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veronica from “sierra burgess is a loser” makeup & hair tutorial

veronica from “sierra burgess is a loser” makeup & hair tutorial

hey it’s Jackie and welcome back to my
channel for today’s video we have another a movie magic look this time
inspired by Veronica from the new Netflix movie Sierra Burgess is a loser
I love the movie I cried a lot and if you love TV and movie recreations make
sure you subscribe to this channel because I love doing that and give this
video a thumbs up I have been getting lost requests for her makeup and hair so
I chose the cheerleader look as well as her whole prom hair makeup and I have
teamed up with a benefit Canada again for this video and I’m showing you guys
a really cool new and innovative product called the brow contour Pro so I will
use this tool to get Veronica’s big fluffy brows and I really hope you
guys enjoy it so let’s just get started starting with moisturized skin I’m using
an illuminating primer on my cheekbones nose forehead and chin but I’m avoiding
my cheek area because I have quite a few of broken pores so I’ve been using the
benefit Porefessional for a matte smoothing primer in that area and the
foundation I’ve been loving is the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD foundation I forgot
how much I loved this foundation I used to use it all the time and it feels very
light and has a natural moisturizing texture when I want to pick up the light
without adding more coverage I’ll go in with the Charlotte Tilbury flawless
filter I’m in shade 1 and I found my favorite way to use this complexion
booster is for a targeted glow so I added again to my nose chin a tiny
amount on my cheeks and forehead and this gives a super healthy glow that
doesn’t look like a shimmery highlight and a drugstore option I think would be
the L’Oreal Paris magic lumi concealer has a little bit more coverage to it but
also just a bit of a glow and I added some of the foundation mixed with the
filter under the eyes and that’s a perfect way to brighten them up I’ve
been in love with this lip to cheek cream blush by RMS beauty I used it in
the mama mia Bridal look I did and I use it almost every day for a pretty glow it
is such a nice product it is more on the pricey side so you could also try the
Maybelline bouncy blushes and another product I’ve stuck with for everyday is
the pixie translucent powder to set again I find it most flattering with my
skin to make sure the areas with the larger pores are modified so the texture
it doesn’t pick up as much and time to add some warmth and dimension to the
face with the benefit hoola light matte bronzer Veronica has gorgeous high cheekbones
more of a defined square jaw with a shorter chin and the longer forehead
than me so I’m adding some bronzer to start to give a subtle suggestion of
that face shape and my fave the nose contour
I love Veronica’s nose and I think I’m just gonna contour my nose like this now
it’s so fade around the tip and the nostrils subtly up the sides and then with a
deeper contour shade I added similar divots to her nose chin and I’m giving a
stronger shading through the cheekbone this looks a little harsh but I’m
softening up with more of the hoola light bronzer and then this is optional
but I love to go in with a powder blush to set for extra long wear and my
favorite product from Charlotte Tilbury is the blushes and the shade is ecstasy
but Spring Sheen from Mac is also a known ghost dupe as well and now for
full and natural looking brows I’m using such a fun product I recently went to
Miami with benefit Canada to celebrate the launch of the new brow contour pro
so get excited for that vlog over on my second channel and let’s put the product
to the test this is a foreign one contour pencil features a lighter brow
shape deeper brow shade edge definer and arch highlighter to create clean shaped
brows with depth and dimension since I’m going for fuller straighter brows I’m
using the lighter brown shade first and I’m also warming up my brows with the
shade like Veronica’s edging in more of a fuller straighter arch by creating
hair like strokes I even added in some straight hairs and this new shape is
gonna look a lot more realistic with more definition so I’m taking the deeper
shade and I’m adding in a few more strokes and how easy was that to create
a new defined shape I’m using the definer to clean up the section and I
didn’t use the highlight shade for this look but it’s there and not every skin
tone is the same so there are five different shades for a wide range of
hair colors and skin tones so here are the two I have to compare the highlight
shades they’re super easy and blendable and this is long wearing and waterproof
which is awesome I’m gonna spray in some temporary
highlights in my hair so to match I’m also adding highlights to my brows with
the 3d brow tones in the shade too from benefit this is also a unique product
that seriously comes in handy to me and burgundy and purple tones are all the
rage for fall Urban Decay just came out with an awesome palette that I want to
use for another fall tutorial but there are great drugstore picks too this is
the Rimmel London magnifies spice Edition palette I’m starting with the
