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Video Surfaces of Trump Partying with Jeffrey Epstein | The Daily Show

Video Surfaces of Trump Partying with Jeffrey Epstein | The Daily Show

Ever since Jeffrey Epstein was
arrested for sex trafficking, everyone he’s ever met
has abandoned him. He has no allies and no friends. Although, he is still beating
Bill de Blasio in the polls. -(laughter)
-Now, even though Epstein has had many
high-profile friends, there’s been a lot of focus
on one particular relationship in his life with his old buddy,
Donald Trump. And Donald Trump has spent
the past few weeks distancing himself from Epstein. But now we’re learning that
the two were a little bit closer than Trump would like to admit. NEWSWOMAN: The president says
his relationship with Epstein was no different than anyone
else in their elite circle. Well, I knew him like everybody
in Palm Beach knew him. He was a fixture in Palm Beach. I don’t think I’ve spoken to him
for 15 years. Uh, I wasn’t a fan. -♪ ♪
-(whooping) NEWSWOMAN:
Yet, a tape in the NBC archives of a Mar-a-Lago party shows Trump giving Epstein
his personal attention. Trump is seen talking
to Epstein and another man, as women are dancing
in front of them. Trump alternates
between dancing and pointing out women
to Epstein and the other man, and then Trump says something
else into Epstein’s ear that makes him double over
with laughter. Oh. I wonder what Trump
said to Epstein that made him laugh that hard.
Maybe he was like, “Someday they’re gonna give me
the nuclear codes.” (laughter) Now, obviously, this video
doesn’t look good, right? Because Trump makes it seem
like he never liked Epstein. But come on, like, on camera,
he’s whispering into his ear. What, are we supposed to believe
that Trump was like, “You’re a demented individual
who should be locked up.” (laughter) And, like… I think there’s a lesson
to be learned here. You should never judge
a book by its cover. Because here’s
a picture of two men who have been accused
of sexual misconduct, and neither of them
is the guy with the mustache. -Yeah. Open your minds, people.
-(laughter) Open your minds. Now, look, now, look,
please, let’s be clear on this. Just because Trump and Epstein
partied together doesn’t mean that Trump knew
about Epstein’s crimes. All right?
Epstein did party with everyone, so this video doesn’t prove
Trump did anything wrong. What it does prove is that there’s another side
of Donald Trump that he’s
never wanted us to see. NEWSWOMAN: The footage,
shot in November of 1992, before Trump opened
the resort as a club, shows the future president
surrounded by cheerleaders, capturing Trump’s
fun-loving bachelor lifestyle for an appearance on
Faith Daniels’ NBC talk show. ‘Ey…! Donald J. Trump,
the party animal, huh? We’ve never seen
this side of him before. ‘Cause in the White House
he always looks like a kid who just
got detention. Yeah? But surrounded
by beautiful women, he looks more comfortable
than Scarlett Johansson in Crazy Rich Asians.
He’s living his life. And will this footage
of Trump partying with Epstein hurt the president? Well, to find out,
we turn to a man who has hours of incriminating
footage of himself, -Yep.
-Michael Kosta, everybody! -(cheering, applause)
-Okay. Thanks, Trevor. Thank you, everybody. Thanks for being here, buddy. -Yeah, of course.
-Michael… -Yeah? -how bad is
this footage for the president? Well, Trevor, this is bad, and
I mean that in the black way, where “bad” means cool,
you know? A friend taught me that
back in the ’90s. -You guys still using that?
-No. Uh, but… but why-why would
you think that this is cool? Trump is partying with a man
who’s a sex offender. Yeah, now, that part is bad
in the white way, okay? But overall, this video
is great for Donald Trump, because it shows
how great of a dancer he is. I mean, just look at him go. He’s got all the classic
“white guy” dance moves. He’s… he’s got the high arms. He’s got the tight fists. And-and most important,
the “white guy” lip bite. You know? That’s the bite
that tells the ladies: Don’t disturb me, I’m
concentrating real hard here. Yo, Mike, come on,
what are you talking about? His dancing is terrible. He’s jerking around,
he’s way off the beat… Whoa, whoa, first of all, I don’t know what this “beat” is
you’re talking about, but for white guys, he was
bringin’ da noise and da funk. -(laughter)
-You guys still saying that? -We never said that.
-Oh. The point is, white guys
only have so many tools in the dance box. We’ve got the high arms
with the random snapping. You know?
We… we got the ironic but also not ironic
Stayin’ Alive move. A-And then you get
the legs involved, and-and so it makes it look like
you’re wading into the deep end of a pool. The only rule is: at no time
do you ever move your hips or the area we use sex for. Dude, like, these are all
terrible dance moves. Okay, okay,
but it doesn’t matter, because if you’ve got
Trump’s secret weapon, “white guy confidence,” okay? It’s that confidence
that gets us on the dance floor in the first place. It’s that confidence
that let’s us send food back at a restaurant. And it’s that confidence
that lets us talk over our boss. -Yeah, but isn’t…
-Let me finish for a second! It’s that same confidence that
allows us to run for president even when we have no experience
and no ideas. And it’s that same confidence
that lets us ramble on TV in front of millions of people even though we
don’t have much to say. Michael, what’s your point? Thank you, Trevor. Michael Kosta, everyone.

