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UofL cheerleader found dead in off-campus apartment

UofL cheerleader found dead in off-campus apartment

AND I’M VICKI DORTCH. THE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE CAMPUS IS IN SHOCK TONIGHT AFTER A POPULAR STUDENT-ATHLETE IS FOUND DEAD INSIDE HER APARTMENT. 22-YEAR-OLD CHEERLEADER DANI COGSWELL WAS FOUND DEAD IN HER ROOM IN THE CARDINAL TOWNE APARTMENTS AROUND NINE THIS MORNING. WLKY’S TIM ELLIOTT JOINS US NOW LIVE FROM THE U- OF-L CAMPUS WITH DETAILS, TIM? RICK/VICKI. AT THIS POINT, INVESTIGATORS DO NOT SUSPECT FOUL PLAY. AND THAT’S LEAVING A LOT OF PEOPLE HERE CAMPUS WONDERING HOW SHE DIED. she will always be remembered for her smile and her dedication to her team and to her sport 22-YEAR-OLD DANI COGSWELL WAS A STAND- OUT ATHLETE ON THE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE CHEERLEADING TEAM. she was actually one of our more elite cheerleaders. our top cheerleaders are on the co-ed team and she was what was known as a flier so one of the young ladies that does a lot of the acrobatics and stunts with the team ON MONDAY MORNING, COGSWELL WAS FOUND DEAD INSIDE HER OFF CAMPUS APARTMENT. SO FAR, AUTHORITIES HAVEN’T GAVE US ANY INSIGHT TO HOW SHE MAY HAVE DIED. yes I think just trying to answer the cheerleaders questions had been the hardest part of the day today THE TRANSFER STUDENT FROM ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY GREW UP IN WASHINGTON STATE AND WAS ABOUT TO START HER SECOND YEAR AT U OF L. ABOUT 25 MEMBERS OF THE CHEERLEADING SQUAD GATHERED ON CAMPUS MONDAY TO REMEMBER THEIR TEAMMATE AND FRIEND. just a lot of shock disbelief just and trying to understand what happened. and I think that was the feeling in the room that there’s a lot of unanswered questions at this point you know I heard about it through social media NEWS OF DANI’S DEATH SPREAD FAST ON CAMPUS. it’s just really upsetting to know that a fellow student has passed away at such a young age LOUISVILLE CHEERLEADING COACH TODD SHARP RELEASED THIS STATEMENT. “The University of Louisville Spirit program is devastated to lose one of our beautiful and talented team members. Dani had a contagious smile and a spirit that would ignite the room. She will be greatly missed.” we all need to stand by each other and just be available for one another, a shoulder to cry on I SPOKE WITH HEAD COACH TODD SHARP OVER THE PHONE TONIGHT, HE TELLS ME THAT DANI WAS A RAY OF LIGHT , EXTREMELY CHARISMATIC, AND AN ELITE LEVEL ATHLETE.ONE OF THE BEST IN THE COUNTRY IN FACT. THE CHEERLEADING SQUAD IS ALREADY PLANNING A MEMORIAL SERVICE IN DANI’S HONO R. REPORT ING LIVE FROM THE U OF L CAMPUS, TE WLKY NEWS.

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