matte light Browns in the inner and outer crease little bit of a matte
highlight to bring the brow bone forward adding a touch of silver to match the
silver simple prom dress Veronica wears in the inner corner and under the bottom
lash line this is a liner from kiss and now with a matte black liner I this
under the lash line tapering out farther to get those sexy tapered out eyes
smudge along the outer half of the upper lash line and now back with the shadows
use the matte maroon to fade from the first half of the lash line smoked out the black liner with a deep
matte purple adding my most used mascara this is a benefits roller lash and this
curling and lifting mascara gives a sexy wide-eyed look totally matching this
whole eye look and it’s simple but it really enhances the eye and finally for
lips I chose this bite lipstick in the shade
it’s a muted mo of mauve oh my god I never know how to say that freaking word
mouth naav anyway so I started with that shade again but I wanted a bit more pink
to get the prom look to be more accurate so Burt’s Bees a gloss lip crayon was
used in Tahiti sunset love the feel of these lip balms add a little gloss if
you want and I love this look for an everyday put together look and I think
I’ll definitely use this often for Veronica’s understated waves for
prom you want a middle part and then curls going away from the face and you
want the first curl to fall about where your jawline is so if it is the long
night curl a little bit higher and then it will loosen up a little bit
throughout the night and then the bottom layer and bringing some curls going
forward and then some backwards as it’s pretty undone and then I’m just using
this humidity controlling hairspray from OGX Angie’s temporary blond highlights
and I love this look with a simple silver dress do falsely at the beginning of the movie Veronica
wears heavier makeup to school and when she cheer leads so here’s another
Veronica option and it’s my personal favorite
so same skin steps and the burgundy and maroon palette this time is by covergirl
and this one has a more of a shimmer to it richer shades for bolder eyes taking
the light shimmery shade all across the lid and then a rich maroon in the outer
crease and then more of the brick-red in the
outer v hers isn’t too blended and it really enhances the eye shape with the
pop of color and I took the richer red through the bottom lashline and I faded
to the deeper purple and that’s gonna give us really defined doll-like eyes
finally add some faded out liner one of my faves for smudgy liner is the buxom
sexy smoky casual powder liner this is foolproof for easy smoked out eyes same
blush as before a little bit more enhanced for cheer and staying with the
white pepper lipstick and there’s my take on Veronica’s cheer look complete
with her pony which I loved recreating so just keep on watching got the cheer
outfit on and they bought this online from a kids cheerleading store and then
I put my own details on it and it looks so much like the Princess Diaries cheer
outfit – anyway I added some dry shampoo and brush my hair back and the main part
of the pony is the teased pouf so divide a section going backwards from about
where your eyebrow arches keep the rest of the hair out of the way and layer by
layer spray with a volumizing hairspray and gently tease those roots backwards leave the front section on tees to layer
over the t’s portion for a smoother look gather the hair back twist and pin in an
X and this is a super cute hairstyle just leaving your hair down but to get
her full pony I added a lighter extension to the ponytail and you want
to clip the extension in where the clips are facing upwards instead of downwards
so that the hair will easily gather up into a ponytail flip the hair add the
high pony and I use some spray wax on the hair going back for a sleek look
with the same traditional one-inch curling iron like I used in the first
look I’m curling by rolling the hair up the curler holding and then when the
curl is released spraying with hairspray to get those
polished cheergirls curl all the hair going in one direction and again I added
the temporary highlight spray to blend in the blond pony for extra lightness
add a cute bow I also DIY this and there’s a look vote if you like the prom
or cheerless I hope you enjoyed this Veronica from
Sierra Burgess is a loser a makeup and hair look and if you did let me know
what you think in the comments did you prefer the cheerleader look or her prom
look and also if you have any requests for me let me know in the comments if
you missed my latest tutorial on Jackie from the seventy show be sure to take a
watch I had a lot of fun with it and I love to fit you guys so please tag me if
you ever try out one of these looks here a couple of my new favorites so thanks
again for watching and I will see you guys in my next tutorial

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  1. Can you do: Andie MacDowell style makeup from the lesser known 90’s movie Green Card? It’s super natural but really nice!

  2. It's funny and crazy how you just look like her 😂😂
    By the way you're sooo awesome doing these transformations, I wish I can be that good tho

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