100 thoughts on “Video Surfaces of Trump Partying with Jeffrey Epstein | The Daily Show”

  1. The 'other man" looks like… EL CHAPO!!

    Epstein's blood-red inner mouth when he smiles is SO FREAKING GROSS!!!!!

  2. You’re an asshole Trump abandoned Epstein many many years ago… Not just recently! Donald Trump was a real estate king in New York and you everyone. If he has anything to hide Jeffrey Epstein will expose him while trying to get himself some kind of a deal so stop spreading propaganda, and learn how to make comedy funny again

  3. Is nobody gonna talk about how bad Trump's haircut was? Looks like a haircut 4 year olds give each other when they get their hands on some scissors.. Lmao

  4. Trump was involved with Epstein's child sex trafficking ring. Trump DID rape that 13 year old girl at Epstein's Manhattan residence in 1994. There's absolutely no doubt in my mind that THIS DID HAPPEN. Donald Trump tied a 13 year old girl to a bed, forced oral sex on her, then penetrated and forcibly raped her as she screamed for him to stop. The victim is extremely credible. She accurately named other people who were present at Epstein's residence when it happened. The victim describes the brutal rape in a video (link below) and comes across as very believable.

  5. I know it's a joke, but "he has hours of incriminating footage of himself" doesnt really land as a joke lol, instead it makes you think "wait, what? Why?" Because no one keeps incriminating footage of themselves lol. Maybe I'm just overthinking it. Trevor noah is honestly one of the funniest people I watch. I'm personally nor really a Democrat, i lean more to the Republican side of things, but in general i dislike politics. I guess I'm a libertarian. Regardless, trevor noah is hilarious, especially because of how stupid trump is.. you can make so many jokes about anything trump does because his brain is the size of a peanut.

  6. Any one else notice that Trump only said he hadn't talked to him in 15 years but they pulled a clip from '92?

  7. You won't regret reading this:

  8. Donald Trump never looked good not in his youth nor now neither did The hair 🤯🤯
    No no dancing moves back then neither ☹☹☹ nop

  9. Another socialist shill that still talks about Trump two years later. Spewing the narrative of his puppet masters, talking about a party is the 90s, making fun of white people and pandering to the so called "leftist intellectual". Stick to your pseudo comedy, or lack there of, all that matters is that you are getting the "Benjamins".

  10. It would be so chilling if the presidential elections had a dance off for who gets to be president. Suddenly all the candidates care about their own dance moves.

  11. Oh shut up, you leftists! Trump is a VICTIM of the LEFTIST VULGARITY culture. Leftists have been promoting DEGENERATED FILTH since the 1960s under the "guise" of genuine human rights & civil rights. LEFTISTS keep on promoting BAD THINGS like murdering babies & infants (abortion), pornography, casual sexual activities, open sexual cultures, prostitution, nudity-based fashion, modelling & "arts", female promiscuity, partying & clubbing cultures, smoking & drinking cultures, and are NOW ALSO supporting DEGRADED nudity/sex based LGBTQ+ & Pedophilia cultures, and YOU GUYS HAVE THE AUDACITY TO LECTURE TRUMP ON MORALITY? Give me a break!

  12. Noah, Jeffrey Epstein, Got hurt in jail.. He did one of Jim carey scene from Liar,liar…when kicking his own ASS. in the bathroom.
    Sir,sir Are you Ok?? Can't you See aim kicking my own Ass. so i can get out of jail and Go to my Island!!!!

  13. "Annon" conspiracy has it right after all. Except the part about Trump saving kids from pedophilia rings…

  14. Why you don't bring up more of many others that are in Epstein black book too. We know you don't like Trump but you can't be that partial with your news. Because of the majority of the press is Democrat, doesn't justify the silence you have kept for year in order to protect a political party and their abuse. We are with the children and that means all the disgusting people involved in sex with them must be brought down. That is call integrity.

  15. White guy confidence… lol that is so legit as of seen it on many of my white friends, its hilariously noticeable

  16. After a lifetime of debauchery, defrauding people and cheating on taxes, now he's selling America to foreign countries.

  17. Yes Trump is probably thinking they were normal. Do me a favor. They probably met that night. Look how young they are. Trump may not have known about the crimes at this time.
    He likes foreign woman, about 50 years old. Why would that make him a pedophile . This one he is young so the woman probably weren’t so much younger than him.
    So all you Left idiots still fishing. Stop behaving like a clown 🤡 like the ones you seem to love electing.

  18. This show is the shiznit but Michael Costa sucks! I never understood how everyone on the show kicks ass but then they feel the need to tack-on Costa's wack-ass wannabe humor. To be completely fair, maybe it's just his writers, but damn, I'm tired of his segment fuckin up the good vibes. Am I the only one?

