough. Yes. Oh My god it looks so good And remember that that is oh yeah sure that was a lot waiting for a while and obviously we didn’t have that in the budget It’s so good. I like all the gray tones, but it’s not interesting and there’s plans The kitchen looks completely different, and what do you think of this new floor plan right? It’s so much better It was just confusing before I know well It’s you know that’s something that a lot of people deal with you come into like a Big room and you’re like okay this needs a function is my living room and dining room How do I set it up? But I feel like now the table kind of having its moment out away from the wall a little bit And it’s broken up better, so like you have you have a case of? Come in with the medicine for a wall like this it’s called floor Called in breathing the center of your room a little bit. Yeah, I just want to call my friends Wow I was like supposed to go do something and I’m like no just come here I could not even have imagined it to look like this under $300 hole no way Dramatic lighting it’s literally nighttime guys it took us a full day all day these winter months It gets dark too early, but we got it in before the Sun went down Okay, we love doing these videos. It’s so much fun. Let us know what spaces you want to see us do on a budget And just be proud and happy to join the free videos because any Type of creativity or thing that you want to do in your space or on your body is valid and beautiful alright Alright guys we will see you next time Josh I got lunch now it’s not for dinner right reverse this thing for Hang on a thing do that thing on the thing bad, that’s the kind of thing that’s good that thing on the thing Let’s check out and get out here

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