Vigil held for 7-year-old cheerleader who died on the way to practice

[Music] family and friends in mourning tonight after the death of a seven-year-old Tucson girl who loved being a cheerleader for a popular youth football team good evening and thank you for joining us I’m Angelique Lizardi and I’m John overall tonight loved ones gathered for a candlelight vigil to remember Gisele Armenta who died after a car crash earlier this week News 4 Tucson Eric Thames joins us live right now from months I need the park where that vigil just wrapped up Eric you know guys I’ve covered a lot of vigil throughout my career and tonight was certainly one of the most touching no doubt about it the seven-year-old was less than a mile from the park Wednesday on her way home on her way here to cheerleading practice went to the car she was driving in t-boned by another car now this pain and grief so raw on this Friday night tears and anguish at manzanita park her grandmother martha was her guardian she was greeted by so many in the community who offered a hug and a shoulder Giselle remembered tonight as a smart loving and vivacious girl she was a standout cheerleader for the Tucson Redskins her uncle and two of her coaches remembering Giselle’s infectious warm smile when you coach a team and when you do everything for your team you’re a family and they’re sisters and they you you work together to do everything and part of all of our hearts is missing though just have to remember that we have to rejoice and just be thankful that we did get to meet her and be a part of her life and her vice versa we’re a part of hers and we got to meet such a great young soul she didn’t call us uncle or auntie or dealing theater she called us best friend you were her best friends and our relationship was as inseparable now Giselle’s family has set up a GoFundMe page to cover her funeral services and we have a link to that GoFundMe page on our website at were live tonight on the southwest side I’m Eric thank news for Tucson

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