  19. Bro he grabbed a bitch by the pussy and won presidency of the united states… Just hold your L till he leaves office nothing will get him out if that got him elected lol

  20. Yeah so remember when the video of AOC came out and the reps said it was horrible … and it was literally like a GAP video .. wonder what they will say about this vid of trump ..


  21. In 1992 folks…they were both young and now they are both senior citizens! Please!😅😂😄☺🍷😎👍💯💯💯

  22. Soooo Trump is on video talking to Jeffrey Epstein 27 years ago and that means that some how he has some involvement with the sex trafficking island? I am not even a personal Trump fan and that is a reeeeeeeeeach 🤦🏽‍♀️ I’m embarrassed for you Trevor Noah

  23. how many men who commented here will admit when pretty woman are shaking booty, you aren't thinking…dang I want a piece of that…be honest, be real….

  24. So what, he was talking with Epstein. Nobody wants to burn bridges. He didn’t know what a dirt bag he was, but he knew he had money and connections and was cordial to Jeffrey. That doesn’t mean he didn’t throw him out later. That doesn’t mean he was super good friends with him. It merely means he was personable. I can make a stranger laugh without being associated with him. I can host a party and walk around and chat up somebody I don’t care for. Donald Trump is a very sociable person.

  25. This is what Princess Diana is said to have been killed for trying to uncover and reveal to the public!

    An obsession with very young girls is clearly far more ritualistic than it is purely a product of sexual perversion!

    There is absolutely no question in my mind that Epstein is not some elitist black mailer but A High Preist Of An Ancient Dark Religion!

    They're sentencing Negros to 300 years for trafficking minors and any and everything else that they can think of, it will be very interesting to see how many years a member of the tax evasion club's inner circle will be sentenced.

    They've been saying since the 70s that "Pimpin Ain't Easy!"

  26. Trump slaps a woman's ass, I'm ok with that.
    Obama was into the Chicago gay bar scene. Obama had sexual relations with Larry Sinclair.
    The white guy in this video is a Jew.

  27. What a load of crap! Epstein was just a bloody member of Trumps club! When another member brought to Trumps attention that he was bothering young girls, Trump kicked Epstein out of this club and had nothing to do with him. You guys are so desperate to attack our President. We are all getting tired of your evil!

  28. All I seen was Trump dancing around women and everything looking at them something that men have been doing for centuries people don't say anything when you see these rap videos with rappers smacking girls asses calling them b**** and hoes. no they don't say anything there matter of fact they love it. now Trump speaking to Epstein of course you want to have a good time and just talked to anybody that's near you don't want to be in a bad mood when you're in a party environment. The media is making it seem like this is a jackpot. Lol

  29. Irresponsible, wicked press. First, it's guilty until proven innocent, with Russia collusion. Now, it's guilt by association, and that 20 years ago. Would any of us like this standard put upon our kids?

  30. Noah the bitch of the system sing the same song of all mainstream media
    Btw epstein isnt dead He is certainly exfiltrated and live peacefully in Israel
    A journalist is or a bitch or workless
    Go go trevor keep sucking jewish cocks

  31. Hey Trevor you forgot that Clinton flew 26 times to Pedo island and Trump made zero. Also this was a Trump party not a pedo island party bash. Also those women weren’t children. Fuck of you unfunny fuck.

  32. Trump hired Alex Acosta, the prosecutor who gave Epstein a light sentence instead of life in prison. He covered up the names of the other criminals in the ring. He tried to gut the offices that deal with human trafficking while Labor Secretary. Literally tens of thousands of people better qualified than Acosta. Trump wanted Acosta to be AG. Current AG Barr's father gave Epstein his first job teaching middle school girls. Trump has a long friendly history with Epstein and two women have claimed that Trump and Epstein raped them when they were children. Many are commenting about the Clintons and while he was logged in on Epstein's plane 26 times and recieved donations from him, Bill has not thus far been accused of pedophilia or rape in this case. He has a history of predatory behavior and is also closely linked to convicted human traffickers Laura Silsby Gaylor and Jorge Puello.

  33. that girl that came out and said that Trump raped her when she was 13 years old at Epstein's house and they swept it under the carpet and nothing ever became of itso I wonder when he's calling people rapist is he talking to the man in the mirror or who is he talking to?

  34. Stretching for a story and yet no mention of Clinton and his 27 times on Lolita plane Hmm a little bias is clear!!

  35. Poor babies. Are the only parties you get invited to are an inner circle of men. 15 years ago. You hate mongers stop at nothing do you? No life but hate. Nothing to live for but look for dirt.

  36. Where is the video interview of Trump calling Republicans dumb? The one where he said he woukd run as a Republican, they believe all the lies on Fox news and his numbe would be terrific???!!!

  37. Where are the pictures and videos of Bill Clinton hanging out with Epstien? He was on the Lolita Express over 25 times.Gotta show that too ya mook.

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