‘USA! USA! USA!’: American soccer fans celebrate win against England

-The US women’s national team are my favorite team
across all platforms and to see them win and go
to the World Cup Finals, whoo! I am so energized. -[chanting] USA, USA, USA,
USA, USA, USA! -It was a great game
to watch, actually. I was a little worried there
with the offsides call, but we were happy
to pull out the win at the end. Really happy. -[chanting] USA, USA, USA,
USA, USA! -It means so much more
to English people than it does to Americans. But it’s also great that America
is participating in world sports and that that participation
in world sports is led by women more than men. -I love this team so much,
and not just because of what they do on the field, but the voices
that they share off of it. And they’ve really been
inspiring women, girls, everyone, to be who they are
and I love them so, so much.

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