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6 amazing ways to use glycerin
to get beautiful skin and hair glossy | Top 6 uses of glycerin
Hello Hello all the family Marie Léonie coach I come to share with you in this
new video the top six use of glycerin
, if you still want to have the skin of baby and hair
always sweet so start now incorporate glycerin into your routine
beauty daily, and I assure you that you will see the incredible difference,
Glycerin has Hygroscopic properties, it is made for all types
of skin, it keeps the skin hydrated, makes it soft and supple,
even on the hair if you do locs glycerin keeps them always
in their splendor, so let’s see what are the
Six Amazing Uses of Glycerin to get
beautiful skin and lustrous hair, before that we do not get into the thick of it, I
welcome you all on your health channel I hope that
you start the week in better conditions
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so regarding the first use of glycerin involved in the elimination
dandruff you know when you use multiple chemicals to treat
your hair, in the long run your scalp becomes fragile, dry and flaky, and it’s
this drought that is causing from the birth of dandruff and itching
so here I give you the recipe for a homemade oil that you will apply on
glass cook hair to fix everything , for that you will need
a teaspoon of walnut oil coconut, then a
teaspoon of olive oil and finally 1 teaspoon glycerin, put
simply these ingredients in a bowl and mix them very well
, you can even add three to four mint essential oil drops
peppery you can or want after have you have to apply this oil
on your cook hair by massaging gently and this just before going to bed, and the
morning you have to wash with shampoo gentle, for best results you should apply
this two to three times a week so you get rid of dandruff, itching
and also it will allow you to boost the grows from your hair because your hair will be
deeply hydrated and long-term, the oil contains antioxidants and the
vitamin E which helps reduce dandruff and also reduce hair loss,
Coconut oil meanwhile the oil is loaded with natural antioxidants
and nutrients like vitamin E vitamin K and iron which each of them plays a role
key in maintaining me sweetness and flexibility
Well regarding the second use, glycerin intervenes
in elimination Tanning for this you will need a
teaspoon glycerin 1/2 lemon juice and 2 TSP sugar
you can even take brown sugar, so put
all ingredients in a clean bowl, and proceed
to the mix, mix really well and apply this mixture on the parts to
treat, rub and massage well then leave rest for about 25 to 30 minutes you can also use this
for your whole face and body, then Remember to wash with normal water and
moisturize your skin, it has been Recognized that sugar has an anti-aging effect
on the skin, it is also a excellent exfoliant that helps to remove remove
the tan on your face and your body, lemon is one
of the most used ingredients in skincare
brightening, cleansing whitening of the skin, glycerin has
whitening properties helps reduce dark spots and
brands and it also helps reduce acne
and the buttons
Then in 3rd use with glycerin, you can even
make a wonderful natural moisturizer at home
for normal and dry skin, for this you will only need one spoon
teaspoon glycerin and another spoon coffee honey, put both
ingredients in a clean bowl and mix them very well
after mixing your homemade moisturizer is ready it’s the best
moisturizer for normal and dry skin, it just apply it on your
face and all over the body then leave on for 20 minutes
and after that wash the normal water IN 4th use if you have oily skin
you can use glycerin to eradicate
the buttons and black dots, for that you you will need 1 tsp rose water, 1
TSP glycerin and 1 teaspoon lemon juice, put
all these ingredients in a clean bowl you can even use
filtered water if you don’t have water of rose After putting all these ingredients
in a bowl, mix everything really well
and using a cotton ball apply this mixture on your face and pass the
night with, this mixture will tighten your skin, it will hydrate and tighten pores
of your skin , the next morning please rinse, You
rediscover the true nature of your skin you will notice how from day to day
the next day your skin becomes firm again, beautiful and hyper hydrated In 5th use, the
glycerin also commonly used in many mask
Natural facial, for this you will need two tablespoons of multani
powdered mitti, it’s also known as of the
earth, just type multani mitti on google and you will see my loves, then we will have
need a tablespoon of glycerin and a tablespoon of rose water
, So first add the glycerin in La
earth and then add water from rose to make a paste then add
glycerin, mix well so that it there are no lumps inside,
Well you have to apply this facial mask on your face and on your neck and then leave it
place for 15 or 20 minutes and after that wash
with normal water, this facial mask will help at
get rid of impurities from the skin and will make your skin glow, it will also
help compensate for all brown spots, black pimples and acne on your skin,
after naturally wash and moisturize your skin, for best results apply
this three times a week Finally with glycerin you can exfoliate
your face and your body by making a homemade exfoliant
to do your homemade exfoliant you will need 2 spoons
1 teaspoon oatmeal half a spoon of honey, 1 TSP glycerin and
2 TSP of curd or yogurt
Put all these ingredients in a clean bowl and mix it really well for
make a smooth and silky paste after mix everything
your homemade exfoliant is ready you can apply it all over your face
and your neck, doing gentle massages, then leave on for about 30 to 40
minutes and wash with normal water afterwards moisturize your skin well,
Here are my loves that was all for this wonderful tip, tell me in the comments
which tip attracted you the most , have you ever tried one
of these tricks? If so, what are the results?
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by then take great care of you kisses kisses


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