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Unnies try out for TWICE, AOA, Girl’s Day outfits! [Sister’s SlamDunk2 / 2017.04.28]

Unnies try out for TWICE, AOA, Girl’s Day outfits! [Sister’s SlamDunk2 / 2017.04.28]

76 thoughts on “Unnies try out for TWICE, AOA, Girl’s Day outfits! [Sister’s SlamDunk2 / 2017.04.28]”

  1. To be honest this stylist really knows how to make the idols look slimmer and accentuate their bodies with illusions. She really knows what she’s doing

  2. sook is actually wearing chanmis top, not that it matters anymore but yeah just wanted to put that out there

  3. How did no one think of a halter top? At least it would be better than the collar and the jacket/sequin thing? Like I’m gonna be honest here , the outfits look very weird if they are all tgt. They dont look like a girl group. The colours don’t match at all and every outfit is extremely different.

  4. KBS! As an Elvis of AOA, I am really offended and disappointed on a silly mistake. In the part where Like a Cat comes out, it was Hyejeong and Chanmi, not Jimin. Please, be careful next time

  5. Today is Somi debut day. Watching her in twice clothes, makes me realize how far she has come. Well done Somi, we will always support you 😘😘

  6. 11:26😢 awwww poor somi… but now you just debuted with birthday!! what a bop bro👏🏼❤️🎉😉

  7. imagine somi joined twice…
    Everyday would be a hard time for there managers hahaha….
    Twice has 9 dorks when somi joined there not dorks anymore they'll be comedians hahaha…😂❤

  8. Who was here before and who is here after SOMI's solo debut with Birthday TTTT I follow her since sixteen and i dont regret nothing!

  9. I remember when i was 43kg I was using my nephew tshirt. I buy in kids section, now im 55kg. Its hard dieting, im amaze how idols stick to their diets. And still practice.

  10. I wanted to see Somi in a girlgroup rather than solo. 🙁 She will shine more brightly.

    PS: this doesn't mean I hate her being solo

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