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Villain Pub – To Battle!!!

Villain Pub – To Battle!!!

Uhh.. How long have those two been at it? Ummmm.. Since about 2004 (sigh) Oh, come on!!! (growling) Barkeep! Whoa!! It would have been cooler with a wand. Wands? The lightsaber was a far more elegant weapon. Oh right! Buzz, buzz, voom, voom, whack, whack! Very elegant! (sigh) There are no good battles
anymore!! Come on! The alien was scrappy. I respect scrappy. No, I mean real battle. Not washed up
sci-fi slap fights! Battles between armies of fearsome foes
like in my day. Battles that cause nations to tremble, skies to darken, hearts of children filled with— (Cheering) Hey.. Come on guys I was really building
up to something there… Yes, it must’ve been riveting. So, Khan. He Who Must Not Be Named here says there are no more good battles anymore. Thoughts? Well, there was that time I completely humiliated Kirk on Kronos. Wait, you don’t mean that time you just stood there letting him pound on you. That was so boring!! Well, I had just defeated about 50 Klingon warriors. I loved that! Pew, pew! Stab, stab! Explosions!! Nicely done! But you let him hit you! Because I am superior in every way But, that’s not battle. I’d never let the hero get away with hitting me. I’d be all, “I’m going to destroy you!” And then I’d point my wand really hard at him shooting green magic at him until– I’m with Khan on this one. It’s more fun to take a beating to let the hero know he can’t hurt you. Which reminds me, do you wanna know how I got these scars?? No. I prefer to utterly destroy my enemies. You mean like that time when you failed to
utterly destroy a tiny baby? Ooohh! Haha gotcha! Hey, he was a magic
baby Hmm, well maybe if I was a superior being with super blood then I wouldn’t have anything to worry about. If ever being put to sleep for 300 years Maybe super blood would have kept you from turning into wind-blown flakes when you lost. Again. Hoooo! Burn!! I hate you guys. Villain Pub- To Battle! Ok Voldy, you want battle? This’ll cheer you up. Thumb war! Oh, alright… I can’t stay mad at you! I’m leaving. 1, 2, 3, 4, I declare a thumb war! Ah! Gotcha. OH! You lose! Hahahaha! Ok, rematch. 1, 2, 3… Thanks for visiting this fully armed and operational Villain Pub. Click here to subscribe. Or here to
destroy an entire planet with your hatred. Go on I can feel your anger. Click now and you will… Hey, bartender! Rfsfsfs! Excuse me, I have to get back to work. I’m going to destroy you! Come on!!! 1, 2.. Gotcha again! Come on!! You’re cheating!!

100 thoughts on “Villain Pub – To Battle!!!”

  1. I agree with Sidious the lightsaber is an elegant weapon and you should take it from me I have spent years studying but the light and the dark side of the force from the cannon and the Star Wars expanded universe

  2. Who else tried to explode a planet and clicked it about 100 times saying “WHY DOES DIS THING NOT WORK I WANA DESTROY A PLANET!”

  3. Voldemort: So how long have those two been battling

    Joker: since 2004

    *every villian except alien and predator since their fighting look at Paul W. S. Anderson director of alien vs predator

  4. Okay, i press the button twelve times… That means i Destroy a solar sistem? Yey, now i'm better than great part of the villains 😀

  5. Wait but what about the bar fight from the original Star Trek you guys missed that completely it could have been hilarious

  6. I can't believe i actually clicked to destroy an entire planet 😂 🤣 😂, i hope it's not earth i destroyed. sorry guys.

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