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Video Karate Lessons : Karate Kata Three for Beginners

Video Karate Lessons : Karate Kata Three for Beginners

How are you doing? My name is Qaeem and on
behalf of Expert Village, I am going to be demonstrating Shorin-Ryu Karate. In Shorin-Ryu
Karate today, I am going to be demonstrating H-Kata3. H-Kata3 has all the blocks and punches
that we have just finished demonstrating. It has the rising block; it has the middle
block and has the low block. It has the high punch, it has the low punch and it has the
middle punch. It also has your forward stance and your horse stance. In this kata you will
see all those movements and those kicks and all that put into one. So when you learn or
you practice, you master all those technique, this is the kata that you are going to do
to practice and put them all together. Once again, you are going to start on the ready
position. You are going to bow, which is also called ?? (050). You are going to start out
in your horse stance, X block, X block down. Then you are going to step left, down block,
forward stance. Stepping forward, you are going to reverse punch with movement into
a forward stance. You are looking over your shoulder because you are coming behind. You
are going to do a downward block with your right arm. Then you are going to go back into
the forward stance stepping forward. Looking over your shoulder, you will be coming down
the middle, stepping forward. Looking over your shoulder, you are going around, you are
going to do the middle block and finish out with a reverse punch. Looking over your shoulder,
middle block, stepping forward, reverse punch, coming back down the center, middle block,
going all the way down looking over your shoulder. Coming around, rising block, stepping forward,
punch, come around, rising block, stepping forward and punch. You are going to finish
off in your horse stance. Come up to the ready position. That is H-Kata3. My name is Qaeem
on behalf of Expert Village, thank you for watching.

51 thoughts on “Video Karate Lessons : Karate Kata Three for Beginners”

  1. im ok, thanks 🙂
    I'm not asking about The Guy, but only a Shorin. It looks familiar to Okinawa Shorin Ryu Karate – kata ichi (first ~ten technics). But it's diffrengt. Im just curious.

  2. Katas have a great value when it comes to looking complicated and graceful, and pulling in customers to a karate class, but there is no real combat value to them at all. If you're preparing for a REAL fight, with REAL attackers, who want to hurt you and dont care about following basic form, you're better off training for that with explosive movements and sports specific combat drills. Forget the Karate Kid stuff.

  3. If you're practicing katas for meditative reasons, then by all means. But if you're learning to defend yourself, this is most likely a waste of time.

  4. I have a degree in martial arts conditioning and sciences.

    You really should find another place to learn karate if at all possible, though that might not do much good. Martial arts, like personal training, is an unregulated field. Anyone can buy a black belt from a costume shop and call themselves a "master" and charge people to learn things they just made up. Its tough to find a real teacher.

  5. Oi tsuki (stepping punch) is not gyaku tsuki (reverse punch).
    As far as technical ability I would grade this at 8th kyu (yellow belt).

  6. WTF !!!
    first of all that was KATA #1 which is haynshodan
    2nd of all he forgot to do a specific move
    3rd of all obviously he's white belt lool
    and btw am black belt dan 2 so i am positive of what i said !!

  7. Well…I'm with Shotokan, and I believe this MISERABLE NOTHING is some sick attempt to come up with some variation of Heian Shodan (Shotokan) or one of The Pinnan katas ( I wouldn't know axactly which Pinnan corresponds to Heian Shodan) of Wado Ryu. In any case, this "Nidan" should remove this from YouTube. This is a disgrace to Karate. I'm pretty sure any serious karateka, regardless of style feels the way I do about this "master" And I feel like throwing up while watching this 🙁

  8. Personally I've just started out in Karate myself, and what I find quite surprising is how he doesn't explain how to use each kata move for a beginner, I've just graded to yellow belt, and I don't do Shotokan myself, but correct me if I'm wrong all Karate styles are different, but come from the same source, surely in any Kata you would do, i'm learning each situation should correspondent to each different kaka surely this is basis for all Martial Arts as well as Karate of all styles is not.

  9. dude ur punches and every thing look weak so it looks crapy if you do alot more sharper movments than it would look slightly better.

  10. @PanicusVulgaris this guy is ok but, he looks like he can kick ass in the streets big black guy he probably grew up in the innercity im sure in a real street fight he go hard,some of you guys on here never been in a real street fight, i think he can kick plenty of your asses on natural ability alone and then when he add his karate watch out jack.

  11. @PanicusVulgaris that's exactly what it is sir. I'm glad to see another educated Shotokan practitioner who feels like i do about these expert village idiots. I understand he's "demonstrating" things for us, but he clearly has no idea what he's talking about. The movements he does are close enough to that of which we practice in shotokan that we can easily see he's talking out of his ass 😀

  12. Well…. What can I say? It has all been said already by others. It really is a good attempt for a beginner. One thing I can pick on is that the punches ARE NOT reverse punches. If given the correct term, you could probably call them oi-zuki (lunge punch), but you would have to execute them properly. Best to just call them seiken-zuki (forefist punch).

  13. The reverse punch (gyaku-zuki) is called such because it originates off the BACK leg. If the back leg becomes the FRONT leg along with the punch, it is no longer called as reverse punch.

  14. We call the exercise 'Taikyoko'. Originally composed by Itosu Ankoh for teaching school-children. Our Shuri-ryu standard renders them slightly different. You encourage me to upload a properly executed H-kata. Give me about two or three weeks and you will find my video randition at SHOREIHITO channel.

  15. Hi I'm jerome from the JKA england squad, I practice shotokan karate and I am assuming as said in the description you practice Shorin-Ryu.
    However, I'm aware that some parts you have done, don't abide with the basic karate technique, such as your hikite and your stances.
    I'm just warning you so you can improve on this.

  16. I dont mind this nice fella showing persons how to do a kata…but…not under the name' 'expert village'… takes the experts 20/30 years to have that title 'Expert' and even then they dont use it…we see them as the experts…

  17. I study Shorin Ryu karate and he is demonstrating a mix of Taikyoku (aka Fukyugata) Shodan, Nidan, and Sandon….poorly. Very, very poorly. His elbows are coming out on his reverse punches, a mistake white belts usually make and has to be corrected in order to progress (Kihon techniques are ESSENTIAL, after all). His "middle block, or Uchi Uke at our dojo, is too high. Your knuckles should be aligned with your shoulder. He is also not locking his back leg, or in a proper stance.


  18. So you think that if someone has a video on here to teach bomb disarming can do so effectively if they have never done it or only did Would you want to be trained by such a person? This guy probably learned from Bookmaster Daniel-san

  19. Granted he may not have a lot of experience or maybe where he was taught that is how he learned it  (thats another conversation entirely),  but hats off to him that he was willing to post a video of himself for the world to see..

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